How Did Kristen Chase Die? Where Are Her Parents Now?

The story of Kristen Chase is perhaps one that touches the heart of the viewers the most when watching Netflix’s ‘Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare.’ The demise of the young teenage girl not only led to a nationwide shock but also deeply devastated her family members. Given the circumstances surrounding Kristen’s fate, it is hardly a wonder that the world has become curious about just what happened to her and how her family, some of whom were even featured in the documentary movie, is faring these days.

Kristen Chase Died in Utah

Born in 1973, Kristen Chase was the daughter of Sharon Fuqua and Ronald Chase. Sharon, who is featured in the movie as well, talked about how much she adored her daughter when she was young and took joy in her antics. However, as Kristen entered her teenage years, her family grew troubled by some of her actions, which they deemed “rebellious.” At the time, Steve Cartisano’s Challenge Foundation was gaining attention from people across the country as a way to allegedly help those in a situation similar to Kristen’s.

Hence, in the summer of 1990, Kristen’s family decided to send her to the Challenger Camp in Utah. As a part of the procedure followed by those in charge of the wilderness camp, the teenagers had to walk across the Utah desert in intense heat and sunlight. However, only three days into the 63-day long program, Kristen collapsed while hiking on Fiftymile Mountain in Utah’s Kane County. She was then rushed to the nearby hospital, but it was too late.

Kristen’s death was ruled to have been caused primarily by heatstroke on June 26, 1990, implicating the higher-ups involved in the organization, including Steve Cartisano. For two years, Kristen and her family fought a lengthy battle against Cartisano to prove that he was responsible for the conditions that led to the death of their daughter. However, the jury ultimately ruled that it could not be definitively proved that Kristen’s death was solely because of the heatstroke, leading to Cartisano’s acquittal.

Kristen Chase’s Parents Now Lead Private Lives

Despite over three decades since Kristen Chase passed away, her family continues to mourn her loss. Her mother, Sharon Fuqua, even appeared in the documentary in order to share her side of the story and express just how much her daughter’s loss continues to pain her. She was joined in the movie by her daughter’s brother, David. Though Kristen had initially refused to air any disagreement against the Challenger Foundation and Steve Cartisano following her daughter’s death, it seems like Sharon has since changed her mind. Presently, she prefers to lead a private life away from the limelight.

As it turns out, it was primarily Robert Chase, Kristen’s father, who led the crusade against Cartisano and Challenger following his daughter’s death. He remained vocal about how he believed it was Cartisano’s negligence and of others involved in the running of the therapy camp that led to the tragic loss of his family. Despite the fact that Cartisano and many of his colleagues claimed that Kristen’s health was already not the best when she came to Utah, Robert continued to pursue legal action by suing those he felt were involved in the case. Presently, it seems like he, too, leads a private life.

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