Are Maddi and Trevor from Southern Hospitality Still Together?

Bravo’s ‘Southern Hospitality,’ the spin-off of ‘Southern Charm,’ is a television series that is based in Charleston and focuses on the personal and professional lives of the staff of Leva Bonaparte’s restaurants and bars, with the primary focus being at her Republic Lounge & Garden and occasional snippets from Bourbon and Bubbles Restaurant & Bar. Viewers get to experience life within the hospitality sector and the everyday handling of the people in it, even as they endure workplace rules, cheating scandals, and relationship dramas.

The first season that premiered in 2022, followed by the second season in 2023, has Maddi Reese as one of the original cast members. She is loved for her charismatic personality and for donning multiple hats at her job as the VIP Manager of the Republic Lounge. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Trevor Stokes, is one of the recurring cast. The couple’s topsy-turvy journey has fans invested in their relationship right from the start, and they can’t help but wonder: are Trevor and Maddi still together?

Maddi and Trevor Had an On-Again Off-Again Relationship

Maddi and Trevor’s relationship had hit a roadblock even before the premiere of the first season. The couple, who were struggling to come to terms with Trevor’s cheating ways, had temporarily separated as well. However, situations eventually led her to decide to give their relationship another shot. As Trevor reentered her life, it left her co-worker Joe Bradley, who had just about confessed to her about his developing feelings, heartbroken. Despite Joe trying to warn Maddi against the possibility of Trevor cheating again, she decides to focus on the now and give their love another chance.

Meanwhile, Maddi noticed that Trevor has changed quite a bit and has matured substantially. This freaks her out a little as she realizes that she’s completely different when he is around and is willing to do anything for him out of her love and commitment to their relationship. Trevor even meets her parents for the first time after their separation, and things seem to be going well for them as the couple appears to have moved in together in the second season and has even started to plan a future. As the seemingly in-love couple tries to get over their troubled past and Trevor’s cheating scandal, a new revelation rocks their love paradise.

Maddi’s co-worker, Bradley Carter, informs her that Trevor has been making out with one of his fitness clients, causing her a meltdown. A visibly shaken and hurt Maddi confronts Trevor, who tries to lie his way out of the situation, but it seems like Maddi has had enough, at least for a while. In conversation with her co-worker Grace Lilly, Maddi confirms that she has moved out of the apartment she and Trevor have been sharing together after a heated exchange between the two of them. As an empathetic Grace tries to comfort her, Maddi shares with her that she is currently living in a friend’s island house with four roommates, one of whom is their co-worker, Oisin O’Neill.

Maddi is Focused on Herself, While Trevor Has Maintained a Low Profile

Maddi and Trevor’s topsy-turvy relationship seems to have taken a toll on her. It looks like the former couple is not together anymore, especially after they decided to unfollow each other on social media. Maddi, in conversation with People, when asked about whether the two are still in touch, said, “It’s complicated.” She was also quick to add, “I definitely see Trevor, even if it’s not by choice. Because you have to remember, Charleston is a really small town. It’s not like you don’t have to run into your ex every day, you definitely do here! So you can’t run away from your problems.”

However, Maddi has decided to work on herself and concentrate on her life for now. She told Us Weekly, “I am focusing on myself. I need no drama for a couple of months.” She spoke about the couple’s on-and-off relationship, which had gone on for years, adding that she was tired of the “typical Charleston bulls***t and men.” On whether she’s presently dating someone, Maddi minced no words in saying, “It’s just exhausting for me, and I feel like I needed a break from it all.” Even though she has kept an element of suspense and surprise in her statement, going by her latest interviews and current state of mind, it seems like the former couple may have chosen to call it quits for now.

As Maddi focuses on her DJing gigs and travels, she has shared the news of her collaborating with James Kennedy at the Republic with ardent fans of hers. Meanwhile, Trevor seems to have gone off the radar a little. While he was last seen celebrating the New Year with a close bunch of friends, he has ever since been maintaining a low profile. His last update has been of the former couple’s vacation in Tulum, Mexico in January 2023, and since then, he has stayed away from social media.

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