Are Mackenzie And Connor From Love Island 2 Still Together?

‘Love Island’ follows the dramatic couplings, uncouplings, and recouplings of hot singles locked together inside a Las Vegas hotel villa. The singletons or “Islanders” as they’re better known, have to pair up with other individuals in the house in order to survive elimination each week. What follows is a pursuit of love, lust, friendship, or just a casual fling interlaced with some heartbreaks and breakups.

One of the shortest relationships inside the villa in season 2 has displayed the potential to grow into something real in the outside world. If you’re curious to know the fate of Mackenzie and Connor’s on again-off again relationship, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s first take a look at Mackenzie and Connor’s relationship so far.

Mackenzie And Connor: Love Island Journey

In their time together inside the Love Island Villa, Mackenzie and Connor were in a constant cycle of falling in love, playing it cool, faking proposals, questioning their compatibility, declaring their love for each other again, and needing some space from each other. Needless to say, the two seemed like they couldn’t make up their minds and left the viewers exhausted with their “will they/won’t they” antics. Although we have to say, Mackenzie seemed like she got there first and fell hard for Connor, who kept trying to cool things down.

Mackenzie was visibly distraught when fans had voted on the ‘Love Island’ app for Connor to be newcomer Lauren’s first date. While she went and cried about her boyfriend being on a date with another woman, Connor poured his heart out to Lauren, telling her how he didn’t think Mackenzie and him were totally compatible. Lauren also called out Mackenzie for being overly possessive of Connor, and the other Islanders agreed that Mackenzie’s behavior was somewhat “controlling.”

When Mackenzie revealed to Connor that she was falling for him “in a big way,” he returned the sentiment even though he had been questioning their compatibility hours before. Connor proceeded to tell her that she was the only one he wanted to be with right then and asked her to be his girlfriend, making things official between them. The very next morning, Connor decided that he needed time and space “to process things” and asked Mackenzie if they can slow things down and take the label away, to which she agreed readily. For a while, they continued getting to know each other, despite no longer being boyfriend and girlfriend.

The biggest blow to their relationship was when Mackenzie chose to couple up with Jalen, following her stint in Casa Amor, while Connor, on the other hand, had finally decided to stay loyal to Mackenzie. Things took a definite turn for the worse when Jalen started being a jerk to Mackenzie, and she learned from one of her friends that Connor still had feelings for her. In the last recoupling before her elimination, Mackenzie hoped that Connor would pick her, but she was heartbroken when he chose Moira instead, sending Mackenzie home.

Are Mackenzie And Connor Still Together?

Right after her elimination, Mackenzie stated in an interview that she believed she had found Mr. Right in Connor and hoped he would come out of ‘Love Island’ single. Mackenzie also said that she hoped they would be able to pick up things in the real world and see if their relationship is worth a shot. In the week following Mackenzie’s exit from the show, Connor realized that he still had feelings for her and told Moira about it.

After his elimination, Connor FaceTimed Mackenzie to see if she would be on board with the idea of exploring their relationship outside the walls of the Villa. Mackenzie was apparently thrilled to hear that Connor wanted to get together for real, and she took to Instagram to post about him. Since Connor just went home, they have yet to meet up, but for now, it seems like the two are giving it a shot in the real world, claiming that they fell in love inside the Villa. We hope they last because Mackenzie and Connor seem to be made for each other.

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