Review: Locke and Key S01 E07

Before they got to know about Dodge and dug up secrets about Rendell and Key House, Nina and her kids faced their worst nightmare in the form of Sam Lesser. They never understood what he really wanted from Rendell. Now that he has come back into their lives, they have to go through the same thing again, trying not to lose anyone this time around. But Sam comes with his own baggage and his connection with Dodge is finally revealed.

Locke and Key Episode 7 Recap

After Dodge realises that threatening won’t work with Bode, she turns towards the back-up plan to make things work. While she engages Tyler at a party, Sam finds his way to Key House to finish what he had started with Rendell’s death. He breaks into the house and quietly goes around until Nina catches him. He demands the Head Key, but she doesn’t know anything about it, so he looks for the kids.

Having overheard him, Kinsey hides the Head Key and Bode tries to trick Sam into using another key. But it all backfires, and Sam binds them to a chair, while they wait for Tyler. After making out with Dodge, Tyler finds the Anywhere Key in her possession and realises that she is the Well Lady that his brother had been talking about. He runs away with it to Key House and finds his family in captivity. Kinsey comes up with a new plan to get rid of Sam.

Locke and Key Episode 7 Review

In the first episode, we find out that Rendell is killed by one of his students, Sam Lesser. He spends some time in prison and is freed by Dodge. In this episode, the focus shifts towards his side of the story. Why did Sam kill Rendell and why is he so interested in Key House? The flashbacks give us his life in pieces that clarify a lot of things. The episode also uses Sam as the opportunity to once again raise the question of what turns a teenager into a murderer, while helping Tyler clear his conscience of guilt.

Tyler believes that it was his words that made Sam kill Rendell. When Sam said he wanted to kill his father, Tyler replied: “kill mine while you are at it.” Of course, Tyler didn’t mean it and he didn’t believe that Sam was going to do any killing. But because they had become friends and the way things turned out, Tyler thought Sam had done it because of him. Blaming himself for the tragedy was holding back Tyler all this while, but there was much more that he didn’t know about Sam.

Dodge, once again, exhibits how manipulative and evil she is. She had tried to get inside Bode’s head. She tried to befriend him, believing she could puppeteer him the same way she did Sam. The role of Key House’s picture, once again, comes into play and highlights her connection with the house. As expected, she is after the Black Door, but what we look forward to is finding out the person whose head she wants to get inside. The blue house that she uses the Anywhere Key to surfaces once again, and in the next episode, we might get to see more of what lies on the other side.

‘Dissection’ uses home invasion, another classic trope of horror, to create tension in the series that had been somewhat light-hearted so far. With the villain holding most of the cards (Bode just might have the one that she actually wants) and Nina, once again, discovering the secret of the keys, the Locke family is united. Tyler knows that he can’t just let go of the responsibility of the keys, and Kinsey might have to face her fear too. Sam is stuck in his ghost form and there’s still the mystery of what Ellie really wants. The next three episodes have a lot to answer.