Little Burros on Shark Tank: Everything We Know

‘Shark Tank’ is a reality show whose fundamentals are rooted in a good sales pitch with a credible business. The show that has been going on for eleven seasons, continue to entertain the masses. More so, it provides a platform for many to elevate their businesses. Many times, good business ideas and ventures get stomped to the ground due to a lack of funding. The invested panel of the show, have over the years mastered the third eye to see such potential. Though it is not easy to get a deal with them, it is still an insightful experience for many.

Little Burros: Who Are They?

Little Burros was founded by the Thorsen family, mainly father, Bob Thorsen and his daughter Mollie Thorsen. Little Burros is a brand of garden accessories that aims to make garden work easier. Bob initially invented the products while he was helping his wife in the garden. He worked on the basic model of a wheelbarrow to make his own product.

The family originally owns a construction company and when Bob pitched this idea to his children, they motivated him to turn it into a business, which he did. Bob took some help from the outside to create the present model of his product. The added story to this family and their business is how Bob lost his daughter Becca. As an avid supporter of A21, to help combat human trafficking, Becca’s ten percent share in the company, even after her untimely demise, is given to the non-profit. Check out their website here.

Little Burros: What Do They Do?

The company has two main products. One is the Burro Buddy that holds tools of various kinds that are required for gardening. In addition, it has a holder to keep a drink. It has compartments, grids, and holders to carry everything you need without having to shuffle to and back. The portable tray was voted one of the best selling product on Amazon in 2018.

The second product, the original Little Burro helps in maximum organization enabling four to seven cubic foot wheelbarrows. The products are available even now on Amazon. The company is quite active on social media. Their recent journey to ‘Shark Tank’ has been to boost business which had taken a back seat since the death of Becca. The father and daughter duo aims to make a comeback streak that needs a healthy investment.

The product aims to create a more comfortable experience with gardening. The lengthy and tiring process can be made more comfortable if the wheelbarrow can hold sufficient tools, drinks, and such items in an organized manner. This gives additional impetus for people to stay and work longer in the fields. It might be an interesting catch to youngsters too, who can carry their speakers, drinks and head out for a day of gardening. Watch out their Youtube video below:

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