Review: Locke and Key S01 E09

‘Locke and Key’ made us wait, but it was definitely worth it. If the last eight episodes were questions, questions, questions; this one is the answer to most, if not all, of them. A restlessness had started to set in and it felt like the show was dragging along the secrets and running in circles. But after ‘Echoes’, there are no complaints.

It not only quells our queries but also prepares the characters for the final showdown in the last episode of the season. It is all about breaking down the walls and making friends, and the Locke siblings will need a lot of them if they are to go against Dodge, who is now in the possession of a new kind of power.

Locke and Key Episode 9 Recap

After mulling over their options, Tyler and Kinsey decide that it would be best if they told their friends everything that has been going on with them. Since Dodge is in the possession of almost all the keys and they don’t have the superpowers needed against her, they’ll need reinforcements. They can’t get it from their mother, who has already forgotten about all the keys she came in contact with. So, they will need to turn towards the people they can trust, especially the ones that can remember.

Meanwhile, Ellie revisits her past and we come to know why and how Dodge, in the form of Lucas, has such a strong hold on her. When things become more dangerous, she has to decide whether to fight or flee.

Locke and Key Episode 9 Review

After spending eight episodes throwing in one mystery after another, we finally have some answers from ‘Locke and Key’. ‘Echoes’ creatively uses flashbacks and the keys to help us catch up with everything that would have otherwise turned it into a longer episode. “What does Ellie want” had been one of the most important questions of the series. She was Rendell’s friend, she had used those keys with him, then why was she working against his family? Was it simply because of Lucas? Was it because she was angry at him for killing the boy she loved?

The story comes full circle in the penultimate episode of the season, and we find ourselves back at the very first scene of the series. Why did Mark kill himself after hearing about Rendell’s death? Now, we know. In just one episode, we come to know about Mark’s death, what happened to the Lucas and the other friends who died that night, why Ellie had such a contrasting behaviour towards the Lockes, and what was the thing that Joe wanted to tell Nina before he was killed.

In addition to this, we also get the backstory of the Omega Key and the Black Door, and where Dodge comes from. The details also help us guess why she is so hell-bent at opening the Black Door and what’s behind it. It also ties in with Rendell’s death. And there is one more key and a very different kind of lock.

Another thing that this episode does is open up the circle. Keeping secrets from each other is not advised when a demonic echo is after you. The siblings understand this, and the moment they open up to one another, things start getting simpler. Taking Nina into the loop helps a ton, and we have Rufus and Bode to thank for that. After all this time, they are the only ones who go about the key business with the sensibility it requires. They are the representation of why magic should be limited just to kids, and are easily the favourites. If we don’t already hate Dodge enough, we will if she harms one of them.

‘Echoes’ clears the table where pending mysteries were starting to pile up. A showdown is expected in the tenth episode, along with a number of other questions that are to lead us into the next season. This one does a great job of setting the stage for the finale.