Marc Williams Death: Where is Chazmun Conley Now?

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Little did Detroit, Michigan’s, 5-point neighborhood know that the ongoing deadly feud between two neighbors would have such a devastating effect. In April of 2019, the feud ended up leaving the local community shook as Marc Williams was found shot dead. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Fear Thy Neighour: I’m Not Moving’ chronicles the terrifying slaying and traces the police investigation that helped conclude the case. Let’s delve deeper into the details to find out more, shall we?

How Did Marc Williams Die?

At the time of the killing, Marc was 49 years of age and had split custody of his two sons. The single dad was a skilled mechanic and found employment at a local auto body shop. He had a reputation for being ever helpful and would also run small errands for his neighbors if they needed him to. His charming personality helped him to become a much-respected part of the tight-knit community. It was a devastating day indeed when his life was snuffed out in a terrifying turn of affairs.

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On April 15, 2019, the neighbors were startled when gunshots broke through the peaceful community. A neighbor ran out to find Marc lying on the ground near his home. Although he was shot multiple times, he was still alive. The police and emergency services were immediately called, and Marc was rushed to the hospital. The police would later learn that the victim was shot seven times with a handgun. Unfortunately, 45 minutes after the shooting, Marc passed away in the hospital. The cause of death was determined to be gunshot wounds.

Who Killed Marc Williams?

Chazmun Conley shot Marc Williams in self-defense. 33-year-old Conley was an insurance agent and a rising star in the music industry. He was new in the Detroit neighborhood and had recently moved into the house next to Marc’s with his girlfriend and two daughters. Initially, the men struck up a deep friendship and seemed to be on excellent terms with each other. Their children, too, were inseparable and were often spotted playing together in the peaceful neighborhood.

The trouble started when Conley was called over to California to work on a music project. He left his girlfriend and daughters behind to follow up on his passion. However, the upkeep of the Detroit house proved too much for his girlfriend, who took the daughters and moved back to her mother’s house, planning to visit the property in Detroit periodically until Conley returned. Around this time, the government of Michigan also closed down Marc’s body shop, which left him unemployed. Thus, with the neighbors having abandoned their house, the show portrays how Marc decided that it would be a good idea to open up a body shop on their property. He also thought that the neighbors might never return.

But eighteen months after leaving for California, Conley came back with his family to stay in Detroit. However, the scene that met his eyes shocked him beyond belief. The whole of his driveway was blocked with garbage, debris, and other wastes. He also found that the fence between his and Marc’s house was removed, and tools, electronic waste as well as cars lay strewn about the property. Although Marc apologized and said that he would do whatever’s necessary to clean up the property, that was the beginning of the deadly feud that would take a man’s life.

Over the coming days, the feud worsened, and the police were called when Conley and an internet repairman felt threatened by Marc’s dogs. On the other hand, Conley found a dead rat on his front porch and believed that it was left there by Marc. There was also a problem with loud noises as Marc liked to work in the middle of the night. According to the show, Marc ran an illegal chop shop for stolen cars which Conley found out about. There were even physical altercations between the two, and the whole neighborhood lived in fear of the feud boiling over. Unfortunately, on April 15, 2019, Marc and Conley got into another major altercation which ended in Conley shooting his neighbor seven times. He surrendered and was arrested on the spot when the police arrived.

Where Is Chazmun Conley Now?

After his arrest, Conley was charged with second-degree murder and a felony firearm charge. He insisted on his innocence and claimed that he shot his neighbor in self-defense. Once in court, he pleaded not guilty to both charges. After deliberating for a bit, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty, and Conley was freed of all charges in August 2019.

After getting acquitted, Conley said how he had to rebuild his life from scratch. Although restarting his life was a slow process, he claimed that the incident made him realize how important it was to live in the moment and enjoy life as death comes without warning. Conley also appeared on the Investigation Discovery show to share his story, but he prefers privacy as his social media profiles are private. His preference to stay away from the public sphere makes his present whereabouts unclear.

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