Malvinas Vallejos: Celso Vallejos’ Sister Keeps His Memory Alive Till Today

The Netflix series ‘ARA San Juan: The Submarine That Disappeared’ delves into the 2017 incident involving the disappearance of the ARA San Juan submarine. This vessel was in service with the Argentinian naval force and was located a year after its initial disappearance. The ensuing investigation has been marked by numerous questions and allegations.

The documentary includes interviews with various individuals involved in the disappearance, but more importantly, it highlights the harrowing experiences of the family members whose loved ones vanished with the submarine. Malvinas Vallejos, the sister of Crew Member Celso Vallejos, is among those who have come forward to share their stories.

Who is Malvinas Vallejos?

The last communication with the ARA San Juan Submarine occurred on the night of November 14, 2017. When the submarine failed to establish contact with the naval base within the designated timeframe, family members of the crew members on board were notified. Malvinas Vallejos, sister of crew member Celso Vallejos, vividly recalls the day she received this information. At the time, she was residing with her parents, and her father informed her that her brother’s submarine was missing. Despite the situation, he assured her not to worry, expressing confidence that it would be located soon.

Upon learning about her brother’s submarine going missing, Malvinas was eager to find out what had happened and, most importantly, to locate her brother. However, as days passed without any information, she became frustrated with what she perceived as evasive responses from naval authorities and government officials. The moment when the families were informed that the submarine had imploded took some time to register for her. However, her frustration escalated when the government officials concluded the Search and Rescue Mission, leading her to become increasingly annoyed with the progression of events.

With doubts arising from the government’s explanation, Malvinas resolved to stay at the Naval base until the families received a thorough and accurate account of what’s transpired, and many people joined. As the government committee was established to investigate the disappearance and began attributing blame to the crew members and the submarine’s captain, citing inexperience, she expressed her protest. Malvinas firmly asserted her belief that these individuals were knowledgeable and experienced. She alleged that it was the top government officials who were not taking responsibility for their actions and pushing the blame on people who were not there to defend themselves.

Malvinas also recounted a troubling incident when she sensed she was being stalked. She discovered that all the texts and pictures from her brother on her WhatsApp were inexplicably deleted one day. This unnerving experience led her to feel as if someone was constantly eavesdropping on her calls, and both she and her sister began receiving calls from unknown numbers. In June 2018, family members of crew members expressed dissatisfaction with the third party entrusted with the contract for another search. Malvinas joined them and together they demonstrated their protest by chaining themselves to the railing bars outside of the Pink House in Plaza De Mayo, Buenos Aires.

Where is Malvinas Vallejos Now?

When the submarine was eventually located in November 2018, Malvinas Vallejos voiced skepticism about the timing of the discovery. She pointed out a detail in one of the pictures shown to the families where the shirt of one of the crew members was visible. She alleged that if the pictures were taken after a year of submersion, the shirt would have disintegrated, suggesting that the submarine was found shortly after sinking, and the truth was concealed from the families for various reasons.

Malvinas continues to actively pursue the answers she believes in and remains dedicated to seeking justice for her brother. She is resolute in keeping the fight alive and has no intention of stopping. Malvinas expressed her gratitude for being part of the documentary. On a personal note, in 2023, she celebrated her third anniversary with her loving partner and has seemingly built a happy life for herself. Despite the challenges, she keeps the memory of her brother close and dear to her heart.

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