Margaret Haddican McEnroe: What Happened to Her? Has She Been Found?

Margaret Haddican McEnroe, a 29-year-old held in high esteem within her community, was known for her lively and selfless nature. As an army veteran and former volunteer firefighter, she was also a devoted mother who consistently prioritized helping others. However, in October 2006, she contacted a friend, disclosing a conflict with her husband, and subsequently disappeared. The ‘Hometown Hero’ episode on Investigation Discovery’s ‘Disappeared’ delves into further details, seeking to comprehend the factors that may have contributed to this incident.

Margaret Haddican McEnroe Got Into a Fight With Her Husband Before She Disappeared

Margaret Haddican was adopted by Eileen and Patrick Haddican at the tender age of a few weeks in 1977. Over the next year, the couple welcomed four more girls into their family, with Margaret becoming the eldest among the four sisters. Growing up in a nurturing and fulfilling environment, she was recognized for her spirited and resilient character. While her parents acknowledged her tendency for a short temper after the family’s move to New Jersey, they also noted her quick calmness and genuine concern for the well-being of those around her.

As Margaret matured, she carved out her niche as a volunteer firefighter with the Washington Valley Fire Company, earning a reputation for exceptional bravery and leadership qualities. When Hurricane Floyd struck her town, she took a prominent role in facilitating evacuations. She also displayed courage by rescuing a woman in distress in Bound Brook, earning a Valor Award in 1999 for her commendable efforts. She got married soon after and had a daughter whom she named Sarah but soon the marriage disintegrated and she brought her daughter to her parent’s home.

In 2001, she decided to enlist in the Army, commencing her training at Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina. For two years, Margaret served in the Army as a tank mechanic stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, ultimately receiving a medical discharge. Following her military service, she tied the knot with her longtime friend, Timothy McEnroe, and together they welcomed two daughters. By 2006, with her second daughter just a few months old, Margaret resumed her role as a volunteer firefighter at the Mount Bethel Fire Company. On October 9, 2006, Timothy contacted the police, reporting a verbal dispute with his wife at home. Although the police checked on Timothy, no charges were filed. Later in the afternoon, she visited her parents’ house.

The 29-year-old confided in her father about a knee injury, expressing that the pain was intensifying. Margaret requested her father to drive her to and from the hospital for an upcoming surgery. During this conversation, her father asserted that she received a call from Timothy, leading to another argument. Angrily, she informed her father that she intended to leave him. On October 10, at approximately 9 a.m., she called a friend, recounting the recent dispute and making plans to meet for lunch in the coming days.

According to Timothy, Margaret called him around 1:30 p.m., requesting him to pick up some baby formula. Upon arriving at the house around 3:00 p.m., he discovered their 6-month-old daughter alone, with no sign of Margaret. Timothy asserted that he believed she had left temporarily to cool off and would return soon. The following day, Timothy’s mother contacted Margaret’s friend, inquiring about her whereabouts. Upon learning that Margaret was missing, her friend expressed concern, finding it unusual that she had left her baby behind, behavior inconsistent with her character.

Timothy filed a missing person report on October 12. Initially, given the circumstances, the police speculated that Margaret might have taken a few days away to cool off. However, as no signs of her return emerged after a week, they initiated a full-scale investigation into her disappearance.

Margaret Haddican McEnroe’s Disappearance is Still Being Investigated

During a comprehensive search of Timothy McEnroe’s house, the police noted several factors that raised suspicions. The aftermath of the previous day’s argument between him and Margaret Haddican McEnroe was still evident. Margaret’s cell phone, broken during the dispute, was found and Timothy now claimed that she had thrown a knife at him, physically attacking him. The knife was carefully laid out, leading the authorities to believe it might be a staged setup.

The police also observed that none of Margaret’s clothes were missing, and she had left her car behind. Notably, they realized the search of the house was taking place many days after her disappearance, causing a delay in their investigation. When the police contacted her parents, they discovered that Timothy had not informed them of her disappearance; they only learned about it when contacted by the authorities. Margaret’s mother had been attempting to reach her, but Timothy had informed her that she was not available. These discrepancies raised concerns for the police.

During this period, Timothy claimed that approximately $11,000 and an army duffel bag were missing from the house. However, inconsistencies arose when others reported that he had provided different amounts to different people. Authorities were unable to corroborate whether the stated sum of money was ever in the house. Despite these discrepancies, there was still no solid evidence to advance the investigation. Then, on Thanksgiving Day in 2006, which was six weeks after Margaret had disappeared, the police received a call.

A man reported witnessing a vehicle stopping on the side of Dock Watch Hollow Road, but due to poor network connectivity, he couldn’t call the police immediately. By the time the authorities arrived, no one was present. However, during a thorough search, they discovered a T-shirt with an Army division number, which Timothy identified as Margaret’s. The T-shirt was subjected to forensic analysis, but no significant findings emerged. The police found the placement of the T-shirt in a busy area and the circumstances suspicious, believing it might have been deliberately placed there to mislead the investigation.

The police also observed that Timothy showed little visible distress about his wife’s disappearance and was not very cooperative in the investigation. They noted his lack of inquiries into the progress of the investigation. Despite these concerns, there was no concrete evidence leading them in any particular direction. On June 7, 2011, Timothy was labeled a person of interest following testimonies from potential witnesses and neighbors. However, as of now, no charges have been filed against him. Margaret’s two youngest daughters reside with him, while her eldest daughter moved in with her grandparents and is currently in California. The case remains open and under investigation.

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