Lisa Fotopoulos: The Survivor is Living Peacefully Today

Image Credit: Oxygen True Crime

The tranquility of Lisa Fotopoulos’ life, stemming from her wealthy background and her efforts to achieve financial independence, was shattered when she was shot while peacefully sleeping in her own home beside her husband. The incident sent shockwaves through the family, leaving them bewildered as there appeared to be no discernible motive other than a possible botched burglary. However, law enforcement, sensing there might be more to the case than met the eye, delved into the investigation. The story of this attack on Lisa is explored in ‘Seduced To Slay: Boardwalk Pied Piper,’ aiming to unravel the mysteries surrounding the incident and shed light on what led to such an incident.

Lisa Fotopoulos’ Husband Tried to Kill Her

Lisa Paspalakis, the daughter of a prosperous Greek businessman who had ventured into operating an arcade and snack bar in Daytona in the late 1950s, grew up in a financially privileged environment. By the 1980s, her father had achieved significant wealth. A mere three weeks after meeting Kosta Fotopoulos, a man who skillfully courted her with wining and dining, she found herself saying yes to his marriage proposal. Kosta, an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University graduate, seemed to embody everything she desired in a man. Despite his passion for guns, an obsession that others might find concerning, Lisa did not initially perceive anything unsettling about her husband as she became captivated by the moment of their whirlwind romance.

Her spouse initiated the establishment of a pool hall that, unfortunately, attracted a clientele of delinquents. Despite her reservations about his association with individuals engaged in criminal activities, she opted not to disrupt the tranquility of her marriage. In 1989, her father’s sudden demise prompted Lisa to move into the family home with her mother and brother while they settled the estate. It was during this period that her husband began distancing himself, and she discovered he was engaged in an extramarital affair with a woman named Deidre Hunt, a waitress at his pool hall. Confronting Kosta upon learning of the affair, Lisa insisted on a divorce.

Just a week following her discussion with her husband about getting a divorce, on November 4, 1989, a young man named Bryan Chase entered her bedroom while she and Kosta were sleeping, shooting her once in the head. Lisa’s memory of the incident became hazy after that point, but she distinctly remembered experiencing a severe headache and witnessing her husband firing shots at the intruder. Kosta had grabbed an AK-47 rifle, unleashing multiple rounds at Bryan Chase.

Upon Lisa’s hospitalization, medical professionals opted against removing the lodged bullet from her head for the best possible outcome. Swiftly after the attack, Lisa informed the police of her suspicion that her husband was involved in the assault. She also told them that he had been trying to get her killed for many days and she had narrowly escaped a couple of times. Subsequently, incriminating evidence surfaced against Kosta, leading to his conviction for hiring Bryan Chase to murder Lisa and conspiring with his girlfriend, Deidre Hunt, in orchestrating the plan. The legal proceedings also revealed their culpability in another murder, that of a young man named Kevin Ramsey.

Where is Lisa Fotopoulos Today?

Lisa’s experience became headline material and has continued to capture public attention over the years. She, along with her brother, contributed to the book ‘Perfect Husband,’ sharing insights into the events. Remarkably, just a week after the shooting, Lisa resumed her involvement with the family business, Lisa’s Gifts and Joyland, located on the Boardwalk in Daytona. The shop had been a natural part of her life since the age of 16. However, as of the latest reports in March 2023, the building faced demolition, marking the end of a long-standing legal battle over the property that commenced in 2003. Despite this, the family business has shifted its focus to the Boardwalk’s Mardi Gras arcade and their Pizza King restaurant, standing as one of the few remaining businesses on that side.

Lisa has since remarried and adopted the name Lisa Psaros and lives in Daytona Beach, Florida. Her life now revolves around the love and support of her family, particularly her two nieces. The bullet, a reminder of one of the darkest periods in her life, remains lodged in her head. While talking about it in an interview, she said, “It was a terrible time, but it is what it is.’’ Despite this, Lisa views herself as a resilient and strong woman who has faced adversity and triumphed over it. She considers herself to be a role model for others.

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