Where is Love Island UK All Stars Filmed? Is it Live?

The eleventh season of ‘Love Island UK,’ AKA ‘Love Island UK: All Stars,’ or ‘Love Island: All Stars.’ has become famous across the world primarily due to its impressive set of cast members that features contestants from the show’s past seasons. While the unique concept of the series, which is available on Peacock, is a key reason behind its popularity, the scenic locations and luxurious villa used to film the show certainly do add to its appeal. Naturally, the world has become curious about just where the show is filmed. Moreover, many cannot help but wonder if the events seen on our screens are actually being telecasted live.

Love Island UK: All Stars Filming Locations

‘Love Island UK: All Stars’ is actually filmed in the small town of Franschhoek in South Africa. The production for the same began in January 2024 and is set in a gorgeous villa that has easily captivated the attention of many, naturally making people eager to know more about it all.

Franschhoek, South Africa

The production of ‘Love Island UK: All Stars’ actually takes place in Franschhoek, South Africa. Specifically, the main villa in this iteration of the ‘Love Island UK’ series is the Magnus Villa or the Ludus Magnus Hotel. Given its location, the place provides ample opportunities for the participants to enjoy the summery weather, as opposed to the cold prevalent in the United Kingdom at the same time. The property serves as the place where cast members first enter the show and try to find their romantic match.

As it turns out, the Magnus Villa was also used to film ‘Love Island UK’ season 9. Additionally, one can book the hotel for their own use when it is not being occupied by the filming crew of the beloved reality series. The town of Franschhoek itself is located about an hour away from Cape Town, South Africa. Not only is the area a haven for nature lovers, but its proximity to mountains makes it a scenic location, allowing our favorite love stories to unfold in front of truly picturesque backdrops.

Is Love Island UK: All Stars Live?

No, ‘Love Island UK: All Stars’ is not a live feed, but is instead perhaps the next best thing available to us. When it comes to the airing dates of the show in the United Kingdom, the events showcased on the screens are at most 24 to 48 hours old. The showrunners work extra hard to condense each day’s worth of events into a single episode and add Iain Stirling’s delightful commentary before presenting it to the viewers.

Thanks to the use of well-placed cameras across the villa, the viewers get to know about the latest updates in the lives of the cast members. While the delay is not that significant for those located in the United Kingdom, if you are someone checking out the show via Peacock, you might actually be a couple of weeks behind on what is going on. Given that the latter is the only platform for US-based viewers to watch the show, the thrill of being able to vote in order to make real-time changes is not a luxury that they can enjoy, unlike those in the show’s origin country, who not only decided the initial couples but also have the power to decide the winner.

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