Netflix’s Luna Nera: All Shooting Locations of the Show Explored

Netflix’s international originals always bring a fresh perspective to television shows as they tell diverse stories set in exotic locations that are not as frequently depicted on the screen. The streaming platform’s Italian original, ‘Luna Nera,’ takes viewers on an enchanting trip to medieval Italy, teeming with fantastical intrigue.

The show is set in the 17th century during a time when religious fanaticism was high and the scientific revolution was nigh. However, this was also a time when several women were tried for being witches without much reason. Numerous movies and television series have portrayed the witch trials but ‘Luna Nera’ provides a unique perspective to the tale.

The Italian television series revolves around a few women who get accused of witchcraft but decide to fight back. It is set in the fictional town of Serra where witchcraft is punishable by law. It follows the Serra resident, Ade who is forced to flee her hometown after discovering that she is a witch. On the other hand, a man named Pietro returns to Serra to persuade the people to adopt science and put an end to their superstitious beliefs.

Luna Nera: Where Was it Filmed?

The Netflix original from Italy presents a fantastical story that is anchored in history and boasts of a periodically accurate setting. The television show spectacularly depicts the Italian countryside during rather tumultuous times. Many of you might be wondering where ‘Luna Nera’ was filmed. Continue reading to find out.

Rome, Italy

The primary filming location of ‘Luna Nera’ was the Cinecitta Studios in Rome, Italy. Sprawling over 99 acres, the production facility is the largest film studio in Europe. Over 3000 films have been filmed in Cinecitta Studios.

The Cinecitta Studios were established by Benito Mussolini with the intention of reviving the Italian movie industry. Filming at the production facility allows producers to take advantage of its dynamic and technologically advanced services to create the perfect setting, tweaked to custom requirements.

Viterbo, Italy

Apart from the production facility, external scenes were filmed in the lush Italian countryside. Most of the filming took place in the region between Tuscany and Lazio. The Tuscan landscape is known for its spellbinding natural atmosphere with several charming, tiny villages and idyllic but picturesque towns.

According to local sources, filming was carried out at the municipality of Canale Monterano, a largely uninhabited region situated approximately 25 miles away from Rome. The municipality is host to several ancient buildings and ruins that the production team behind ‘Luna Nera’ would have used to depict rich witchcraft history.

Moreover, the television show’s creators could not have possibly ignored the charm of Sutri, a tiny village that oozes medieval vibes. Located in the province of Viterbo, Sutri is the most splendid encapsulation of a gorgeous Italian rural commune. Its ancient remains and antique buildings regularly attract tourists, and ‘Luna Nera’ utilizes these glorious allusions to a bygone era to portray a historically steeped fantasy extremely well.

In the province of Viterbo itself, another town that gives one the feeling of being transported to the Middle Ages is Montecalvello. Similar to Sutri, Montecalvello has some narrow, stony streets that hark back to a historical era. The castle of Montecalvello dominates the tiny village. The medieval castle was one of the locations used in the film ‘Luna Nera.’

Moreover, another ghost town by the name of Celleno is used extensively to film ‘Luna Nera.’ In fact, Celleno has been made use of to depict Serra, the fictional village that the Netflix series is set in. Celleno is also located in the province of Viterbo and sports the ruins of a really old castle that would have certainly helped the creators of ‘Luna Nera’ in visualizing its setting. Additionally, some of the other locations that were used to film ‘Luna Nera’ include Selva del Lamone, Sorano, and Parco degli Acquedotti.

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