La Brea Season 2 Episode 11 and 12 Recap and Ending, Explained

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With its second season inching closer to its end, NBC’s ‘La Brea’ raises the stakes for its characters, leading to some events that result in a heavy loss of lives. Several lives are claimed in the events that take place in the eleventh and twelfth episodes and this goes to show that no one is really safe in 10,000 BC. This further highlights the danger in the lives of the main characters, especially Eve, whose death has already been foretold. By the time these episodes wrap up, a lot is left to process for the audience. Here’s what it all means for the characters. SPOILERS AHEAD

La Brea Season 2 Episode 11 and 12 Recap

Image Credit: Sarah Enticknap/NBC

It’s Paara and Ty’s wedding day and everyone is preparing for the feast. There is, however, a danger lurking in the background as Silas, with whom Caroline shared Dr. Moore’s notes, is shot by an unknown figure. Meanwhile, Ty tells Gavin and Eve that he has invited James to the wedding because he wants to find out more about Project Blue Moon, through which James intends to go back in the past and get the years back with young Gavin. Levi becomes privy to this information and decides to use this opportunity to kill James. He asks Eve to do this for him, but she refuses.

Seeing that Ty is warming up to James and giving him the benefit of the doubt, Kira asks Ty to give Dr. Moore’s notes to her reiterating that James is going to use that for his personal project because he doesn’t care about the lives of other people. Later, things shake up a little as Caroline’s dead body is found inside one of the huts, and it is revealed that Silas was actually shot by Kira and she is the one who killed Caroline too. This leads Gavin to join forces with James to avenge his mother.

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Eve, Gavin, and James break into Lazarus, which is now under Kira’s control. She intends to use the facility to focus back on the research and find the solution to the sinkhole problems. She believes that James is too distracted to focus on the work, which is why he couldn’t fix the machine. Unbeknownst to everyone else, Levi has broken into the building too, and plans to blow it up with James in it. However, with so many elements working on different levels, nothing works out as smoothly as any of them had imagined.

Meanwhile, back at the clearing, a swarm of prehistoric bees attacks the group. Most people run away but Scott is left behind, with Veronica and Riley. They try to come up with a way to get rid of the bees and they need to do it quickly because Ella has been bitten and she is still out in the open. They need to administer her an EpiPen, hoping that it will act as an antidote to the poison. They succeed in getting the EpiPen to her, but during this Veronica is bitten too, which means that only one of them can be saved now.

La Brea Season 2 Episode 12 Ending: Do Gavin, Levi, Izzy, and Ty Die?

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Gavin came to Lazarus with James and Eve to save Ty, who had been held captive by Kira, and get the machine fixed so they could all go back home. Levi, however, has lost everything he ever loved and it was because of one of the sinkholes that opened up due to James’ machine. His hatred for James prompts Levi to destroy the machine itself so that it cannot create any more sinkholes and claim any more lives. He rigs Lazarus with explosives to get it over with once and for all.

In the end, however, he is forced to change his mind when Izzy arrives inside the building. Finding out about the tragedies in his life and his desire to kill James, she realized that he was in need of support, and abandoning him to his own devices at such a time wouldn’t be wise. She was right, but too late. By the time she finds him, he has already set off the timer, which cannot be stopped even when Levi changes his mind. With explosives everywhere in the building, it is clear that Lazarus is not going to survive, but the same is not true for Gavin, Levi, Izzy, and Ty.

The last shot of the episode shows the futuristic building in 10,000 BC coming down completely. It’s clear that anyone left inside it wouldn’t survive this disaster. However, the four characters in question are some of the most important characters in the show, and the show wouldn’t kill them off so unceremoniously. There’s still a lot left to unpack for all of them, so, we can expect that they either made it out of the building in time or they found someplace to hide, something like a bomb shelter perhaps, which isn’t entirely improbable in a place like Lazarus. In any case, we’ll most probably be seeing all of them again.

Does Eve Die?

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One of the things that have driven the events in the second half of this season is Eve’s impending death. If the Harris family wasn’t already desperate to leave 10,000 BC, they become even more so when Gavin reveals that Eve will die unless they go back to their original timeline. James promises Gavin that he is going to fix the machine and send his family back, but it turns out that he has been working on a plan to fix his family instead.

James takes Gavin and Eve inside Lazarus under the pretense of taking over the system from Kira so that he can fix it and do as he promised. But then, Eve discovers that he is actually implementing Project Blue Moon, and realizes that James really doesn’t care about anything else. He’d already been focused on getting his son back and getting to spend time with him in his childhood. Now, with Caroline dead too, he has become more determined to reverse time and get both his wife and son back.

Eve tries to stop James, but in the struggle to take control, James hits her in the head with a bottle and leaves. The last we see of Eve, she was still struggling to get up. With Levi’s explosives bringing down the entire building, it makes one wonder if Eve got up in time to get herself out of the building. It is clear that Eve is supposed to die, but in Gavin’s vision, it happens while she is in his arms and there are trees with red, star-shaped flowers around them. Keeping in line with this, we can assume, that this time Eve did manage to get out of the building in time.

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