Lance “Horsehair” Jaggar: Where is Challenger Camp Field Director Now?

Netflix’s ‘Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare’ is a riveting documentary movie that sheds light on just how the concept of wildlife therapy camps gripped the country. Among the various individuals who helped start this particular industry is Lance “Horsehair” Jaggar, the man who was once the Field Director of Challenger Camp. Featured in the movie, he talked about his present perspective on his past actions and just what motivated him to do the things that he did. Naturally, the world is curious about what he has been up to these days.

Who is Lance “Horsehair” Jaggar?

Lance “Horsehair” Jaggar’s association with Challenger Camp actually began with his friendship with Steve Cartisano. Both of them had been in the Air Force, which became a factor for them to bond over. “He [Steve] felt that the youth needed some sort of different way to help them,” Jaggar recalled in the Netflix movie. “We were way ahead of our time.” For all intents and purposes, it seems obvious that the former Air Force member truly believed in Cartisano’s vision and methods.

That said, Jaggar also vocalized his opposition to some of the more controversial incidents that took place in the Challenger Camp, including the one involving the injuries on Matthew, one of the teenagers that had been brought to the Camp. “I was upset. I was mad ’cause I told the staff, ‘If you hurt a kid or abuse a kid out here, you’ll have to deal with me. I’ll deal with you,'” Jaggar shared when recalling the case in question.

However, Jaggar did admit that some of the actions committed by him and others that he continues to support might look abusive to others. “There’s a fine line in some of it. I don’t think anybody should be beat up, but I think… But there is a time and a place and room for what I consider corporal punishment. A spanking, you know? A good spanking can sometimes do wonders,” he explained. The footage of his own time as a staff of the Challenger Camp showcases Jaggar as someone who was certainly not afraid to use his words to bring teenagers to the brink of tears and always seemed to be running a tight ship around him.

Lance “Horsehair” Jaggar Started Another Camp

When the case of the passing of Kristen Chase went to the courts, Lance “Horsehair” Jaggar was also charged with one count of negligent homicide and five counts of child abuse. He had later turned into a state witness when the state of Utah tried Steve Cartisano. Not much later, Jaggar would go on to become one of the owners of North Star Expeditions, another wilderness therapy organization. However, this venture would also become shrouded in tragedy after the death of Aaron Bacon on March 31, 1994.

Aaron, the teenager in question, had passed away due to a perforated ulcer in his large intestine. Given Aaron’s own account of the events that took place during his time at the camp, Jaggar was charged on October 18, 1994, with child abuse. In September 1996, Jagger agreed to plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge of running a human service business without proper licensable conditions, which led the felony charges against him to be dropped.

Now based in Henrieville, Utah, Jaggar has been married to Marie Jaggar since October 23, 2003, having recently celebrated two decades of their marriage. Though not very active on social media, Jaggar remains a huge animal advocate and does not seem to subscribe to the negative connotations now attached to the idea of wilderness therapy camps. It does seem like he might be having some health issues, given that he was seen wearing a breathing tube during his time in the Netflix documentary.

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