Review: Lost in Space Season 2 Episode 7


Taking one more step towards the finale of the season, the seventh episode shows us new things about the planet as well as the people of ‘Lost in Space‘. It takes a break from life-threatening situations to spend some time on character development, while also laying the groundwork for the next big challenge for the Robinsons. By the end of it, the family is thrown into a situation where they have to make a hard choice, and it doesn’t have anything to do with saving their own skins. 

Lost in Space Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Now that Will has reunited with the Robot, for real this time, he, along with Maureen and Adler, begins his journey back to the Jupiter that is to take them to the Resolute. In the last episode, Adler had taken down SAR, which means that he can take down Robot, too. This means that he never came here with the intention of bringing the Robot on the Resolute as a prized guest. He was supposed to bring a prisoner. Meanwhile, on the ship, John comes to know about the secret that the captain and Hastings are hiding from the people. He is forced to make an unlikely alliance in order to find out the truth. 

Lost in Space Season 2 Episode 7 Review

Titled ‘Evolution’, the seventh episode of ‘Lost in Space‘ focuses on the growth of two central characters in the show. The first one is the Robot. We had already seen him changing in the previous season. He saw a transition from being a cold-blooded killing machine to becoming a friend to a human boy. He had started to learn from Will, however, he was still tethered to the boy. If there was a part of him that could think for itself, it wasn’t being used beyond the need to keep Will safe. The boy’s family enjoyed the extended pleasure of his services, but when push comes to shove, it was clear that the Robot wouldn’t think twice about putting Will first. No matter what, he would always listen to him. But here, things have changed.

It has been seven months and more since Will saw the Robot. While the machine is still connected to him, it has also spent a fair amount of time on its own to grow on its own. Staying apart from Will has made him evolve in other ways, and we see a different side of him. He shows that he is capable of caring beyond Will. They share a special connection, but the boy is not the only connection that the robot is capable of having. 

Seeing the evolution of the Robot, Adler goes through a change as well. He had been convinced that the aliens are nothing more than killers and hence, shouldn’t be treated anything more than a tool for their own survival. However, witnessing human emotions in the Robot makes him reconsider his options. Whether that is for better or for worse, only the future will determine. 

Moving on to another cold-blooded machine, Smith’s character meets a new arc as well. In some terms, she, too, evolves. There will always be a shadow of doubt on whatever she does. However, her actions in this episode do prove that she is capable of turning over a new leaf. If she really wants to, that is. She collaborates with John, and in a surprising turn, actually comes through. However, is that just because of the imminent threat of the alien ships or is she really willing to change? The answer will surface once the threat is over. 

Overall, this episode shows us that people, and robots, are capable of change. They have the ability to surprise us. While this means that the bad ones can take the mantle of good guys, it also means that perhaps, there is a possibility that the good guys might turn towards the dark side too. We just have to wait to see who surprises us next!

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