Where is Lauren Bushnell From The Bachelor Now?

Lauren Bushnell is an alum from ‘The Bachelor’ who had appeared in the hit dating show’s 20th edition. Fans might recall the striking Nashville native from her composed nature and calm approach, without complications. It seemed like Lauren possessed that uncanny ability to be honest — something the season’s star, Ben Higgins had been looking for in his final match. So, where is Lauren now and how is she doing? Read on!

Lauren Bushnell The Bachelor Journey

Lauren was one of the finalists in ‘The Bachelor’ season 20, where she competed against JoJo Fletcher for the last rose. And when Ben ultimately chose her, an elated Lauren accepted his proposal, saying: “You’re the person I wanna spend my whole life with. You are my person. I love you. I love you!”

The couple settled in Denver and went on to star in their spin-off, ‘Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?’. However, due to personal reasons, she split with Ben in May 2017 and then started dating country singer Chris Lane in 2018. Settling on the man of her dreams, Lauren got engaged to Chris on June 16, 2019, and tied the knot on October 25, 2019. The couple eventually went on to star in ‘The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’.

Where is Lauren Bushnell Now?

Currently, Lauren is happily settled in her Nashville home with her husband Chris. She also adopted an adorable beagle-hound mix dog, Cooper, in August 2019. Lauren is additionally quite excited about starting her family. She expressed her enthusiasm to welcome another member to the fam in an interview with People. She said: “In terms of future goals, to me, that’s my number one goal is having a family. Career stuff is amazing and I feel very blessed, but I’ve always wanted to be a mom. I’m excited, that’s my number one most exciting next chapter.”

Lauren has a sister named Mollie, and two brothers named Brett and Bryant. On the professional front, Lauren worked as a flight attendant with Alaskan Airlines and she had previously graduated from Whitworth University with a B.A. in Business Management.

Currently, Lauren is a popular reality star, with a massive follower base on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  She has her own blog named ‘Sparkle in Her Eye‘, which she calls a travel and style diary. Here, Lauren describes herself as follows: “I am a total girl-on-the-go. Between attending business meetings, running errands around town, and spending quality time with friends, I am almost always on the move!” Well, that sums up her life. The celebrity also defines herself as a designer, fashion enthusiast, dog lover, travel junkie, and believer in her bio. She frequently pitches in to promote and endorse beauty products as well.

Lauren additionally is actively involved in social issues and recently, she shared her views on the protests following the death of George Floyd. She wrote: “and the long list of names who have also lost their lives at the hands of police or wannabe cops, gave me some hope. The news seems to skim over these images (I first saw on social media, not on the news, thanks to my friend @justinanderson). I’ve included a link in my bio to an organization empowering change and embracing leadership and education. I encourage you to donate?Let’s walk.”


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