Are Lucinda and Zac From Love Island Australia Still Together?

In the sun-kissed realm of Nine Network’s ‘Love Island Australia’ season 5, where emotions sizzle and connections spark like fireworks, Lucinda Strafford and Zac Nunns emerged as the electrifying duo that captivated hearts and clinched the runner-up title in 2023. Their journey from the sun-soaked Villa to the present day has been a rollercoaster of love, revelations, and a touch of controversy.

The tale of Lucinda and Zac was a testament to the unpredictable nature of love, navigating the complexities of reality TV romance and emerging as a dynamic duo with a fairytale touch. As the pages had turned in the ongoing saga of their relationship, the audience remained captivated, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in their story.

Lucinda and Zac’s Journey on the Show Was a Rollercoaster Ride

Lucinda Strafford and Zac Nunns might not have won the show, but they won hearts. Zac, a student and former electrician, entered the Villa with a singular focus – the beautiful Lucinda. Lucinda had already made waves in the ‘Love Island’ universe with her stint on ‘Love Island UK’ in 2021. Zac confessed to having a crush on Lucinda after watching her in a previous season, setting the stage for a love story that would resonate through the sandy shores of Australia. However, Lucinda’s heart also found new terrain as she became entangled in the magnetic pull of Zac’s affection.

Their connection wasn’t without its bumps. Viewers saw Zac likening Lucinda to an animal, dubbing her “a puppy that needs to be taken to puppy school to be trained.” While this comment initially caused ripples of upset, Lucinda chose to forgive him, sparking a wave of mixed reactions from fans who questioned her decision. Despite the bumps, Zac and Lucinda’s love story continued to blossom within the walls of the Villa, culminating in an official proclamation of boyfriend-girlfriend status.

The grand declaration of love unfolded with Zac pouring his heart out to Lucinda, comparing their love story to a fairytale. In his heartfelt confession, he addressed her as “Dear Cinderella,” painting himself as the Prince Charming destined for her. “Like all good fairytales, my love story begins with the most beautiful girl in all the land. From the moment you walked into the Villa, I knew I wanted to be your Prince Charming… I love you, my Cinderella,” he declared, sealing their love story with a touch of enchantment.

Lucinda and Zac Have Been Inseparable Since The Show

In the dazzling aftermath of season 5, Zac Nunns and Lucinda Strafford emerged as the dynamic duo who, despite not clinching the title, walked away with something far more precious – a love that transcended the sandy shores of the Villa. The new chapter of their romance unfolded like a fairytale, complete with plans of reunions, travels, and the promise of a shared future. In an interview with 9 Entertainment, the lovebirds confirmed that they were still very much together and, excitingly, spilled the beans on their plans to take the next step in their relationship – moving in together. The revelation added a layer of certainty to their romance, showcasing a commitment beyond the confines of the reality TV bubble.

As the festive season approached, Zac and Lucinda laid out their plans for the upcoming months, and things were undeniably serious. Zac shared, “Lucinda is going to spend Christmas with her family, and I’ll spend Christmas with mine, but then we’re going to reunite in Australia and spend a month together.” The anticipation surrounding their reunion resonated with fans, who were eager to witness the continuation of their love story. During an interview with Chattr, Zac unveiled that he had already spent an extended period in the UK with Lucinda and that she was soon flying across the globe to join him in Australia.

“I spent two and a half months with her in the UK. Just after Christmas, she’s coming here, and we’re going to spend a month together in Australia,” Zac revealed. The excitement in his voice was palpable as he looked forward to showcasing his homeland to Lucinda, who was making her maiden voyage to Australia. The couple’s commitment reached new heights as Zac divulged plans to relocate to the UK shortly to be with Lucinda. The decision to bridge the geographical gap showcased a depth of commitment that went beyond the ephemeral nature of reality TV romances.

Reflecting on their ‘Love Island’ journey, Zac emphasized the stark contrast between the villa and the real world. “It’s not the real world when you’re in the villa. So, when we left, it was just crazy how calm it was,” he shared. The calmness and serenity they found outside the Villa were a stark departure from the intense and often dramatic environment within. Despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship, Zac and Lucinda navigated the complexities with resilience. “Doing long distances comes with its challenges; it’s not been the easiest thing ever, and it takes a lot of trust for both of us,” Zac admitted.

The foundation of their connection was built on hours of phone calls, with the couple spending up to four hours conversing daily, bridging the physical distance with the power of communication. Zac’s affectionate nickname for Lucinda, his “Cinderella,” became a symbol of their fairytale romance. Social media became a canvas for their love story, with Zac frequently posting heartfelt photos and declarations of love. In a poignant goodbye post to the show, he expressed gratitude for the experience and professed his love for Lucinda, calling her his “perfect little English Muffin.”

While Lucinda tends to keep their personal life private on social media, she did share a nostalgic group of pictures from their time on the show, captioning it, “Love Island Australia, you were a dream.” Her tribute extended to Zac, whom she referred to as a remarkable individual, stating, “Zac, before I met you, I didn’t believe that there were guys out there just like you. You are the most understanding, funniest, kindest, most loving human I have ever met.”

Professionally, the couple has seamlessly blended their personal and public lives, frequently engaging in brand promotions and photoshoots. Lucinda, in particular, recently collaborated with St. Moriz, showcasing a vibrant professional partnership. As the love story of the pair continues to unfold beyond the glittering confines of ‘Love Island,’ fans remain captivated by the authenticity and depth of their connection. From the sunsets of the Villa to the promise of a shared future, the journey of Zac and Lucinda is a testament to the enduring magic of love, one that transcends reality TV and finds its path in the uncharted territory of reality.

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