Leo Woodall: One Day Star is Dating Another Actor

Charming and handsome Leo Woodall received universal admiration when he showcased his acting prowess in HBO’s ‘White Lotus.’ Hailing from Hammersmith, London, the actor has been making quite some waves for essaying the role of Dexter Mayhew in ‘One Day,’ Netflix’s inter-class romantic saga spanning decades. However, Leo’s endearing on-screen performance as the heartthrob Dexter and his chemistry with co-actor Ambika Mod has left fans eager to know a bit about his personal life, particularly his love life.

Leo Woodall Found Love on the Set of a Show

Just like his personality, the story of how Leo Woodall crossed paths with the love of his life is quite dreamy. In 2022, when he was working as Jack on the set of the second season of HBO’s dark comedy-drama ‘White Lotus,’ he met Meghann Fahy, who plays the role of Daphne in the show. Despite not being paired alongside each other on the show, the pair stumbled upon each other in the Four Seasons San Domenico Hotel in Taormina, Sicily, where the shoot was being held. Their social media activity revolving around their time in Sicily was a testament to it as well.

Rumors of a blooming romance started doing the rounds in September 2022 when Leo shared a carousel post on his social media account with several castmates. The fact that stood out was that the first picture was of Meghann with the caption, “That’s Amore.” This was followed by a sweet exchange of comments between the two, thus further piquing fans’ intrigue. While the flirty social media exchanges continued for months, neither Leo nor Meghann confirmed nor denied the romance. However, in January 2023, when she was asked to address the rumors on ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,’ she cheekily said, “Oh, I don’t kiss and tell! Come on, guys!”

However, Meghann then went on to add that she and Leo were just friends. In July 2023, the two were seen together at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards. While this was just setting the tone of a budding romance, in November 2023, a year after all the speculation, Leo and Meghann subtly confirmed their pairing when they made their first public appearance in New York City. The pair were seen getting cozy and sharing a kiss under the umbrella on a rain-soaked day while enjoying a day about the city, arm-in-arm.

Leo Woodall and Meghann Fahy’s Romance is Going Strong

Despite not explicitly saying it, accounts of Leo Woodall and Meghann Fahy’s interactions have all but confirmed their romantic liaison to the world, and their pairing since then has been going from strength to strength. A source told The Daily Mail, “They are not playing anymore. At first, when they were starting their relationship, they wanted to keep it private because it was new, and they didn’t know exactly what it was going to become, they never wanted to disrupt the show and the stories it tells with everyone knowing they were in a real relationship.'”

The source further added, “They wanted to get into whatever their relationship was going to be without any pressure. Now that they’ve been dating, they’ve really started to fall in love and are very happy to let anyone know how they feel around each other.” The seemingly madly-in-love couple have shared snaps together from time to time for fans. They spent New Year’s Eve in the company of several of their friends, where Leo shared pictures of their trip to the gorgeous countryside.

On January 20, 2024, Leo posted a carousel of his time at the Emmy, and even though the pair had arrived separately, fans caught a glimpse of Meghann in the comments and in the pictures, too. However, Meghann still preferred to keep her lips sealed when asked about the romance, telling Entertainment Tonight exclusively at the Emmys, “I can’t confirm or deny. Suffice it to say Italy was good for me in more than one way.” However, even though fans are often given the hit-and-miss opportunity of seeing their favorite pair together, it looks like Leo and Meghann intend to play the hide-and-seek game a little while longer before openly admitting to their romance.

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