Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline, Fully Explained

PART I: The Beginning…

The Creation of Infinity Stones

“Before creation itself, there were six singularities. Then the universe exploded into existence, and the remnants of these systems were forged into concentrated ingots….Infinity Stones”

– Taneleer Tivan aka The Collector (Guardians of Galaxy)

Before creation itself, as stated by the vicious Tivan in the film Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), this was the event that started it all; the original forging of the stones, a phenomenon acting as the backbone of entire MCU plotlines since ‘The Avengers’ (2012). The creation of the infinity stones, namely, Space, Reality, Power, Soul, Mind, and Time, is said to be the beginning of life in the Marvel Universe, which was again explained in the Cinematic timeline in the latest film entry to the Universe (which I’ll come to later). These stones were then lost in the vast universe they created, only to be found centuries later.

Part II: Events of the Past

The Establishment of the Nine Realms and the Subsequent Wars

  • The concept of nine realms in the MCU Timeline is a modification of the stories of Norse cosmology. The stories and characters from these ancient stories are partially fictionalised and are presented in the MCU films and television series with certain dramatisation. With regards to the MCU timeline, the nine realms were home to the nine different races or species, all bearing different skills and powers. Asgard emerged as the most powerful of them all, with the most powerful gods residing there; however, in the lust and urge for the control and conquest, all the realms waged wars against each other for hundreds of years, which left them (except Midgard, the home of Humans, who were left out of the celestial wars, as well as, the truth of their existence and creation) in chaos.

King Bor of Asgard vs. Malekith of Svartalfheim

  • One of the wars between the nine realms saw Bor, King of Asgard battle with Malekith, the ruler of the Dark Elves. Malekith, in possession of Aether, intended to destroy the other realms, conjugating them together into darkness till eternity. Malekith went on to sacrifice his people in his quest for darkness but was ultimately defeated by Bor.

The event is discussed by Odin, in 2013 entry to MCU, ‘Thor: The Dark World’, and marks the first appearance of Aether, the Reality Stone.

Odin inherits the Throne of Asgard

  • When Bor fell to his death in a war, his son Odin was named the King of Asgard. Odin gave birth to a daughter Hela, who was called the Goddess of Death. Both Odin and Hela, along with their vast army unleashed a final war on the nine realms, ultimately conquering them all. Though there wasn’t any peace established, Asgard gained control of most of the territories, and Odin has proclaimed as the Protector of the Nine Realms.
  • Sometime later, Odin’s daughter rebelled against Odin’s ideas of settling down their rule over the other realms in peace. Odin imprisoned Hela in the underworld and bounded her imprisonment with his life.

These events came to light much later in the MCU films in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ (2017).


  • Marvel brought a significant twist in its storyline when the studio announced the appearance of Black Panther in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ (2016), and in in the character’s solo movie. In ‘Black Panther’ (2018), a brief monologue explained how Wakanda came into existence and how the five tribes of the nations settled upon the land of Vibranium. The monologue describes that Vibranium was an outer space element that entered Earth through a meteor strike “centuries ago.” Later on, five distinctive tribal groups waged war against each other in an attempt to settle at the land of Vibranium.
  • One of the tribal warriors consumed a heart-shaped herb with the blessings of Panther Goddess Bast and became the first Black Panther. The warrior used the powers blessed upon him by the herb to end the war and bring peace among the tribes, eventually establishing the Kingdom of Wakanda. Warrior failed to convince the Jabari Tribe, who went into hiding in the mountains. In later years, Wakanda hid from the rest of the world and built a technologically advanced nation with the help of the Vibranium.

King Odin of Asgard vs. Laufey of Jotunheim: Battle of Tønsberg

  • Jotunheim is one of the nine realms in the MCU and is the homeworld of the Frost Giants. The monologue of the MCU film Thor (2010) visualised the war between Odin and Laufey, the king of Jotunheim, fought in Tønsberg (Norway), a place at Midgard. Laufey attempted to use the weapon of Giants, called the Casket of Ancient Winters to bring eternal cold to Midgard and rule over its remains. Odin pushed back Laufey’s forces to Jotunheim and confiscated the Casket, locking it away in Asgard’s vault of treasures.

The event can be claimed as the beginning of the events of the original MCU Timeline which is depicted in the form of distinctive visual and written material.

