Where is Kori From Too Hot To Handle Today?

Netflix’s new reality dating show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ imposes a ‘sex-ban’ on its players in the hopes that they’ll find true love. While the original ten hot singles try to dive face-first into this process, newcomer Kori has other plans. He is evidently against the process and doesn’t even try to understand the journey. He shared with co-star Harry that he has come just to play around with ‘birds’ and no one can tell him what to do. The playboy entered the show not to find a meaningful connection but to have some fun through his same old ways.

Who is Kori Sampson?

Kori Sampson is a professional model from the UK who endorses various fashion brands. He is also a qualified personal trainer. He has recently released an ebook that helps its readers to work on their bodies and achieve their fitness goals. He is a gym enthusiast and can be seen working out in his free time.



Kori’s journey on the show isn’t too fruitful. He enters the show in episode 6, just a few days before the finale. He instantly develops a strong attraction towards Francesca but doesn’t make a move on her as she is already with Harry.

Kori is courted and wooed by Chloe. Even though he isn’t really interested in her, he enjoys the attention and takes whatever he can. He ends up breaking the rule by kissing Chloe. The loss of three grand from the prize fund is definitely not worth it as he ghosts Chloe right after the kiss. Heartbroken and betrayed, she confronts Kori, but he just ignores her and walks off.

Kori then asks Francesca out on a date. Harry and Chloe are taken aback. Francesca takes this as a test of her loyalty and commitment to Harry. She accompanies Kori on the date, confesses that she finds him attractive, and engages in light flirting. But, she then shoots him down and rejects his advances. She makes it clear to him that what she has with Harry is special and rare. Kori, a bit annoyed, doesn’t force her and spends the rest of the time hanging out by the pool. A day before the finale, Kori is disqualified from the show for not participating in the process at all.

Where is Kori Now?

Kori is back in the UK. After the filming wrapped up, he went to Amsterdam with his friends. He also traveled to Spain, Rome, and Thailand recently. Kori is busy with his photoshoots and modeling assignments. He is also working on his fitness and gym routines. According to his Instagram account, he still seems to be single and living his casanova life. One of his post’s captions says that he just needs a girl to iron his clothes and is open to applications. Sexist, much? The man also doesn’t shy away from posting nudes on his page!




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