Marcus and Chris’ Blue Coolers: Everything We Know

Discovery Channel’s latest offering, ‘I Quit’ documents the journey of several aspiring entrepreneurs for one year as they bow out of their regular jobs by saying the words “I Quit” to their respective employers, to work towards taking their small businesses to the next level. The series also features accomplished business magnates Debbie Sterling, Harley Finkelstein, and Tricia Clarke-Stone, who mentor the individuals/duos throughout their journey to achieve their goals. Marcus and Chris, owners of an outdoor cooler company, appear on the show to turn their dream into a reality. Here’s everything you need to know about them!

Who are Marcus and Chris?

Marcus Sorensen and Chris Studdert are two best friends and business partners from Utah. Marcus lives in Mapleton, Utah County, along with his wife, Jamie Sorensen, and their six kids. Their youngest kid is in senior year in high school. Chris hails from Kaysville, Davis County, where he resides with his wife, Abby Studdert, and their four children, ranging from ages 5-14.

Marcus Sorensen and Chris Studdert/Blue Coolers

The two Birmingham University graduates have been friends for a long time. Fed up of high-end products available in the market, the avid outdoor sports junkies became professional partners by forming a manufacturing and supply business called Blue Coolers in 2017. It deals in affordable and stylish outdoor coolers, drink-ware, and several other products that don’t pinch your pockets. It is important to note that the two were working full-time jobs when they founded the company.

By 2018, the Utahns had developed a website and were receiving plenty of orders, thus boosting their total sales. At the beginning of 2019, their business began to thrive, the duo realized that striving to balance between two jobs had not only been causing them a lot of stress but also affecting their dedication towards their passion project.

So, Chris and Marcus decided to devote full attention to Blue Coolers, and the two went ahead and quit their respective jobs in May 2019. Before doing that, the best friends had to convince their respective wives, that too on camera as the filming for the Discovery Channel show had begun during that time. Putting down the papers was a tad harder for Chris as he used to work with his brother.

Blue Coolers Update

Since quitting their regular jobs, Chris and Marcus have invested all of their time in their start-up company, Blue Coolers, which operates out of Orem, Utah. The outdoor clothing and equipment shop has been thriving and the feedback from the customers has been overwhelming, causing the duo to put more effort into making sure the success stays put.

Discovery Channel

Blue Coolers is exactly located at 1086 N 450 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84104, US. The tagline of their business is “Ready. Set. Journey…and take us along for the ride” and that is exactly what the consumers have been doing with their products.

Chris and Marcus’ shared love for the outdoors and the lack of affordable outdoor products compelled them to form the company and as of today, they are ensuring that all the avid outdoorsmen/women have an uninterrupted experience on their adventures. From roto-molded super coolers to survival kits that could last for about 72 hours during an emergency, Blue Coolers have products for all your outdoor needs.

Nowadays, apart from introducing new and advanced products, the duo is focusing on upgrading their social media game by posting product comparison videos on YouTube, wherein they test their products against the same type of products from a rival company, to build customer trust and loyalty. Here is one such video!

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