Part III: The Super Soldier Program

Marvel Tie-In Comics: Captain America. The First Vengeance

  • During the 1930s, Johann Schmidt, the head of HYDRA, the Nazi scientific division began his search for the cosmic cube, a source of energy depicted in the tales of ancient mythology, which Schmidt believed to be true. In somewhere between 1933 and 1935, Schmidt reaches the superior position in the Hitler’s regime, taking over the Nazi weapons program in his hands.
  • Later, in 1935, Schmidt kidnapped Dr. Abraham Erskine and forced him to develop a serum that would gain him superhuman strength and agility. However, the serum reacted adversely on his body disfiguring his face and body and transforming him into Red Skull. The disfiguration led him to remain in isolation for the next few years, while his assistant, Swiss scientist Dr. Arnim Zola continued his weapons research for him.
  • Five years later, members of American war agency, S.S.R., Agent Peggy Carter, Colonel Chester Phillips, and billionaire weapon designer Howard Stark rescued Dr. Erskine from his long imprisonment and convinced him to reinvent the serum for America.

‘The First Vengeance’ was published by Marvel Comics and Studios in continuation with the MCU film series to depict the events preceding the first Captain America film. The comic book was a third of the tie-in comic books and marked the first event mentioning the African connection with Vibranium and Cap’s shield in the entire universe continuation.

MCU Film: Captain America. The First Avengers (2011)

  • The fourth film in the series, but first in the continuity, ‘The First Avenger’ is the beginning of the MCU Film Universe as we know it. In the film, Captain Steve Rogers and his friend Bucky Barnes enlists in the US Army, but Rogers is rejected.
  • Erskine recruits Rogers for Project Rebirth, his reinvention program of the Super Soldier Serum, which he began for S.S.R. in ‘The First Vengeance.’ The film depicted Roger’s transition into his new persona of Captain America and his quest against Hydra following the assassination of Erskine at the hands of Heinz Kruger.
  • On the other hand, Schmidt aka Red Skull discovers the cosmic cube called Tesseract in Tønsberg, which establishes the connection between the Tesseract and Battle of Tønsberg.
  • Later on, the film depicts the efforts of Rogers and his team, named the Howling Commandos take out different Hydra facilities, eventually diminishing the Nazi stronghold in the WWII.
  • Captain America and the Howling Commandos successfully captures Dr. Zola and later defeats Red Skull, who is vanished away in an attempt to harness the energy of Tesseract and is declared dead.
  • In the aftermath, the Allied powers declare a win over the Nazi-led Axis powers.
  • Bucky Barnes is declared killed in action on his mission to apprehend Zola, whereas, Captain America crash lands his jet Valkyrie to prevent damage due to Tesseract and is also reported killed in action.

Part IV: Post WWII

Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter (Scene 1)

  • Following Captain America’s apparent death, Peggy Carter is employed at S.S.R’s data analysis division, wherein she faces sex-based discrimination, leading her to feel useless in the service. She is regularly laughed at by the male agents at the division and neglected on field missions.
  • On a night when her office colleagues are out for drinks, she answers the call for team disposal at an enemy site. She single-handedly subdues the goons at the site and retrieves a chemical formula called ‘Zodiac,’ a liquid weapon which was long sought by S.S.R. since the German defeat in the war.

Howard tried for Espionage

  • Meanwhile, after Carter’s heroic act in the S.S.R. operation, Howard Stark, renowned inventor, billionaire, and former S.S.R. member is deemed traitor of America and is forced to hide in exile when his weapons are listed in on the black market arms deal. Later, these charges are dropped, and Stark returns to America.

The events between Stark’s exile and return, as well as, its aftermath, whereby Peggy disintegrates HYDRA’s subsidiary units and commanders, are depicted in the Marvel TV series ‘Agent Carter.’

Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter (Scene 2)

  • Her division’s supervisor questions Carter regarding her breach of protocol and engaging in enemy territory when the John Flynn, head of S.S.R Data Analysis and Carter’s supervisor receives a call from Howard Stark.
  • Stark orders Flynn to relieve Peggy of her duties respectfully and that she is to be appointed co-head of S.S.R.’s new sister organization, Strategic, Homeland, Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division, or S.H.I.E.L.D.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruits Zola

  • It was first established in ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ (2011), that Dr. Arnim Zola was not executed and was instead taken as a prisoner by S.S.R. 
  • The sequel to ‘The First Avenger’, Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ (2014) depicted that Zola was indeed recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D under Operation Paperclip, wherein, he decided to rebuild HYDRA within S.H.I.E.L.D and devised a decades-long plan to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D from within its command, meanwhile successfully carrying out multiple terrorist operations, as well as, catastrophic events, both political and economic across the globe.

The Winter Soldier Program

  • Few months after Zola started working for S.H.I.E.L.D, he along with few of his subordinates found Bucky Barnes in Soviet custody and uses him to experiment their upgraded version of the super soldier serum.
  • Bucky’s memories are wiped out, and he is given the name Winter Soldier, an elite assassin, and spy, who is only activated in need of executing primary assassinations and infiltration against the American government and S.H.I.E.L.D operatives.

