Malia White: Everything We Know

Below Deck Mediterranean Malia White

Malia White is a crew member on the fifth season of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean.’ She already has the first-hand experience of serving as a deckhand on the Sirocco edition of the show. However, the stakes are high this time as the spin-off features Malia as a Bosun, and takes the crew through the rough Spanish waters. Will the deck boss manage to make a mark this time too? Let’s have a look at her journey to get a better idea!

Malia White Nationality: Where is She From?

Malia was born in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Caucasian parents.

Having grown up in the Venice of America, Malia visited her father’s workplace, a boatyard, as a kid, and has since been in awe of the water bodies. She spent her childhood washing decks and helping her father around the boatyard.

Soon Malia developed a passion for deep-sea diving, and after graduation, she left her hometown to become a certified diver. She often goes back to visit her mother and brother.

She currently lives in Hawaii, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Blessed with diverse cultures, scenic landscapes, tropical climate, plenty of beaches, and Pacific ocean, Malia is living a dream filled with adventures with her boyfriend, Tom Checketts.

As both belong to the same field, the two adventure seekers complement each other well and often spend their weekends in different parts of the world.

Malia White: Age and Profession

Born on July 20, 1990, Malia is 29-years-old. After her time on the show, Malia quit her day job to follow her inner calling in yachting, and she has achieved a lot in the last few years. Malia is now a Bosun who also has several other feathers in her cap.

Malia is a certified PADI Scuba Instructor, also known as an elite scuba diving educator, that indicates that she is professionally trained to conduct recreational activities.

Malia has earned an upgrade to Master 200 Ton in yachting. She has also been pursuing yacht-engineering for quite some time now.

Malia considers Captain Sandy as her idol and aspires to be as determined and skilled as her. After serving under her wings, Malia successfully obtained her Captain’s License that enables her to book charters and legally carry passengers for hire.

A wanderer, Malia, has backpacked around the world throughout her adulthood. She has also lived the fascinating van life while globe-trotting. Check it out!

Malia doesn’t go alone on these trips. She is always accompanied by her boyfriend of over a year, Tom, and the two go about ticking off things from their bucket list.

She loves her workout sessions and never misses them even while at work.

Malia White: Below Deck Mediterranean Journey

Malia was a deckhand during their time in Sirocco in the second season of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean.’ After episode 10, she was promoted to the post of a lead deckhand. Season 2 is hands down the most controversial season, and most of the highlights revolved around Malia White. During her time on the show, Malia developed feelings for Bosun Wesley Walton. Things got more twisted when chef Adam Glick got frustrated and blurted out that Adam and Malia had been dating ahead of the season premiere but decided to keep their relationship a secret for the sake of the show.

However, Malia shocked everyone by choosing Wesley over Adam. The two dated for a while after the show but went their separate ways later. She also stirred controversy by engaging in a romantic act with her co-worker Hannah Ferrier at a party. Although it was a casual affair, it sure raised a lot of eyebrows.

In the current season, Malia’s prime objective is to make sure the men on the team – Pete Hunziker, Alex Radcliffe, and Robert Westergaard – treat all the three heads – Captain Sandy, Chief Stewardess Hannah Ferrier and herself with respect. And in the first episode itself, which released on June 1, 2020, Malia makes it pretty clear to Pete, “You got a female captain, a female bosun, a female chief stew, respect that.”

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