Liaison Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

Apple TV+’s ‘Liaison’ is a political thriller that follows Alison and Gabriel, two secret agents with a romantic history. They come together to find the culprit behind the cybersecurity attacks on London while trying to resolve their complicated feelings of love and resentment. In this episode, we get a little insight into what might have happened between them all those years ago. While the true nature of their history remains a secret, we find out the truth about other characters. By the end of the episode, it is this web of secrets to claim a life. Here’s what the ending means for the characters in the future. SPOILERS AHEAD

Liaison Episode 3 Recap

Alison and Mark arrive in Brussels to sign the treaty that would allow them the protection of the EU. It is supposed to be easy because the treaty’s terms had been agreed upon two years ago. They have to sign it, which would make things much easier for the cybersecurity department in London. However, when they arrive, Alison and Mark are greeted by Sabine, who tells them to join the committee, indicating that the terms will be renegotiated.

Meanwhile, Gabriel arrives in Brussels to find Samir’s wife, Myriam. He lies about getting her asylum in France, but it saves Myriam’s life when mysterious people attack her. She and Gabriel run away just in time and are helped by Alison. While Alison is distracted by the treaty, Gabriel meets with Sabine. He has been tasked to learn more about Didier Taraud, who hired Gabriel’s employer to find Samir and Walid.

Liaison Episode 3 Ending: Who Killed Mark?

By now, it is clear that every character in ‘Liaison’ has their own secret agenda. In France, Didier Taraud is trying to keep the UK vulnerable. While the President and others want France to come to the UK’s aid, Didier does everything he can to stop them. His connection with Bob sheds more light on why he might be so adamant about allowing the cyberattacks to continue and claim more lives.

The twist in this episode arrives when we find Mark Bolton secretly meeting with Bob. It looks like Bob had paid Mark to allow the lapse in cybersecurity. Bob is horrified to discover that Bob’s people had orchestrated the train crash, and he decides not to be associated with them anymore. Bob reminds him of the money he took to do this job, but Mark is adamant about his decision.

While nothing much has been revealed about Bob, the conversation between him and Mark reveals that Bob is a private contractor. Since the UK separated from the EU, they lost the cybersecurity cover provided to the EU members. Since then, the government has sought something to replace that security. Their cybersecurity team alone will not be able to handle cyberattacks of severe nature, as exhibited by the series of attacks in the previous episodes.

The solution for this situation has divided people in the government. Some want to give this responsibility to a private contractor. But there are others, like Richard, who oppose this idea. Bob wants his hands on this contract, but the conflict of opinion in the British government is taking too long to allow him that. To give incentive to the government, he has orchestrated this series of attacks. He needed someone on the inside, which is where Mark comes in.

Mark allowed Bob’s people access to cybersecurity, allowing them to hack and execute the attacks. It was supposed to be a warning sign that didn’t cause much damage. Just enough to make the government take action, allowing Bob to present himself as an option. But then Walid and Samir stumbled upon something that could completely unravel their plan, so Bob had to do something worse than flooding London.

Mark didn’t think that people would be killed when he agreed to do Bob’s bidding. When the train crash happens, his eyes are opened, and he refuses to be a part of their plan anymore. This makes Mark a liability. Meanwhile, Alison manages to circumvent Sabine and finds Vandermeer. She knows that Sabine is lying and is trying to prevent the treaty from being signed. Meeting with Vandermeer resolves the conflict, and he agrees to sign the deal in the evening. When Bob gets the whiff of this, he comes up with a plan to stop it.

Didier knows Bob will take drastic measures to disrupt Vandermeer’s meeting with the English. He warns Sabine to stay away from that place. In the meeting, Alison discovers that Sabine made some excuse not to be at the meeting. She had seen her with Gabriel before, so she knew that Sabine was lying about whatever excuse she had made. She goes to the restroom to pull herself together but finds two mysterious men coming out of there. When they are gone, she sees Mark’s dead body, which has been made to look like suicide by hanging.

Considering that Mark had refused to work for Bob anymore and that Bob desperately needed to stop the treaty from being signed, it makes sense that Bob got Mark killed. If the treaty were signed, it would completely ruin Bob’s plans. Moreover, Samir is still missing, so he has no idea what he and Walid found. There are too many unresolved things out there, and Mark happened to be one of them. Bob needed to kill two birds with one stone, so he got Mark killed.

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