Linda Nicholas: Brenda DuPont’s Sister is Self-Employed Today

Linda Nicholas was very close to her sister, Brenda DuPont. They lived near each other, and Linda had seen Brenda working hard to regain custody of her daughter. She was proud of Brenda’s efforts and supported her in every way possible. On the morning of May 22, 1988, when she sent her six-year-old son to knock on Brenda’s door, she never expected to find her sister dead. In A&E’s ‘Cold Case Files’ episode ‘Killer in the Storm,’ Linda shares the turmoil she experienced during the years Brenda’s killer remained at large and the peace she felt when the perpetrator was finally brought to justice.

Linda Nicholas Saw the Crime Scene of Her Sister’s Murder

In 1988, Linda Nicholas lived in a neighborhood of Opelousas, Louisiana, with a man named Dicker Ray Chavis and her children. Her daughter had a school friend named Joenell Rubin, who often visited their house, but Linda didn’t like him because he used to fight with her sons and cause trouble. On the afternoon of May 21, 1988, Joenell was at the house when her sister, Brenda DuPont, came over. Joenell was playing with a knife from the house, and although Linda asked him to put it down, he did not listen. She then asked him to leave, and after having dinner, Brenda also left the house.

The following day, Linda sent her six-year-old son to call his aunt for breakfast, as Brenda’s house was close. When Brenda did not open the door, Linda became worried and immediately contacted the police. While waiting for their arrival, she peered through the window and noticed the house was in disarray, with the mattress propped vertically against the wall. When the police finally broke in, Linda saw her sister’s dead body and blood everywhere. It felt as if her world had crumbled.

At Brenda’s funeral, as she was being lowered into the ground, Linda made a promise to her sister that she would bring her killer to justice. Little did she know, it would take years before she could fulfill that promise. Linda was relentless, constantly calling the police department and demanding updates. Her persistence played a crucial role in reopening the cold case in 2012, leading to Joenell Rubin’s arrest for the murder. During the 2016 trial, Linda testified against him, recounting his presence in the house the day before the murder. After his conviction, Linda spoke to the press, expressing that she and her family had finally received the long-overdue justice they deserved.

Linda Nicholas Has Faced Many Losses

Linda stayed in Opelousas, Louisiana, surrounded by her family. She had six children and many grandchildren who filled her life with love and support. Her sisters and brothers also stayed close to the family, and everything was going well for them for a couple of years. The first shock for Linda came in 2019 when she lost her son, JJ. It shook her to the core, and even with the support of her friends and family, it was a difficult time. Before she could recover from this loss, she lost her eldest son, Michael Moreau, in April 2021. In his obituary, Linda wrote a heartfelt message, expressing her understanding of his grief over losing a child and wishing them to be reunited in heaven. She spoke of finding strength in herself, even though it was hard.

January 2022 brought another shock for the family when she lost her daughter, Ciji. The first Christmas Linda spent without her children was not easy, but she found solace in the presence of her siblings, nieces, and nephews. These were some of the most challenging years for Linda, but she has emerged from them and remains a vital member of the family.

Linda Nicholas Lends Her Support to Many Causes

Linda is still living in Opelousas, Louisiana. She used to work as a Nursing Assistant at the Delta College of Lafayette but is now self-employed and working independently. She uses her voice to empathize with others who have missing family members, often sharing details of such cases to amplify the discourse around them. Additionally, Linda has become active in various causes. For her birthday in 2022, she organized an online fundraiser for cancer patients, explaining how the cause is very close to her heart. She also supports veterans’ rights and works to highlight the many challenges they face, raising her voice for it.

Linda Nicholas is Enjoying Her Family Life Today

Linda is a wonderful mother and grandmother, beloved by everyone around her. Her extended family is her backbone, frequently visiting and enriching her life with their presence. Though she is not currently married, Linda finds tremendous joy in gathering with her brothers and sisters and sharing stories of their lives. She is also incredibly supportive of her family’s endeavors, promoting handmade blankets one of her sisters created and proudly sharing links for their purchase. Despite enduring significant adversity, Linda has shown remarkable strength and resilience. Her ongoing efforts to help others and advocate for important causes demonstrate her strong character and compassionate spirit.

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