Who is Marie Larsen? Is She the Real Lee Andersen?

In the fifth episode of FX on Hulu’s murder mystery series ‘A Murder at the End of the World,’ protagonist Darby Hart discovers an Argentinian passport and an AeraTrade card in the name of Marie Larsen in Lee Andersen’s bag. The discovery of the same alarms Darby concerning Lee’s real identity. The renowned hacker’s suspicious behavior further deepens the mystery that revolves around Lee and her potential involvement in the murders of Bill Farrah and Rohan. Darby’s findings, more than anything, raise the question of why Lee has a passport in another name if she is really who she claims to be! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Mystery Behind Marie Larsen

Lee Andersen having a passport in another name is not really shocking. As an infamous hacker who had to endure severe doxing, with fake pornography flooding the internet, it is understandable that Lee would consider embracing a new identity. What makes such an identity suspicious is the period since she has been using the same. The AeraTrade card Darby finds in Lee’s bag was issued in 2021, well after she married Andy Ronson and gave birth to Zoomer. Lee’s marriage with Andy seemingly restored her reputation and acceptance, which invalidates the need to hide behind another identity. When she can lead a peaceful life with Andy, Lee doesn’t have to rely on a non-existent person.

Having said that, it is highly unlikely that the person who claims to be Lee is not the real hacker but an Argentine named Marie Larsen. With all the scientific and security advancements at his fingertips, it is nearly impossible for a con artist to present herself as Lee in front of Andy. His systems wouldn’t even need a minute to figure out that a person is not Lee if a woman named Marie really tried to fool him. Since Andy and Lee go way back, it is improbable that his wife is not the latter but someone who is pretending to be the hacker.

As an intelligent tech mogul, Andy most likely will not open the doors to his financial empire to someone without knowing who she really is, especially considering Lee’s access to the enormous amount of money in Zoomer’s trust. But why does Lee have a fake passport? One possible answer is that Lee’s real identity is Marie Larsen. Lee Andersen can be someone Marie created to hide her actual identity from the world while she was living as a hacker. As her fame and contacts grew, the name Lee could have gotten stuck with her. If that’s the case, it also explains why her real name remained in official documents.

Lee’s Secrets

More than a mystery, “Marie Larsen” can also be a door to Lee’s secrets for Darby. From Rohan, the amateur sleuth learns that Bill uncovered something before his death. Darby later teams up with Sian to theorize that Bill and Rohan were part of a team with a hidden objective before their murders. Lee can be the third member of their team and their hidden objective may concern the infamous former hacker’s future. The victims might have even come for the retreat to fulfill their objective and rescue Lee from Andy using the zodiac boat Darby and Sian encounter far away from their hotel. Marie Larsen can be the identity Lee planned to use after fleeing from Andy’s life.

After Bill’s death, Rohan sends a message to a secret individual that states, “One down, still a go.” Rohan may have been communicating that their team has one more member to complete what they have been aiming for. Considering Bill, Rohan, and Lee’s rebellious notions, it is likely that they have been targeting one of Andy’s ambitious projects. Lee may have wanted to sabotage the tech mogul’s venture and run away with Zoomer with the help of Bill and Rohan to live as Marie. Darby’s discovery of the identity may unravel Lee’s plans and the killer, who likely is supposed to earn from Andy’s particular project.

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