Love in the Wild Season 2: Where Are The Contestants Now?

NBC’s ‘Love in the Wild‘ season 2 brought a unique blend of romance and adventure to television screens, captivating audiences with its jungle-themed dating competition. Premiering on June 5, 2012, the charismatic Jenny McCarthy, as the host, added her flair to the show. As contestants navigated through the challenges of the wild, sparks flew, and connections were forged in the most unexpected places. The audience was hooked on the season as they witnessed the rollercoaster of emotions that unfolded each week. Now, let’s embark on a journey to discover where these adventurous souls are today. Are they still basking in the glow of love, or did the challenges of the wild prove to be too much for their relationships?

Ken and Yanina Barrington are Happily Married

Ken Barrington and Yanina Barrington, the winning couple, initially faced the challenge of a long-distance relationship. However, their commitment and love triumphed, leading to their marriage in 2015. Presently, they are proud parents of two children: a daughter, Andi, and a son, Lennox. The Barringtons frequently embark on family trips, cherishing their time together. Ken actively contributes to the family business, Barrington Brothers, a real estate development company, while Yanina has fully embraced motherhood.

Benjamin Clark and Michelle Sacco Have Parted Ways

Benjamin Clark and Michelle Sacco, the runners-up, encountered a different journey. Despite getting engaged and initial wedding plans, they ultimately did not tie the knot. Ben is now happily married to Johanna, and the couple has two sons, Kole and Mason. Ben has ventured into philanthropy with Soccer SideKicks, a non-profit organization, and excelled in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, earning a blue belt. Michelle Sacco, on the other hand, chose a more private path, focusing on a career in marketing away from the public eye.

Aaron Chase and Summer Mack are Still Together

Aaron Chase and Summer Mack, eliminated before the finale, found lasting love outside the wild. After a period of long-distance dating spanning Florida to California, they got engaged in September 2014 and exchanged vows on March 4, 2016. The couple celebrated Summer’s birthday in July 2023. Aaron expressed his love and admiration for her with a heartfelt post on Instagram. Their enduring commitment stands as a testament to the genuine connections forged in the wild.

Jesse Wilson is Married and Has a Son

Jesse Wilson, now a writer and cinematographer at Founders Yonder, has embraced a multifaceted career. Additionally, he serves as a brand ambassador for Attract Agency. Jesse is happily married, sharing his life with two dogs, Kal and Bella, and recently became a father to a son, Gabriel, in 2020.

Ryan Smith Keeps His Life Under Wraps

Ryan Smith, in contrast, maintained a more private stance post-show. In 2012, he shared his single status and openness to a relationship. Since then, he has kept his personal life under wraps, offering little insight into his current status or endeavors. 

Jason Ewell is an Installation Technician Today

Jason Ewell, after his reality TV experience, has now delved into fitness and yoga. Notably, he completed Tough Mudder NorCal in 2018. Since 2020, Jason has been an Installation Technician at Data Kable Technology Inc., following his previous role as a Project Coordinator at Ridge Communications. His journey showcases a shift toward a more physically demanding and technical profession.

Tim Parish is Now a Successful Actor

Tim Parrish has transformed into a multifaceted individual, carving out a successful career in the entertainment industry. As a thriving actor and director, he has lent his creative talents to various projects. Tim directed short films such as ‘Party of 1’ and ‘No Escape.’ His acting portfolio boasts roles in productions like ‘Generation Hope,’ ‘Andy Somebody,’ ‘Heart of a Champion,’ ‘Ruby Ring,’ and ‘Double Feature.’ Beyond the spotlight, Tim wears the hat of an entrepreneur as the owner of Tortoise Ventures LLC. Alongside his artistic pursuits, he dedicates time to sports as a basketball and track coach at ATX Ballers, showcasing his versatility. Previously, Tim also explored the realm of real estate as a successful agent.

Jason Holmes is Now Engaged to the Love of his Life

Jason Holmes has found his niche in the solar industry. He has held the position of Solar Analyst at Bright Solar Capital since June 2014. Additionally, he is associated with Osbrink Talent Agency and Whitaker Entertainment as an actor and model. The excitement extends to his personal life, as he got engaged to Lani Analia Manaseryan in April 2022.

Leo Borriello is The VP of Bank of America

Leo Borriello has combined academic achievement with a thriving professional journey. After completing his Master of Business Administration with a focus on Business Analytics and Corporate and Regulatory Compliance from the University of Connecticut in 2018, Leo has delved into the finance sector. Currently, he holds the position of Vice President at Bank of America, showcasing his expertise in the field. While details of his personal life remain undisclosed, Leo has embraced additional certifications, becoming a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist in 2021.

Quaison Dodd is a Personal Trainer Today

Quaison Dodd has pivoted his passion for fitness into a thriving career as a personal trainer. Today, he stands as the creator of innovative fitness programs like The High Heels Workout and Menswear Fitness, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the fitness industry. Quaison is happily married to Mirela Dodd, sharing his life and success with a supportive partner.

Franky Arriola is Now the Host of His Show

Franky Arriola has evolved from his roles in social media to become the founder of Napoleon Media Group. His professional journey includes stints with Perry Ellis International and Pipeline Brickell. Notably, Franky hosts ‘The Last Show’ on the Stationhead app, adding a dynamic dimension to his career in media and entertainment.