There is no specific time of when Zola found Barnes; however, through the discussions and retrospect in ‘The Winter Soldier,’ it can be assumed that Barnes was turned sometime later after the WWII was over.

Part V: Stark, Anton Vanko, and Arc Reactor

Vanko Disbands Soviet Union and joins Howard Stark

  • During the Cold-War, Anton Vanko, a Soviet scientist, who had previously assisted Stark against a chemical weapons development company (‘Agent Carter’ Series), began working on the Arc Reactor technology at the Stark Industries.

These events are described in the film ‘Iron Man 2’ (2010).

Vanko’s Intentions Revealed

  • Few years later after venturing with Stark Industries, Howard found out that Vanko was selling the technological secrets of Arc Reactor to the Soviets and had him deported back to U.S.S.R, whereby, his home nation exiled him to Siberia for 20 years, upon his failure to retrieve or rebuild the Arc Reactor for the Soviets (Iron Man 2, 2010; explained in theory in a conversation between Nick Fury and Tony Stark).

Stark ventures back to Weapons Business

  • Following the failure of Arc Reactor technology and Vanko’s deportation to U.S.S.R., Stark’s friend and business partner, Obadiah Stane convinced Stark to venture once again in weapons development technology and military enhancement division of Stark Industries.
  • Stark’s weapons made a mark in the military and gained him huge financial assets. However, unbeknownst to anyone, Stark developed a procedure to form a new element while working on the Arc Reactor, which his son Tony extracts in the events of ‘Iron Man 2’.

Zola Dies

  • Dr. Arnim Zola dies of a terminal illness in 1972, while his brain is preserved and uploaded to an underground computer system in a bunker at American military training camp.

Zola’s death is discussed in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ (2014).

Part VI: Events Preceding Guardians of Galaxy

Ego Meets Meredith Quill

  • Ego, a celestial being from the ancient times has been planting seeds across the universe to gain control of life with the assistance of a child he expects to have through mating with the females of the planets he explores.
  • During his visit to the Earth, he fell in love with Meredith Quill. Though he leaves Earth a few months later, he revisits Meredith thrice in the course of next few months.

Yondu Udonta

  • A scene in Guardians of Galaxy Vol. II (2017) discussed the past of Yondu, whereby ravager Stakar Ogord freed him. It is likely that Yondu soon broke the ravager code and started abducting the Ego’s kids from different planets, Ego planted his seeds on.
  • By the time the events as mentioned earlier had occurred, two of the infinity stones had already appeared in time. It can be inferred that Thanos might have started his quest of wiping out half of the life from the universe and have begun to invade planets.
  • It was during these invasions, when Thanos abducted Gamora and Nebula from their home planets, killing half of the people there. Thanos shared an emotional connection with Gamora, evidence of which, are later shown in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (2019).

Meredith Dies

  • Meredith Quill died of a tumor in 1988. On the same day, Yondu abducts Peter Quill, son of Ego and Meredith, but refrains from surrendering him to Ego. Yondu then includes Quill in his ravager team and raises him.

Part VII: Pym Particles, Ant-Man

Hank Pym Invents the Ant-Man Suit

  • During the 1980s, Hank Pym invents a technological suit which allows him to shrink to the size of an ant through a chemical compound he calls Pym Particles. Hank subsequently develops another suit for his wife Hope, and they both lead several operations for S.H.I.E.L.D during the Cold-War and forms the duo of Ant-Man and The Wasp.

Janet Van Dyne Dies on a Mission

  • Sometime after Hank and his wife Janet becomes the husband-wife superheroes, Janet is presumably killed during a mission to disarm a Soviet missile. Janet removes her suit’s regulator to shrink beyond the size of an atom and is lost into the quantum realm.
  • Hank hid his technology to prevent such course of actions from occurring again. Hank later discusses this event with his daughter Hope and his recruit Scott Lang (‘Ant-Man,’ 2015).

Hank Resigns from S.H.I.E.L.D

  • Upon discovering that S.H.I.E.L.D is trying to redesign the Pym Particles. Hank resigned from his position in S.H.I.E.L.D in 1989 and warned S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Peggy Carter and Howard Stark against their trials of replicating Pym’s size-changing particles.

MCU Film: Captain Marvel (To be Released)

The events defining the origin of the latest MCU super-heroine Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers are yet to be depicted on-screen in the Marvel Universe. However, since Marvel has already released many cast details and plot synopsis for their 20th film, slated to release next year, it is more likely that events related to Captain Marvel, whose film storyline is set in 1990, will lie somewhere around this slot in the timeline. How the character will play out among the already established characters in MCU is yet to be revealed, but Danvers will be bridging the gaps in the MCU Timeline, which has led us to ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (2009).

