When Will Kuutei Dragons Season 2 Release on Netflix?

As the name suggests, ‘Drifting Dragons’ is an anime that brims with some deep lore and world-building that revolves around dragons. The anime walks you through the adventures of a group of “drakers,” who hunt these dragons for a living. ‘Drifting Dragons’ is flawed but very entertaining nonetheless. It packs a diverse set of characters, great actions scenes, and dazzling visuals. To put it simply, it is somewhat of a momentary fix for all anime fans who are looking for some decent fantasy shows to kill time. For all those who have already watched its first season and are eagerly waiting for season 2, we might have some good news for you in the next section.

Drifting Dragons Season 2 Release Date

‘Drifting Dragons’ season 1 premiered on January 9, 2020, on Netflix Japan. Following this, it received a worldwide Netflix release on April 30, 2020. When it comes to its second season, no official announcements regarding its release have been made yet. However, it is possible that Netflix will renew it for another season.

If we compare the anime with its original manga, the anime adapts close to 17 chapters of the source, which leaves a lot of room for a whole new season. Moreover, since it’s a Netflix exclusive anime, it has a good chance of getting renewed. Considering Netflix’s previous anime release schedule, we expect ‘Drifting Dragons’ Season 2 to release sometime in April 2021. Till then, you can check out other similar anime.

Drifting Dragons English Dub

The English Dub of the first season of ‘Drifting Dragons’ is available on Netflix.

Drifting Dragons Season 2 Plot: What Can it Be About?

The first season of ‘Drifting Dragons’ does not end with any major cliffhangers. It, in fact, has a very conclusive ending where Mika, Takita, and other crew members of the airship Quin Zaza survive an epic adventure and continue their journey of hunting down dragons. The next season will probably pick up the story of the fourth volume of the manga where Quin Zaza collides with a luxury airship. But as you may already know, they suffer from several budgetary constraints because of the nature of their work. As a result, they are not able to pay for the damage that is caused.

However, soon after this, they hear about a ship-eater dragon who is known to devour whole airships and also has a huge bounty on its head. Desperate for money, the crew sets sail again and starts looking for this beast, knowing that capturing it won’t be that easy. They do eventually find the humongous dragon but amid all the action that goes on while capturing it, one of their crew members gets swallowed by the beast. With this, they race against time to save this crew member before it’s too late.

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