Linda Goodridge From Tough as Nails: Everything We Know

Linda Goodridge

‘Tough as Nails’ is a reality competition series that aims to celebrate the real-life heroes like farmers, drywaller, scaffolder, firefighter, police officers, fishermen, etc. who work day in and out to ensure the smooth functioning of the country. Linda Goodridge is one of the contestants on the CBS show. She looks forward to testing her physical and mental abilities by competing in various challenges and ultimately winning the grand prize. Let’s get to know more about her personal life!

Linda Goodridge: Where Is She From?

Linda hails from the city of Marion, in Wayne County, New York. The interior city has a wonderful history as it was originally called Winchester but was later named Marion, after Revolutionary War hero, General Francis Marion. She has been a powerhouse of energy and boldness from an early age. Check out the picture of little Linda balancing herself on a giant pole! Talk about being born a badass!

Well, the athletic abilities didn’t fade away as Linda also participated in a kickboxing competition. However, she didn’t continue as the caption states, “First fight, las’ fight, first black eye.” Good choice!

Who is in Linda Goodridge’s Family?

Linda is in a live-in relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Tom Spring. Tom’s patience and his ability to forgive is what Linda adores the most about him. The two lovers embark upon thrilling adventures together. Here’s a picture of Linda celebrating her favorite person!

She opened an Instagram account in February 2020, and what better way to getting on the gram than posting a picture with the strongest woman she knows – Mama Goodridge.

Linda and her father share a quirky relationship wherein she lovingly refers to her creator as a “moron.” Here’s a series of pictures of the father-daughter, throughout the years!

Linda also shared a picture of all the smiling faces of the Goodridge family to her Instagram account.

Linda Goodridge: Age and Profession

Linda was born on January 21, 1991. Since March 2020, Linda has been working as a roofer. Before turning to roof construction, she served as a Deputy Sheriff of Monroe County in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

During her time as a Sheriff, Linda was involved in a lot of welfare programs that helped the inmates to find a source of income once they re-enter the world outside of prison. She is proud of her work in her previous job, most of which has helped her community be a better and positive place.

Her work as a roofer demands a lot of physical strength and the taxing work can also affect her mental stability, which is why the 29-year-old wakes up early in the morning to work on her body and mind. She loves to workout and often posts fitness-related videos on her account!

As much as she is in favor of exercising indoors, Linda also loves to workout outdoors. She can ride a horse, catch a fish, shoot a bow, and is also a mean arm-wrestler. Here’s a video of the former Sheriff balancing her weight on a moving log!

Linda Goodridge Prediction: How Far Will She Go?

Linda has always prioritized integrity and perseverance above everything else. Her time as a Sheriff has taught her a lot of things about life and has boosted her physical and mental agility. Her job as a Sheriff was filled with roadblocks.

She even faced “sexual harassment” and also male-domination while serving at her county. However, Linda didn’t let it hinder her success or tarnish her dignity. She has overcome a lot of hurdles in life and we are pretty sure she might pull out all stops and give her best shot at winning the competition.

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