Review: Locke and Key S01 E05

Knowing your family history is important, and the Locke kids find it out the hard way. Ever since they discovered the keys, they have been enjoying the powers without any visible consequences. Kinsey, especially, has gotten too involved in all of it. It is no secret that their father, too, had dabbled in the same thing; what they don’t know is why he never talked about it. There must have been a good reason, right? Nina and the kids are discovering a new facet of Rendell’s life and it is not turning out to be a good thing for any of them.

Locke and Key Episode 5 Recap

Previously, the keys had called out only to Bode, but now, Tyler and Kinsey are a part of it too. It falls on them to find the next two keys. With the growing number of it, the siblings divide the keys amongst themselves, promising to be careful with them and not use them unnecessarily. Had it happened a couple of episodes earlier, Kinsey would perhaps have been the most dependable of them all, but now that she is not afraid of anything anymore, she has become the most reckless one.

Her using the latest key in public leads to Gabe finding out about it. This leads to a row between her and Tyler. Bode, who was relieved after discovering that his brother and sister could also be the protector of the keys now, focuses on keeping himself and the family safe from Dodge. Nina stumbles upon something that makes her question Rendell and Ellie.

Locke and Key Episode 5 Review

More keys, more secrets, more bodies. In the fifth episode, ‘Family Tree’, ‘Locke and Key’ goes back to pulling out more tricks from its bag and delivers an episode that has some shocking moments. By far, Dodge and Sam were the only antagonists, the ones that we didn’t want to come close to the Locke family. But in this episode, more enemies surface and most of them are familiar faces. The episode opens with the discovery of another key and ends with Tyler and Kinsey adding one more to the collection. While one key puts a terrifying weapon at their disposal, the other one shakes the foundation of everything they thought they knew about their father.

Above everything else, the episode puts more focus on Kinsey who has completely flipped over ever since she got rid of her fear. Turns out, the lack of fear not just makes you irrational and arrogant, but it also takes away your ability to know whom to trust and when to stop being cruel. While her brothers are more responsible with the keys, Kinsey has turned into one of the mean girls, the kind that she despised before.

Tyler feels the pressure of looking out for his siblings, and while Bode has made his task much easier, Kinsey is just becoming impossible to handle. It had become clear that she won’t stop until something earth-shattering is revealed to her. Perhaps, the revelation about her father could be that stimulus.

While her kids have been opening doors that she has no clue about, Nina is on an investigation of her own that is changing her perspective about her husband. Sure, he had his secrets, but she has a feeling that they were pretty bad ones. She has also become suspicious of Ellie who just might have blood on her hands after this episode.

Power changes people, and this is what ‘Locke and Key’ focuses on in ‘Family Tree’. The ground prepared by the four episodes of the season allows this one to be the best of all. There is some more unravelling of the keys and we have the answer to at least a couple of mysteries. The absence of the main villain also shows how much this episode had to tell. If this is how the second half of the series promises to turn out, then whatever flaws there have been as of now can be easily ignored.