Louie Migliaccio: Where is the TRF’s “Lord Corn” Now?

When “King” George Coulam considered retirement by selling his Texas Renaissance Festival, Louie Migliaccio sought the throne of the former. As HBO’s documentary series ‘Ren Faire’ chronicles, Louie even submitted an offer to buy the festival from the King of Todd Mission, Texas. Over the years, the businessman has established himself as one of the integral parts of the festival with numerous stalls and ventures. Since he has been overseeing a major section of the fair on his own, it isn’t a surprise that Louie emerged as a serious contender to be George’s successor. However, his pathway to the throne didn’t last long!

Who is Louie Migliaccio?

Louie Migliaccio is an entrepreneur based in Greater Houston. He attended the Texas A&M University to study biomedical science. He then joined Blinn College in Texas and graduated from the institution with an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree, specializing in Emergency Medical Technology. After his college education, he enlisted in the United States Air Force and served the force for two years as the second lieutenant. After parting ways with the Air Force, he worked in St. Joseph’s Health System as an emergency medical technician. His time in the position lasted only nine months. Between 2001 and 2006, he worked in various companies, such as Cingular Wireless, Newman Printing Company, and Benefit Recovery.

Louie became a businessman in 2005 by launching Champion Concessions. He also worked as an executive director of business development at Arabian Healthcare Supply Co. for nearly two years. When Dippin’ Dots became a “thing,” Louie and Champion Concessions started distributing the product in several locations in Texas. From his concession stands at the University of Texas or the local school district, the distribution grew to sporting and special events, school stadiums, malls, and country clubs in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Ever since becoming part of the Texas Renaissance Festival, Louie had become a popular figure in Todd Mission.

By 2016, Louie had been in charge of seven buildings and twenty stands. His additional duties included training employees.

Louie Migliaccio Continues to Run Stalls at the TRF

Louie Migliaccio had become one of the most popular businessmen in Todd Mission, the city that hosts the Texas Renaissance Festival. He established himself as the owner of Dragon Slayer, Chronos, and the Wyrmwood Public House. The latter is one of the prominent attractions of the TRF and the fair’s “first multi-sensory entertainment and social experience, where artistic rebellion, bohemian decadence, and absinthe fantasies collide with circus, sideshow, burlesque, magic, and more.” The public house is also a star attraction of the 2024 50th-anniversary edition of the TRF, which is scheduled to open on October 12.

“This is a two-story, climate-controlled craft cocktail bar set in a Victorian steampunk setting. The whole goal is to transform patrons from a 16th-century village into Victorian steampunk. We wanted to build a unique feature that people who are looking for the finer things in life, who wanted to experience those things, could come to,” Louie told KHOU about the vision behind the public house. Reservations are currently open for the ticketed shows/events the establishment will host later this year. After making a name for himself at the TRF, he was attracted to the opportunity to become the owner of the whole fair.

In ‘Ren Faire,’ Louie set out to buy the TRF from George Coulam and lead the latter to his desired retirement phase as the successor of the “King.” The deal, however, didn’t materialize. Despite Louie’s best efforts to become the new face of the festival, George decided against selling his creation. “George has received many offers throughout the years to purchase our beloved festival. […] However, our goodly octogenarian regent does intend to retire and has hopes of creating a legacy that will ensure the continuation of TRF. […] It is his hope that a coalition of employees, vendors, artists, and entertainers can take up the mantle of leadership and ensure the continuation of TRF well into the future,” the TRF announced in January 2023.

Regardless of how Louie’s proposed sale collapsed, he will remain a part of the TRF. In addition to the Wyrmwood Public House, this year’s festival will also host the businessman’s New World Kettle Corn stall. “New World Kettle Corn is a truly delectable sweet treat. Louie’s crews prepare the corn for the Kingdom every day whilst they sing a happy song. Also, find the Kettle Corn throughout the village brought directly to you by Louie’s crew,” announced the TRF through the company’s website. In addition to his operations at the TRF, Louie serves as the CEO of The Migliaccio Group, Kettle Crack, and Kilderkin Brews.

When it comes to his personal life, Louie is an extremely private person. His social media presence is minimal, with little to no engagements in recent years.

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