Krisna Piro Clarke AKA Tiny: Unlocked Participant is a Free Man Today

Among the various residents of the Pulaski County Detention Facility that Netflix’s ‘Unlocked: A Jail Experiment’ focuses on, Krisna Piro Clarke, AKA Tiny, undoubtedly created a unique space for himself in the eyes of the viewers. Having been given a unique opportunity thanks to the experiment, he tried to make connections with the outside world, allowing him to begin healing and hopefully build a life for himself outside the walls of H-Unit.

Krisna Piro Clarke AKA Tiny Reconnected With His Son

While talking about himself, Krisna Piro Clarke, AKA Tiny, shared how he had gotten his nickname because his height was less than that of many of those around him. He added that on one such occasion, when he was still young, he had apparently had enough of being teased for his short height and, hence, used a knife in his pocket to stab the other person. He added that he had been stabbing people ever since and had gotten in trouble with the law multiple times.

As a resident of Pulaski County Detention Facilit’s H-Unit, Tiny had been charged with aggravated robbery and 1st-degree battery. He confessed that while he was well aware of his barbs, he did regret being involved in a life of crime as it meant that he was far away from his son. Given that he did not enjoy the previous system of spending 23 hours in his cell, Tiny was quite open to the idea that Sheriff Eric Higgins proposed that would allow them much more free reign.

In the initial days, Tiny seemed to be on board with being an ally with Randy “True Story” Randall. His main concern, no matter whose voice prevailed and who led the inmates, was to retain the freedom that he had been given. As such, he never shied away from pointing out anything he thought might lead to the experiment being shut down. Things soon became much more critical for Tiny when it was announced that the residents of H-Unit could use the phones for free to talk for as long as they wanted.

Having been unable to contact his son for a long time, Tiny was delighted by the opportunity. Hence, when many of his initial calls remained unanswered or didn’t connect, he grew frustrated and even got involved in an argument with True Story. Ultimately, Tiny did get in touch with his son and was quite overwhelmed by the development. He promised his son that he would remain in touch, though he later confessed that the initial calls had been awkward as he didn’t know what to talk about.

Given the fact that Tiny had developed a habit of talking to his son almost daily, he was furious about the 24-hour lockdown that was initiated after a violent altercation between other inmates. He expressed his worry that his son might think that he did not care for him because he had missed the call. Needless to say, he was relieved that his son did not seem to hold it against him. In fact, it was soon revealed that Tiny would soon be visited by his son.

After a very long time, Tiny met his son face to face. He had prepared himself well for the day, even taking the help of Daniel “Crooks” Gatlin to tidy his mustache and beard. Tiny told his son that he was quite proud of him and asked him to listen to his parents. He expressed how he often found himself horrified by the lives of some of his fellow inmates who were only a few years older than his son. He also apologized for following a path that had landed him in jail and away from his parental duties, with Tiny’s son claiming that he was “forgiven.”

Where is Krisna Piro Clarke AKA Tiny Now?

Since his time on the Netflix show, Krisna Piro Clarke, AKA Tiny, has been released from the Pulaski County Detention Facility. The former inmate has revealed that he was quite thankful for being part of the experiment as it had helped him learn many lessons and helped him reconnect with his son. Now out in the open, he has expressed just how much he has come to appreciate things like fresh air and open space.

In all likelihood, Tiny is also quite happy that he can now spend more time with his son and be more involved in his life. Though not very active on social media, he has become someone whose life has become a subject of interest for the public. Many are curious about what new direction he would be taking his life towards, though it remains obvious that his son is one of his top priorities.

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