Darwin Zook is an Anchor Today

Image Credit: Darwin Z/YouTube

Darwin Zook, recognized for his on-air talent, has maintained a steady presence in the broadcasting realm. With experience as an anchor for CBS Sports Radio and ESPN, coupled with his role as a podcast host of ‘Piece of Mind,’ Darwin continues to captivate audiences. He is currently associated with Above Basketball, further contributing to the sports industry.

Mike Sweet is Now a Firefighter

Mike Sweet has diversified his career, transitioning from acting and modeling with the Osbrink Agency to becoming a Surf and Swim Coach and CPR and Lifeguard Instructor. Additionally, he serves as a Wildland Firefighter, showcasing his commitment to both fitness and community safety. Mike has embraced a new chapter, relocating to Bend, Oregon, alongside his partner Crystal Paslawsky in 2022.

Christian Seklecki is a Private Investigator Today

Image Credit: Christian Seklecki/Instagram

Christian Seklecki, once an active presence on Twitter, has since shifted his focus to professional pursuits. He is associated with the Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators and currently owns Proof & Process, a business specializing in process serving, skip tracing, and investigations. While maintaining a private profile, Christian has found success in the investigative field.

Jenna Gillund is Embracing the Joys of Motherhood

Jenna Gillund has transitioned into a fulfilling role as a Dental Hygienist while simultaneously embracing the joys of motherhood. She is a proud parent of two daughters, McKenna and Emery, born in 2022 and 2023, respectively. She also shares the beauty of her family life through heartwarming pictures on her social media platforms. Beyond her personal life, Jenna made a notable appearance on the reality television series ‘Timber Creek Lodge’ in 2016, showcasing her versatility and adventurous spirit.

Alison Pucek Raymond is Enjoying The Marital Bliss

Alison Pucek Raymond has embarked on a journey of love and family life. She is now married to Chris Raymond. Their family has expanded to include four children: Jude, Zac, Iz, and Noie. Ali’s social media presence reflects the warmth and joy of their family dynamics, featuring adorable pictures of their children and the moments they cherish together.

Vanessa Ramirez is a TV Host 

Vanessa Ramirez has carved a significant niche for herself in the media industry. Currently, she serves as the ‘Arizona Midday’ host on 12 News and the ‘Arizona Diamondbacks In-Game’ host. Her career has flourished since she joined 12 News in February 2017. Beyond her professional endeavors, she has actively contributed to cancer research and awareness through the Frank Ramirez Breathe to Believe fundraising event, earning recognition with the American Cancer Society’s Rising Star Woman of the Year Award for 2017. Vanessa’s commitment to the cause is further underscored by her role as a committee member of the American Cancer Society Arizona Chapter.

Cina Luks is a Seasoned Model Today

Cina Luks, a seasoned model with a zest for life, has traversed 37 countries, combining her love for travel with passions like surfing, snowboarding, scuba diving, and aviation. Married to Kyle Smigielski since 2017, they welcomed their daughter Aila in 2022. Her social media presence not only showcases her modeling ventures but also captures the joys of family life. Additionally, Cina and her husband were featured on Mr. Kate’s YouTube channel, where the renowned designer undertook an interior design project for the couple.

Jenny Blatt Has Found Love in Her Life

Jenny Blatt has been forging a successful career path as the Global Facilities Manager at Quaker Houghton since October 2023. With previous experience at GMR Marketing and AmeriHealth Caritas, Jenny brings a wealth of expertise to her current role. While professionally accomplished, she also values privacy in her personal life. Although she has found love in life, keeping her dating life and details away from the social media spotlight.

Lindsay Furman Alexander is Now Married

Lindsay Furman, a professional thriving in the field of marketing, assumed the role of principal and owner at LJF Consulting Services, LLC in June 2018. Her career journey includes a stint as Client Relations Manager at MOD Mission Critical. She tied the knot in 2020, entering a new chapter in her personal life. Having previously worked with Vonage Business, Lindsay continues to make strides in her professional domain, balancing entrepreneurship with a fulfilling family life.

Melissa Alatorre is a TikToker Today

Melissa Alatorre has transitioned into the realm of social media, making a mark as a prominent TikToker. Alongside her TikTok endeavors, she has established a dedicated YouTube channel, focusing on beauty, makeup, and cosmetics. Adding a significant milestone to her personal life, Melissa married her partner of 10 years, Kyle, in 2023. Her online platforms serve as a canvas for showcasing her expertise and passion in the beauty industry.

Natalie Korzon Gave Birth To a Baby Girl in 2023

Natalie Korzon has woven a tapestry that combines family life and a burgeoning acting career. Having married Nigel Skiathitis in 2019, Natalie welcomed her daughter, Reagan Rose Skiathitis, into the world in May 2023. Natalie’s acting credits include appearances in high-profile projects, including the TV series ‘9-1-1: Lone Star.’ She has also been featured in the film ‘Velvet Sunset’ and the short film ‘Rebu.’ Natalie further expanded her horizons by making an appearance on ‘Price is Right’ in 2023, showcasing her versatility and presence in both the entertainment and family spheres.

Tara Locke Has Embraced a Glamorous Lifestyle

Tara Locke has embraced a glamorous lifestyle. She is frequently seen, attending red-carpet events and cultivating a captivating presence on Instagram. It is safer to say that she has become quite a Diva on her social media. She lives in New York now. Despite her public persona, Tara maintains a level of privacy in her personal life, skillfully balancing the allure of the spotlight with the sanctity of her private affairs.

Shauna Dillard Keeps Her Life Private

Shaunda Dillard has chosen a more private path post-show. Opting to keep her life away from the public eye, she values a sense of privacy, allowing her the freedom to navigate life outside the limelight.

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