Lena Lindsey: The Ex-Synanon Member Now Lives in California

Featured in ‘Born in Synanon,’ Lena Lindsey became affiliated with Synanon due to her desire for a new chapter in life. However, as the organization grew, she became more and more entrenched in the life that she was promised until the day when she realized just how these changes were affecting her and those around her. In the Paramount+ documentary series, Lena shared her recollections of the same, which allows the viewers to understand just how Synanon became such a big deal. Now, the world is eager to know where she is these days.

Who is Lena Lindsey?

In the documentary series, Lena Lindsey candidly talked about how her use of drugs paved the path for her to become a part of Synanon as she wanted to get clean and start fresh. “I saw an advertisement on TV one night and stuck it in my head that I was gonna go there,” she shared with Cassidy Arkin. The former Dynanon member added that she had two kids, and she wanted to give them a good life by trying to resolve her drug addiction.

Having given jail and a psychiatric facility a try, Lena decided to see just what Synanon might be able to do for her. However, even her start at the Synanon was not the best. “I was so determined to find something to do and get myself together,” she recalled. “But that first year, oh, it was terrible for me.” Nevertheless, she remained determined to become clean for her two kids. She also explained how Synanon’s Founder, Chuck Dederich, would talk to her.

As explained by Billy Goodson, Lena’s son, the Synanon had given him and his mother a new family to be a part of, something they appreciated much at the time. Initially, the group’s accommodations were not maintained with kids in mind, which meant that they had to live with their mother, who was struggling with battling addiction. However, Synanon soon made arrangements to take care of the kids of the members who wanted to get clean.

Where is Lena Lindsey Now?

During the later years of Synanon, Lena Lindsey was taken aback by the rapid changes in Synanon and its Founder, Chuck Dederich. She was especially devastated by the death of Betty Dederich, Chuck’s third wife, and how her friend’s husband had started looking for a new wife and wanted to change how the marriages of the members of the Synanon worked. As such, Lena decided to leave the organization alongside her children.

Lena has admitted that transitioning from being a member of Synanon to real life was a jarring one. Initially, she struggled to fully accept how she was fully in control of her life now, having apparently been used to doing as directed by Chuck, including making her bed. Lena has since realized that she is attracted to women, having explored that path in her life in the path. As of writing, Lena seemingly remains in Santa Monica, California, and remains close to her family. More than anything, she cherished the company of her children and grandchildren, always taking pride in the accomplishments.

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