15 Biggest Movie Markets in the World by Box Office

Whenever we talk about the largest film industry in the world, the assumption always is that American film industry, Hollywood, wins hands down. But one has to be mindful of what’s the metric we are using to measure the size of the film industry. If we are talking in terms of money generated, obviously nothing comes close to Hollywood; but in terms of number of films produced, India tops the list followed by Nigeria. Even in terms of the viewership, Bollywood has a larger audience than Hollywood. Having said that, like any other business — and obviously movie production is that — what matters the most is money generated.

The below list is not about the film industries, but movie markets, which basically means where do people spend the most amount of money watching movies. This is the list of the largest movie markets in the world ordered by the box office collections. The interesting observation here is the film industries that follow United States. Read on..

15. Netherlands – $0.30 Billion


14. Spain – $0.70 Billion


13. Russia – $0.70 Billion


12. Italy – $0.70 Billion


11. Brazil – $0.70 Billion


10. Mexico – $0.80 Billion


9. Australia – $0.90 Billion


8. Germany – $1.10 Billion

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7. South Korea – $1.50 Billion


6. France – $1.60 Billion


5. United Kingdom – $1.70 Billion


4. India – $1.90 Billion

3. Japan – $2.00 Billion


2. China – $6.60 Billion


1. United States – $11.40 Billion