Love Storiyaan: Where Are the Couples Now?

Amazon Prime’s ‘Love Storiyaan’ is a celebration of real-life stories from India. The documentary series tells the journey of six couples, from their hardest battles to just how they kept the romance even years after. Transcending the borders of caste, gender, religion, and nationality, these stories allow viewers to learn just how love can provide strength to overcome the hardest of battles. Naturally, the viewers have formed a close connection with the featured couples and are curious about the latest happenings in their lives.

Aekta and Ullekh Are Thriving in the Journalism World

We are starting off with the lovable duo of Aekta Kapoor and Ullekh NP, whose cross-country marriage certainly gained the attention of many. As of writing, the happy duo is still married and is enjoying the perks that domestic bliss often brings. Aekta is the proud Founder of the eShe Magazine, for which she also serves as the Editor.

Meanwhile, Ullek also works as an author and journalist and is presently affiliated with Open Magazine. The two share a close bond with Isha and Manasvi Jerath, Aekta’s two daughters from her previous marriage.

Nick and Rajani Have Been Married For 14 Years

Up next, we have Nicholas “Nick” Kharnami and Rajani Chhetri, whose on-air start of love journey is certainly worthy of a hit romantic movie. The couple celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary in early February 2024 and has been delighted to share their story with the world. Nick, who is also known as MadBoy Nicky J, continues to work as a Radio Jockey and is also an accomplished social media content creator, with over 20K Instagram followers.

Additionally, Nick is known for his roles as a Video Jockey, MC, Television Anchor, and Activist. Meanwhile, Rajani seems to have taken a more educational path and completed her doctorate degree in May 2022, with a special focus on the representation of the Khasi ethnic group on social media. The couple is also quite proud of their son, Mahyaan.

Sharmila and Sunit Have Built a Life For Themselves in India

Farida “Sharmila” and Sunit Saha have a love story that crosses the boundaries of nations and religions. Known as the “Prince of Chandpur,” Sunit fell in love with the woman whom he had come to adore. Having left their home country of Bangladesh behind, the two have built a life in Kolkata, India, but did embark on a journey back home at the urging of their daughter Swati and granddaughter Fiona (who is the daughter of their son Guddu). From exploring the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh, where they spent their college years, to meeting Sharmila’s younger brother, Bachu, the two have reconnected with a part of themselves that they had to leave behind in the past.

Rahul and Subhadra are Passionate Activists

A love story born out of strife and passion for change, the journey of Rahul Banerjee and Subhadra Khaperde has captured the hearts of many. Based in Indore, India, the two have continued on their path of activism. As of writing, Rahul continues to work towards renewable Energy, reproductive health, natural resource conservation, and sustainable agriculture. Subhadra has also continued on her path towards the upliftment of the women and the Dalit community, often partnering with her husband to raise awareness for crucial causes. Together, the couple celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary in January 2024.

Homayon and Dhanya Run a Resort

Homayon Khoram and Dhanya Ravindran’s love story began in the city of Moscow and ensured much strife while staying in war-stricken Afghanistan. Nevertheless, they stayed strong and continued to support each other through thick and thick, creating a love story that continues to thrive today. Homayon hails from Afghanistan, while Dhanya grew up in a small town in Kerala.

Both Homayon and Dhanya are ardent admirers of nature and often share their favorite moments with the world on social media. Homayon works as a professional photographer and also helps Dhanya run Pranavam Resort, which is located in Wayanad, Kerala, India. The establishment in question has been active for the last 30 years and is a family-run business.

Tista and Dipan Are Happily in Love

Breaking the mold of society’s expectations, Tista Das and Dipan have built a beautiful life for themselves. The two first met in 2017 thanks to a tarns-right event, with Dipan falling in love with Tista very easily. Thus, the two embarked on a journey of companionship that has allowed them to fulfill their most ardent desires with a partner who is not only accepting but equally understanding. For Tista, being a transgender woman is a crucial part of identity, which Dipan, her transgender male partner, understands better than most. Having gone through similar childhood struggles, the couple is now doing well and seems to have a good relationship with their respective families. They also have two dogs named Jia and Christo.

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