Review: Lost in Space Season 2 Episode 2

If I were ever to land in a scenario like ‘Lost in Space’, I would definitely be a Don West. He tried to stay out of trouble all his life, but ever since he has been tethered to the Robinsons, there is no time to catch a breath. The second episode of the season builds on the laments of West, and we witness the Robinsons stick together in the face of insurmountable odds and find answers in the places where everything seems lost. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Lost in Space Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

After stopping at the edge of the waterfall, the Robinsons face another problem in their mission to leave the surface of the planet that has been their home for the past seven months. The teams are divided, everyone knows their tasks; the most important one of them is given to Smith. She has to stay out of the way and try to do nothing. But, of course, that would be in direct violation of her nature. So, expect trouble on that front.

An accident throws Penny and Maureen down the waterfall and they find themselves on the metallic surface that turns out to be the thing attracting the lightning storms. Maureen notices the markings on the surface that remind her of the robot. But an investigation is not what she needs right now. The clock is ticking and they have to find a way to not only get back on the ship but also to leave the planet, before its too late.

Lost in Space Season 2 Episode 2 Review

After an adventurous first episode, ‘Lost in Space’ continues to gain momentum by throwing its characters in another set of challenging circumstances. Once again, the mettle of every Robinson is tested and their unique talents that set them apart are called to service. We also get to know more about the mysterious planet and its connection to the Robot. We are yet to get a complete picture of why he called it Danger, but the show has begun to take steps in that direction.

This episode also reminds us of the stakes for everyone onboard the Jupiter. Maureen and John are motivated because they want their kids to be safe and settled, and not float around the space for the rest of their lives. Penny doesn’t want to go through the same thing again, and the fact that she doesn’t have anything to bring to the table, she also experiences growing insecurity and the sense of insufficiency, which Smith plans to use in her favour. On the other hand, Judy grows more confident of her abilities and wants an increased share in responsibility; and Will is adamant about finding out more about the planet and how it could lead him back to his Robot.

The will of the Robinsons is enough to get them across the universe if that’s what it takes, but that won’t happen, because Smith’s drive for survival is equally, if not more, strong. She has started with her scheming and the acts of sabotaging, ready to do anything that will keep her from going back to the Resolute and landing in prison. If there was any doubt about that, the second episode clears up that matter.

The CGI is, again, up to the mark and no time is wasted on anything that doesn’t serve the plot. By the end of the second episode, you can see that ‘Lost in Space’ has learned from the mistakes of its first season, and is more focused this time around. Perhaps, because there were too many characters previously, the writers found it tricky to create a balance between focusing on the individual arcs of the Robinsons, while also looping in other characters, so they don’t feel unnecessary. But now that there is no such trouble, they have enough space to flesh out all of the characters while gearing up the overall arc of the season.

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