Lauren Coogan From Love Island: Everything We Know 

The Los Angeles resident causes a flutter in the dovecote with her appearance on the recent episode of “Love Island”. CBS has changed the strategy for its most famous dating reality show as it brings in a new “Islander” after introducing four fresh faces only recently. Lauren Coogan unabashedly comments on Connor’s girlfriend Mackenzie, and calls her “controlling”. She quickly comes on his good side by empathizing with him.

While the other guys are busy checking out her hot-bod, she plays another smart card with Carrington by telling him that physically, she has found him the most attractive in the villa. Interestingly, the question is posed by Carrington himself, and this places his current partner, Kierstan in danger. But she can have a sigh of relief, as America votes to send Connor and Lauren on a date. This announcement brings the poor Mackenzie to tears as it might lead to her ending up single and eventually let go from the show. We got curious about the new girl and have found intriguing details about her life! 

Lauren Coogan: Where is She From?

Lauren was born and brought up in Oxford, England, and brings in an exotic British touch to the love villa: Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas. She moved to Los Angeles sometime back to have a steady career in the glamour industry and seems perfectly cut out for the role. Looking at her beautifully curated Instagram grid, one can easily make out that she is a true gallivanter. Accompanied by her friends, she has been to various places like Haiti, California, Belgium, Morocco, Greece, and the list can go on.

Lauren has taken most of her vacations with her ex-boyfriend, a famous Belgium musician, Enesse Ansouri. In the CBS video, she states that her years-long relationship came to an end three and a half years back and since then, she has been living the “LA” life quite heartily. 

Lauren Coogan: Age and Profession

A 28-years-old moved to Los Angeles a while back to pursue a career in modeling, acting, and as a media personality. With the perfect physique, she has been making quite some progress, her latest venture being cast on “Love Island”. It is hard to imagine her performing childcare and household duties but she admits to having worked as a family assistant before endeavoring into the TV world. But now that she has arrived, Lauren is sure to make a mark with her confidence and bold personality.

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