Lee Jeong-hun and Choi Hui-Hyeon: Is the Change Days Couple Still Together?

The second season of the Korean dating reality TV series created a significant buzz upon its release. The season introduced a unique concept by bringing together four attractive couples on the picturesque Jeju Island. However, each of these couples was facing challenges in their relationships and joined the season with the aim of either revitalizing their romance, exploring connections with other contestants, or undergoing personal self-discovery. It was thrilling to witness the diverse interactions between one of the couples, Lee Jeong-hun and Choi Hui-Hyeon as they earnestly attempted to address both individual and relationship issues.

Lee Jeong-hun and Choi Hui-Hyeon Had Been Together for 5 Years

Lee Jeong-hun and Choi Hui-Hyeon emerged as the audience’s favorite couple in the season. Jeong-hun, a former male idol and member of the boy band TST, met Hui-Hyeon, the owner of a Pilates gym, on a blind date. They initially kept their relationship a secret due to Jeong-hun’s fame, but after two years of dating, the strain of keeping it under wraps took its toll, leading to their breakup. During this period, Jeong-hun faced financial instability, lacking a regular income, and it was Hui-Hyeon who bore the full financial burden of their relationship.

Jeong-hun and Choi Hui-Hyeon reconciled briefly after realizing they couldn’t be without each other. However, underlying fears of losing one another resurfaced, leading to renewed troubles in their relationship. When they joined the season, Jeong-hun was preparing to enlist in the army, anticipating an absence of 1.5 years. Choi-Hui expressed her loneliness during Jeong-hun’s time as a male idol, and with the upcoming separation, she felt reluctant to endure similar feelings again. At 27, she aimed to be married in the next 2-3 years and sensed a fading spark in their relationship. Jeong-hun, facing a long stint in the army, didn’t envision achieving the desired stability within the specified timeframe. They participated in the season to meet new people, address relationship challenges, and work on personal growth.

They started going on dates with each other and only after a few interactions with each other, they did not like it as much as liked each other’s company. Even when they were put into different rooms, Hui-Hyeon often found herself in Jeong-hun’s room and made it known to him that she did not like seeing him with other girls. They started to try and communicate with each other more openly and even though it was difficult for them because of how their relationship had always been, they found a rhythm that worked for them.

Both of them quickly discovered that their ideal partner was right there with each other. Jeong-hun, gaining newfound confidence in expressing himself openly, requested Hui-Hyeon to patiently wait for him a little longer—an action he hadn’t taken before. Observing him interact with others, Hui-Hyeon realized she wanted to be with him exclusively, not allowing anyone else to be in a relationship with him. As the season drew to a close, they both understood that their chosen path was one of togetherness, not separation. The season concluded on a highly positive note, bringing immense joy to their relationship’s fans.

Lee Jeong-hun and Choi Hui-Hyeon May Already be Married

As of the latest reports, Lee Jeong-hun and Choi Hui-Hyeon are still together. After the second season’s premiere, the couple delighted fans by releasing charming photos in 2022, showcasing their continued closeness through affectionate gestures and smiles. These images served as a heartwarming confirmation of their enduring relationship, bringing joy to their dedicated fan base. The snapshots, capturing moments of canoodling and hugs, stood as a testament to the ongoing strength of their bond. They also have a YouTube channel together but have not posted any videos on it yet.

In 2023, Choi Hui-Hyeon shared images of herself donning a wedding dress, sparking curiosity among fans about a potential marriage to Jeong-hun. However, when questioned, she neither confirmed nor denied the speculation. The couple has not issued an official statement regarding their wedding. Despite the absence of a formal announcement, the apparent continuity of their relationship suggests they are still together. Observers speculate that they may be on the path, if not already on it, toward a secure and stable future together. Jeong-hun on the other hand has kept a low profile ever since he appeared on the season and might have finished his time in the military by now. The couple’s silence on the matter leaves fans eagerly anticipating any official updates about their aspirational relationship.

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