Levi King: Where is the Mass Murderer Now?

When it was discovered that Levi King was connected to a shooting rampage in September 2005 that resulted in the deaths of five people, those who knew him were not very surprised. They had witnessed his childhood years and testified that he had grown up in a neglectful and abusive environment, making his actions, if not inevitable, at least predictable. CBS’ ’48 Hours’ episode ‘Live to Tell: Sole Survivor’ provides a detailed account of Levi’s upbringing, his actions on the day of the murders, and the subsequent prosecution he faced.

Levi King Was Captured at the US-Mexico Border

Levi Alexas King was born on April 9, 1982, in McDonald County, Missouri, as one of seven children to Scott King. Allegations suggest that the household environment was abusive, unsafe, and unhygienic. From a young age, the children reportedly witnessed their father’s consumption of alcohol and drugs, with easy access to these substances. Levi himself developed a dependency on drugs and other substances during his teenage years, exhibiting patterns of erratic and unregulated behavior. The situation worsened in 2002 when Levi’s brother, Spencer, accidentally killed himself while handling their father’s guns.

At just 20 years old, Levi attempted a burglary at his neighbor’s house, resulting in its destruction by fire. He was apprehended for the crime and sentenced to 14 years in prison, but due to good behavior, he was released on parole after serving just 17 months. He was residing in a halfway house in St. Louis, Missouri, and on September 23, 2005, he decided to violate his parole regulations and flee. Initially, he spent some time at his mother’s house before visiting his father in Pineville, Missouri. However, tensions arose between Levi and his father, and Scott ultimately turned him away. On the morning of September 29, Levi’s father took him to a bus station and dropped him off, but Levi had other plans in mind.

Levi remained concealed in a broken-down car near his father’s house, waiting for an opportunity. When his father left, Levi sneaked into the house and stole an AK-47, a 9mm handgun, and a hunting rifle before leaving. He then proceeded to the home of Orlie McCool, where, around 2 p.m., Levi fatally shot Orlie and his daughter-in-law, Dawn McCool, upon their return. In a subsequent interview, Levi admitted that the killings provided him with a sense of peace. He then took Orlie’s pickup truck and headed south to evade capture. Seeking to recapture that sense of peace, Levi entered another home in Pampa, Texas.

In the early morning hours of September 30, 2005, Levi entered the residence of Brian and Michelle Conrad and fatally shot both of them. He also fired into the children’s bedroom and targeted the family dog. Tragically, 14-year-old Zach Conrad and the dog were killed, while 10-year-old Robin Conrad survived by pretending to be deceased. Levi then fled towards Mexico in an attempt to escape. Meanwhile, on September 29, Levi’s father filed a burglary report against him. Additionally, a neighbor had spotted Levi near the McCool residence a few hours before the murders and was able to identify him as the young man resembling Scott. An arrest warrant was issued in Levi’s name.

After committing the murders in Texas, Levi attempted to flee towards El Paso. Still, he inadvertently ended up in a line at the US-Mexico border that directed him back into the US. Feeling panicked when a patrol officer asked for his ID, Levi handed over multiple IDs, one of which belonged to Brian Conrad. When questioned about weapons, Levi admitted to having them, leading to his arrest.

Upon further investigation, the police discovered an outstanding arrest warrant for Levi related to a double homicide, and the car he was driving was registered to Orlie. On October 6, Levi confessed to the murders he had committed in Missouri but remained silent about the incidents in Texas. On October 19, a prison informant informed Texas authorities that a man captured by Missouri police might be of interest to them. This led to the linking of Levi to the killings of the Conrad family as well.

Levi King is Serving a Life Sentence Today

Levi King pleaded guilty to the charges of murdering Orlie and Dawn McCool on April 18, 2006. He received two life sentences without the possibility of parole. His trial in Texas began in October 2008, where he again pleaded guilty to the three murder charges against him. While the death penalty was an option, one juror’s reluctance to agree to the punishment resulted in Levi receiving a life sentence without parole. Currently 42 years old, he is held at the Eastern Reception, Diagnostic, and Correctional Center in Bonne Terre, Missouri, where he will spend the remainder of his life incarcerated.

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