Review: Lost in Space Season 2 Episode 4


After a mild dose of alien horror, ‘Lost in Space’ returns to its central mystery and brings back focus on the things that had kickstarted everything in the first season. There is a marked change in the tone as compared to the previous episodes of the season, and you see a hint of the approach that first season had acquired midway through its run. Will this one follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, or will it use this opportunity to chart a new course? SPOILERS AHEAD.

Lost in Space Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

After finding out that there are survivors, the Robinsons are finally reunited with others. They discover that after the attack of the robots, the Resolute was evacuated and they made base camp on one of the planets in the same solar system. They also come to know about the truth of the Christmas star, the thing that had been disguised for the world for a meteorite. It was an alien ship with an engine that could fuel the journey to other galaxies, along with a pilot that was necessary to make it work.

The group disperses, everyone goes back to work, and Smith tries to avoid arrest. But she had already cleared away all the evidence against her, so she is not as scared as she would have been otherwise. Meanwhile, John, Judy and Don land on the surface of the planet and discover that something mysterious is ruining everything.

Lost in Space Season 2 Episode 4 Review

Now that the Robinsons are back in the civilization, they are out of any immediate danger. This means that the show has lost, for now, the sense of urgency that drove its previous episodes. The pace was gradually decelerated in the third episode, and with this one, it has acquired a constant tempo, and things are moving forward steadily. In the previous season, it was in this interval, the one where it was crowded with too many people, that it got slack. For now, the second season has not presented any sign of that, but with six more episodes to go, the repetition of the same mistake does provide room for apprehension.

Focusing on the fourth episode, the Robinsons are divided as every one of them has to pick up a task. Maureen chooses to stay on the side-lines this time, as she doesn’t want her family involved in anything else that could land them in a situation they have just escaped from. However, as Smith said in the previous episode, “she hates it when someone else saves the day.” This means that despite her decision, Maureen is not the one who follows. She leads.

Her daughter, Judy, has inherited the same trait from her, which is why she is disappointed when she is assigned a lesser task. But then, danger won’t fare far from Robinsons, and the incident at the well proves that. And the same goes for Will too. Maintaining this continuity of characters is what pushes forward the storyline of ‘Lost in Space’, while also portraying the inner conflicts of its characters. It also shows us that we don’t know the characters as well as we think we might. They can still surprise us, even if in minor ways.

This episode also ties in the fate of Will’s Robot. He is finally able to track him down and the bond between the boy and the machine is touched upon one more time. And then there is the planet itself. It is another rock that humans have situated themselves on, but nothing comes without its dangers, and we have a new threat on our hands.

The fourth episode brings us back to familiar surroundings. We have seen this scenario in the first season as well. The only thing that sets this one apart is the added mystery of the alien engine and the robot who is being tortured for it. The show is receiving a build-up for the latter half of the season, and we get that not all episodes can have the same sense of action and adventure as the first one. We just hope that after receiving such a strong start, the show doesn’t fall back on previous tropes and ruin what could be a great sophomore season.

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