Lulu Sosa: Where is the Wife Who Hired a Hitman Now?

In the realm of crime, some instances defy comprehension, delving into the realms of the bizarre. One such perplexing case unfolds in the story of Lulu Sosa, whose husband faked his death to protect himself from Lulu. The intricacies of this tale are meticulously dissected in CBS’ ‘48 Hours: Dead Ringer’ and ID’s ‘American Monster: Baila Conmigo.’ These shows shed light on the events that led Lulu to contemplate such an extreme crime, unraveling the motivations behind her drastic actions.

Who is Lulu Sosa?

Maria de Lourdes “Lulu” Sosa, a Mexican woman and mother of two, crossed paths with Ramon Sosa, a retired professional boxer, in 2007 at a nightclub. Their connection was instant, and after two years of dating, they tied the knot in 2009 and settled down in Texas. The union appeared harmonious as they complemented each other, even venturing into business together by opening Woodlands Boxing and Fitness in 2010. Lulu took on the role of a trainer while also overseeing the financial aspects of the establishment. However, by 2015, the marriage began to falter, prompting Lulu to enlist the services of a divorce lawyer to initiate the legal proceedings.

Just a few months before the divorce proceedings could be concluded, Mundo, a friend of Ramon, overheard Lulu discussing with her daughter about her desire to make Ramon disappear to acquire his money. Aware of Mundo’s previous association with a gang, she sought his assistance. Mundo, remaining loyal to Ramon, pretended to agree but immediately informed Ramon about Lulu’s plans. In collaboration, Ramon and Mundo obtained a disposable phone, collected evidence, and reported the matter to the Montgomery Co. Constable’s Office on July 15, 2015. They presented audio recordings where Lulu was captured expressing her intent to have Ramon killed for his life insurance, specifying that the task should be completed before July 22, the date of their impending divorce finalization.

The authorities, in need of additional evidence, engaged an undercover agent who assumed the role of a hitman and successfully obtained the promised funds from Lulu. The police explained that, in cases involving solicitation of capital murder, it’s not unusual to simulate the crime scene, and that’s precisely the approach they adopted. On July 21, 2015, makeup was applied to Ramon to create the appearance of a bullet wound to his head, and he was positioned in a shallow pit. Pictures were taken with the flashes on, and the undercover agent was dispatched to present these images to Lulu, creating the illusion that the job had been carried out. Upon receiving the photographs, Lulu handed over the remaining agreed-upon money and valuables to the undercover agent.

For the duration, Ramon was accommodated in a hotel, and on July 23, 2015, Lulu was formally charged with the solicitation of capital murder. She was apprehended at the family gym, and the authorities had amassed substantial evidence pointing to her intent to eliminate her husband for financial gain. Reflecting on the incident, Ramon’s daughter expressed the horror of contemplating that someone, especially someone so close as his wife, would harbor intentions to harm her father.

Lulu Sosa is Serving Her Sentence Till Today

Having spent fifteen months in prison, Lulu eventually recognized that the most prudent choice was to enter a guilty plea for her crimes. Opting for this course of action proved beneficial, resulting in a reduced sentence. On October 11, 2016, Lulu accepted a plea deal, securing a 20-year prison sentence. Her divorce from Ramon had been concluded earlier, and she received no financial gain from it. Additionally, their family business transitioned to Ramon’s ownership.

Lulu is presently serving her sentence at the Christina Melton Crain Unit in Texas, with the earliest possible release date set for August 22, 2025. Her husband expressed forgiveness, stating that he forgave her on the day he witnessed her in chains. He expressed sadness at the outcome, attributing it to her greed. He conveyed a hope that she might emerge from prison reformed, expressing a desire for her to lead a different and peaceful life upon her potential release.

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