Luiz and Yaiza: Are the Love Island Winners Still Together?

Embarking on a whirlwind journey whilst encompassed by a tropical paradise, ‘Love Island Spain’ follows the highs and lows of relationships and love. With as many as fifteen single men and women making their way into a tropical paradise, the series maps the exuberance of newfound feelings effortlessly. As the individuals try to couple with other singles and save themselves from elimination, several exciting themes emerge. With drama and heartbreak going hand in hand, the contestants encounter a myriad of challenges and situations. Having won the second iteration, Yaiza and Luis enthralled fans with their heartfelt journey. Naturally, many wonder about their relationship outside the series.

Luis and Yaiza’s Love Island Journey

In an effort to discover love and map the road to forevermore, 30-year-old Luiz Titans and 24-year-old Yaiza Caballot arrived at ‘Love Island.’ Introduced to each other on Day 1 by host Cristina Pedroche, the individuals had the chance to grow their relationship over the course of the season. While Yaiza had coupled up with Alberto on the first day, Luis remained the sole single in the house. However, it wasn’t long before sparks between the two flew. Minutes after arriving at the villa, Luis and Yaiza stepped aside to have a conversation, which opened the floodgates for an ever-evolving connection.

Besides striking chemistry and talking about a prospective relationship, Luis and Yaiza also spoke about sensitive subjects that people often avoid in the ‘Love Island’ house. Letting down their guards and opening up to each other completely, Luis decided to pick Yaiza in the second coupling session on Day 4. Slowly, their affection blossomed into a whimsical relationship full of laughter and fun. Even though Yaiza hadn’t hoped to get entangled so fast, Luis’ consistent, heartfelt evocation ultimately won her over. Their burgeoning romance was noticed by fans, who decidedly voted for the couple to become a finalist. In the end, the duo didn’t just walk away with the top spot but also won the chance to celebrate new milestones in their life with a whopping cash prize of 25,000 euros.

Why Did Luiz and Yaiza Break Up?

Opening up their hearts and conceiving the idea of forever, Luis and Yaiza had walked away from the season hand in hand. Beyond the cameras, the duo decided to focus on creating a stable relationship away from reality television. However, things ultimately did not fold out between the two as fans had anticipated. With distance as a significant factor, Luis and Yaiza failed to find common ground and remained committed to each other.

Since Yaiza was based in Malaga, and Luis was residing in Tarragona at the time, it became difficult for the couple to bridge the physical gap between them. In an interview with Atres Media, Yazia talked about her plans to move to Tarragona in order to be closer to her beau. However, changing paths and uprooting may not have been as conducive. Away from the cocoon that the ‘Love Island’ villa provided, the individuals couldn’t find the same intensity outside. In the end, the duo decided to part ways mere months after the show.

Since their sojourn on reality television, the individuals have also made new milestones as individuals. Yazia has maintained her association with flamenco and continues to display a penchant for finesse and flair on the dance floor. In addition, she has become an online creator and has amassed a significant following on Instagram and TikTok. On the personal front, the television personality continues to remain quiet.

Similarly, Luis has also exponentially grown as a professional and has been focusing on expanding his abilities and skillset. He is now working as an online creator and is known for endorsing a variety of brands. On the personal front, Luis has since found love. He is now dating Lili, and the couple continues to share snippets of romantic bliss with fans online. So, even though Luis and Yaiza couldn’t create a long-lasting relationship, it is apparent that the two have since embarked on a wonderful journey.

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