Liar Liar Episode 7 Recap: Silence and Change

In ‘Liar Liar’ episode 7 titled ‘Silence and Change,’ Kurahashi Mikado is exposed by Akizuki and Hiroto, who set up a trap for him. Hiroto later goes to the market with Akabane where they visit the ability shop. When they return, they take a bath together with Himeji in the pool. The Eimei Academy team later has a meeting to devise a strategy for the May Inter-Academy Battle Meeting.

Akizuki and Hiroto Expose Mikado

After losing to Hiroto, Akizuki returns to report to Kurahashi Mikado, her boss. Furious about the current situation, Kurahashi tells Shinohara that she will have to become his slave to pay for the damages she has incurred so far. Initially, Akizuki agrees but then all of a sudden Hiroto barges into the room. It turns out that he is there with a drone that has a camera inside. The whole incident is streamed live by students of Academy Island, which lands Mikado in deep trouble.

Later that day, Akabane takes Hiroto to the market where they visit the ability shop. But before they enter, she informs him that only couples are allowed inside, so they will have to pretend to be dating. Inside they are greeted by the shopkeeper, who tells the duo to hold hands to prove they are really together. When they later return to the mansion, Himeji informs them that she has prepared the pool for them so they all can take a bath together. Although Akabane is initially skeptical she eventually complies and they spend some time together.

What is Astral? Why Does Hiroto Desire the Commander’s Role For Himself?

At the May Inter-Academy Battle Meeting, the entire Eimei Academy team sits together to come up with a strategy. Himeji kicks off the meeting by showing the members a promo video of the event. She later explains that the competition is a large-scale game confirming to Island’s operational regulations that allow up to 100 players. Area Steal to Reconquer All Lost or ASTRAL is the name given to this game that will start on Monday and end on Friday. The entire event will take place in the Zero District also known as the Special Development District. Furthermore, the game field is divided into 1 million separate spaces, with bases scattered around randomly in different locations.

A team can steal another team’s base. Using two of these bases, one could make a line while three or more can then be used to make a polygon. All the space that is encircled within its range becomes part of the corresponding team area, increasing their influence and pushing the enemies back. These bases also release spells periodically but they come with a trick. The students using them have to withstand the Time Freeze Period during which they cannot make a move. Ultimately, the value of Time Freeze is directly related to a participant’s movement value. Each team can have five positions that include, Soldier, Spy, Mage, Commander, and Guardian.

In order to win, a team has to dominate all areas of destroy the other teams. Eventually, the group of students with the largest area under their control wins the competition. While trying to win, participants must make sure that they do not lose all their life points as it would lead to their elimination. In the meantime, another game will be played alongside Astral, whose winner can be a wild card entry and the sixth member of a team. A student’s movement value is calculated based on past records and the lower it is the better. When the team members check theirs, everyone is impressed with Hiroto, who boasts a movement value of just 3.

But little do they know that this value is actually just an illusion, created by hacker Kagaya, to make Hiroto look good. Since he knows this, Hiroto feels that he must get the commander position to keep his secret safe. But when the positions are being allotted, Shinji instead asks for the commander position. Hiroto argues that he can be more effective in that position and if he does not do a satisfactory job, then he can use the commander’s power to switch places with Shinji in the middle of the competition. Eventually, everyone agrees with the plans and Hiroto takes a breath of relief for now. However, he has a lot of challenges ahead in his path.

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