Review: Locke and Key S01 E06

The sixth episode of ‘Locke and Key’, titled ‘The Black Door’, opens another set of questions for the Locke family, while sending a disaster down their way. In the previous episode, the villains had taken a hiatus, but they are back in full force now, and it doesn’t look good for the residents of Key House. Bode is worried about their safety, Kinsey is consumed by a new discovery, and Tyler wants to get rid of the whole mess. Their mother is entangled in a web of her own. And now unimaginable trouble has come knocking at their door. How will the keys help them?

Locke and Key Episode 6 Recap

After discovering that their father had killed one of his friends, Tyler and Kinsey’s memories of Rendell are put to question. While Tyler accepts that his father did something terrible and decided to stay away from the town for the rest of his life, Kinsey won’t have it. She believes that there is something in the caves that influenced Rendell, and she finds a way to go there, along with some backup. There she discovers a mysterious door but loses the support of her friends.

Tyler, on the other hand, keeps his distance from Jackie, and comes across Dodge, who he doesn’t know is the Well Lady. Bode is disturbed by Dodge’s threats and Nina tries to find out what Joe wanted to tell her.

Locke and Key Episode 6 Review

First, there were keys, and now, we have a door. In its sixth episode, ‘Locke and Key’ places a new door in front of the Locke siblings, and from the looks of it, this is the real deal. Of all the keys that she wants, it is the key to this door that must be the most important to Dodge. We don’t know where it opens to and what would happen if Dodge succeeds in accessing it. For now, only Kinsey knows about it, along with her filmmaker friends.

She doesn’t know it but Bode has already found the key to it, which he tried to fit into another lock. Because Kinsey has already shown a temper for recklessly walking into things, her opening this door without consulting her brothers could be the worst thing for them. Speaking of the worst thing, Sam Lesser uses the key that Dodge had given to him and now he has reached Key House. Meanwhile, Tyler is with her, which is not a good sign at all.

If the last episode was about accepting the harsh truth about their father and looking at what could possibly be their future as well if they continue to overexert their control on the keys, this episode is about the dangers that Tyler and Kinsey had forgotten were lurking around. Bode had been worrying about something bad happening to his family and Dodge’s latest visit put him on edge. But even he couldn’t have imagined what’s coming for him in the next episode.

‘The Black Door’ also tests the dynamic of Kinsey and Tyler. Since she changed herself, there has been friction between them, and Tyler has been trying his hardest to make peace with her decision. He has tried to be a good big brother while facing the pressure of being a father figure as well. But he reaches the end of his rope and we see a downward spiral in him. Perhaps, with the imminent danger on his family, he will pick up the slack in the next episode.

Speaking of father figures, Uncle Duncan’s amnesia also makes much more sense now, and once again, we have to ask, what is wrong with the adults in this house? Is the explanation really as simple as “adults don’t remember magic”? There are four more episodes to go, and hopefully, by the end of it, we will get some insight into why this happens, or why this rule exists, if at all. This shouldn’t turn into a mystery that keeps extending for too long and turns into something that irritates us rather than interest us.