Married at First Sight Season 11 Cast Details

Since its inception on July 8, 2014, ‘Married at First Sight’ has been producing binge-worthy content by showcasing the ups and downs in the dramatic relationships of several men and women, who enter the sacred bond of matrimony on their first meet itself. The experts find a suitable match for the individuals after performing thorough research based on their likes and dislikes.

Once they are married, the show documents their journey till the judgment day, wherein the couple decides whether they desire to stay together for eternity or end their marriage. Since its premiere, the show has spawned a total of ten lucrative seasons.

Married at First Sight Season 11 Cast

The show is back with another season and naturally, fans must be curious to know about the couples of season 11. Well, here’s the list of all the five couples of the season, along with the details of the expert panel.

Amani and Woody

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The calm and composed Amani is originally from Northern California, but was raised in Chicago and later moved to New Orleans to pursue higher education. The 29-year-old Amani works at a non-profit organization and dreams about opening her own one day, which would work for the welfare of children. Born and raised in New Orleans, Woody, 30, is close to his mother and is looking for a partner who can accept him for who he is. Woody works as a teacher and coach.

Karen and Miles

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Karen hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but is currently working in New Orleans as a consultant. The 30-year-old has been scarred in her past relationships and truly hopes the experts would find her a traditional husband who would lead the family. At 26, Miles the youngest individual of the season. The South Carolina native suffers from esteem issues and doesn’t believe he can find a perfect partner on his own.

Amelia and Bennett

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Amelia is on the verge of wrapping up her medical residency. The 27-year-old Richmond, Virginia-native is inspired by the concept of arranged marriages, thanks to her grandparents. Originally from Montvale, New Jersey, Bennett, 28, is the art director of a theatre company. He is a hopeless romantic and drives a bike cab. Bennett is looking for someone who is the perfect match for his eccentric personality.

Christina and Henry

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Hailing from Houma, Louisiana, Christina is fresh out of a five-year-old relationship because of which, she has left finding a loving partner to destiny. The 30-year-old flight attendant lives with her single mother and hopes to find a partner who reignites the spark within her. Henry is a 35-year-old clinical recruiter from Arabi, Louisiana. After a string of bad experiences on dating apps and blind dates, Henry is afraid to let his guard down and is looking for a partner who makes him feel comfortable and loved.

Olivia and Brett

Married at First Sight/Instagram

Born and raised in Bossier City, Louisiana, Olivia holds a Master of Science degree in Nursing. Olivia, 30, has spent most of her life taking care of the sick or infirm. After working in Iowa for a while, she returned to her hometown and currently works at a stroke center. Brett is known as the “serial dater” for his overtly flirtatious behavior around women. The 35-year-old tech-expert believes in the power of arranged marriages and can’t wait to settle down with his life partner.

Married at First Sight Season 11 Experts

Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Calvin Roberson, and Dr. Viviana Coles are reprising their match-making duties in season 11. From hand-picking the individuals, pairing them up, to offering advice in stressful situations, the experts double up as guides throughout the journey of the couples.

Sociology expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz excels in interpersonal and cross-communication. She holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy and a Ph. D in sociology. She has also penned books like ‘American Couples: Money, Work and Sex’ and ‘40 Snap Strategies for a Great Relationship,’ among others. Pastor Calvin Roberson joined the show in the fourth season and has appeared on all the seasons since then. Apart from being a pastor, he is a renowned author, marriage counselor, and relationship expert.

Dr. Viviana Coles comes to the rescue of the couples, whenever they struggle to maintain intimacy and emotional connection with each other. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Sex Therapist. (Featured Image Courtesy – Married at First Sight/Instagram)

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