Love After Lockup: Is Lacey Together With John or Shane?

Since its premiere, ‘Love After Lockup’ has woven a captivating tapestry, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats regarding the future of their favorite pairs. At the heart of the show, lay the complex web of relationships involving that of Lacey Whitlow, John Slater, and Shane Whitlow. Their tumultuous journey, chronicled in seasons 2 and 3, unfolded as a riveting love triangle that defied expectations. As we delve into the present-day whereabouts of these three individuals, the aftermath of divorces, personal transformations, and surprising reunions takes center stage. It was surely a rollercoaster ride through the intricate lives of Lacey, John, and Shane in the saga of ‘Love After Lockup.’

Lacey Found Herself Juggling Between John and Shane on the Show

Lacey Whitlow’s romantic escapades have been a rollercoaster ride, entangling her in a love triangle that played out on the show. At the outset, she was engaged to John Slater, who was serving time in prison. Juggling a long-distance relationship with John, Lacey managed to keep another inmate, Shane Whitlow, on the side. The plot thickened as Lacey, unbeknownst to John, was secretly in love with Shane. As the season unfolded, Shane was released from prison before John. The unexpected turn of events left John blindsided when he was released, only to find out that Lacey had betrayed his trust by moving on with Shane.

Adding to the drama, Lacey revealed to John that he wasn’t the father of her daughter, a shocking revelation that further deepened the emotional turmoil. Lacey and Shane’s relationship took a serious turn as they got married, capturing the attention of the viewers. However, the turmoil continued when Shane admitted to cheating on Lacey, prompting her to seek revenge by briefly rekindling her relationship with John. The resulting explosive confrontation between John and Shane showcased the intensity of their feelings for Lacey.

Despite the ups and downs, Lacey and Shane welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Summer Rayne, born in November 2020. The joy of parenthood, however, did not bring stability to their relationship. In an attempt to address lingering doubts, Lacey coerced Shane into taking a lie detector test, revealing signs of deception that left her upset. Seeking solace, Lacey turned to John, confessing that she had spent an entire night with him. The love triangle persisted even after Lacey’s marriage to Shane, with her continuing to reach out to John. The emotional tug-of-war between the three remained a central theme, with John expressing relief at cutting ties with Lacey for a less stressful life.

Lacey and John are Still Together, while Shane Stays Away From the Drama

Fast forward to the present, and the love triangle has evolved into a tangled web of divorces, personal growth, and reunions. Lacey and Shane are now officially divorced. Away from it all, Shane is focusing on self-improvement, distancing himself from the love triangle that once consumed him. He has found solace in personal development and is proud of being away from prison for over four years. His transformation includes becoming a certified fitness trainer, a testament to his commitment to self-improvement.

On the other hand, Lacey’s divorce from Shane has left her legally free to explore new avenues. The latest twist in the tale reveals that Lacey and John are not only back together but have taken the plunge into marriage. Despite the tumultuous history, the couple seems to have chosen each other, at least for now. However, their journey did take a surprising turn with John’s reported arrest in March 2023. The allegations include assaulting an officer and possession of a scheduled controlled substance, adding a legal dimension to the already complex relationships.

It raised questions about the stability of Lacey and John’s union, introducing a new layer of uncertainty into their tumultuous journey. However, all signs indicate that they are together. Meanwhile, Lacey has pursued certifications as a reiki healer and crystal chakra healer, showcasing a commitment to holistic well-being. Additionally, she is in the process of obtaining a real estate license, expanding her career horizons beyond the confines of reality TV. Lacey’s personal and professional growth extends to real estate investments, as she proudly announces the acquisition of her second home.

Juggling motherhood, certifications, and real estate ventures, Lacey has embraced a multifaceted life. Notably, she has ventured into OnlyFans, utilizing it as a platform for her career. From what we can tell, Lacey and John are navigating the challenges of their renewed relationship, but keep their lives away from the prying eyes of social media. While it has been speculated that they have taken their relationship to the next level, we can’t be certain until either of the two confirm the same.

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