Part VIII: The 1990s and Early 2000s

The assassination of Howard and Maria Stark

  • In 1991, on a mission to transport the super soldier serum for S.H.I.E.L.D, Howard, and Maria Stark, are intercepted by The Winter Soldier and are both killed by him on orders from HYDRA operatives in Siberia. The murders are deemed as a car crash.
  • Tony Stark, Howard and Maria’s son is named the head of Stark Industries, who along with his father’s partner Obadiah Stane takes Stark Industries to new heights in the weapons manufacturing business, and establishes himself as one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Wakandan King T’Chaka learns of his Brother’s Betrayal

  • In 1992, N’Jobu, younger brother of King T’Chaka of Wakanda was in California, who has been on an undercover watchdog operation over there. While on the mission, he sees multiple atrocities, prejudice, and oppression against the black community in America. He concludes that Wakandan technology and weapons can help the black people to gain a stronghold over white powers.
  • N’Jobu orchestrate an attack on Wakanda with the aid of black market arms dealer Ulysses Klaue which leaves innocent Wakandan dead. N’Jobu wishes to use the stolen Vibranium to aid the black community against white oppressors.
  • T’Chaka visits his brother and his aid James at their base of operations in California and reveals that he is aware of N’Jobu’s involvement in the attack. N’Jobu is infuriated when James, his best friend, reveals himself as Zuri, a spy planted to observe N’Jobu’s movements.
  • N’Jobu is killed by his king brother while saving Zuri from N’Jobu’s attempt to shoot him. T’Chaka orders Zuri to keep the death of N’Jobu a secret and leaves for Wakanda.


  • T’Chaka, after killing his brother, abandons his son Erik and leaves him in California. Erik discovers his father’s body and vows vengeance against Wakanda. Erik finds the encryption key to Wakandan language in his father’s archives and learns of his heritage and history.
  • Erik aka N’Jadaka went on to graduate from MIT in the future and join Navy Seals. He later joins CIA Ghost operative team and earns the name Killmonger for his deadly killing spree upon his enemies.

Tony meets Yinsen and Aldrich Killian

  • In 1999, Tony Stark’s business was at its peak, and he has become an idol for aspiring inventors and researchers. While Tony is in Switzerland, he meets Yinsen, an Afghan doctor and engineer, and is also visited by one of his fan Aldrich Killian.
  • Killian, a disabled man and scientist request Stark to hear his funding proposal for his research on Advanced Idea Mechanics. Tony, a proud and overconfident man, ignores his request and leaves him to wait in humiliation.

This event is visualized in MCU movie ‘Iron Man 3’ (2013).

The Defenders

  • Matthew Murdock, a young boy from New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, is met with a chemical accident and is left blind. Murdock is later trained to be martial art expert and detective who takes upon himself to eliminate organized crime from inner suburbs of New York City. Murdock’s storyline is followed in the MCU continuity series ‘Daredevil.’
  • Jessica Jones survives a car crash which kills her entire family. Jones gains superhuman strength after the crash and then goes on to become a private investigator and brawler in her youth. Her storyline is covered in MCU continuity series ‘Jessica Jones.’
  • Danny Rand, son of business magnate Wendel Rand, survives a plane crash orchestrated by his father’s business partner which kills his entire family. Danny is taken to the mystical inter-dimensional city K’un-Lun where he is trained to become Iron Fist for the next fifteen years. Danny returns to inherits his father’s place in his company years later which marks the beginning of character’s story arc in the MCU continuity series ‘Iron Fist’.

Part IX: New Millennia & Beginning of Marvel’s Phase One

Dr. Bruce Banner Joins the New Project Rebirth

  • Scientist Dr. Bruce Banner is hired by US Army General Thaddeus Ross to recreate the super-soldier formula initially Dr. Abraham Erskine for Steve Rogers and Johann Schmidt.


  • Banner is exposed to the gamma radiations while experimenting with the serum on himself, which transforms him into an anger-driven green creature, The Hulk. This led US Army personnel led by Thaddeus Ross to pursue Hulk and eliminate him. Banner goes into hiding for next five years in South America and avoids contact to remain in exile.

MCU Film: Iron Man (2008)

  • Tony Stark demonstrates his new Jericho Missile to the US Military. Ten Rings, a global terrorist organization attacks the military convoy protecting Stark and kidnaps him, though he his heavily injured. In captivity, Stark meets Ho Yinsen, who Toy realizes has saved his life by placing a battery operated prototype of arc reactor into his chest, preventing the missile shrapnel from stabbing his heart.

  • Stark develops the Mark I Iron Man armor, while the Ten Rings believe he is developing the missile for them. Stark escapes captivity by defeating Ten Rings with his armor, which Yinsen ensures by sacrificing himself.
  • After returning from the US, Stark shuts down weapons manufacturing division of his company and directs his focus on his father’s unfinished and abandoned arc reactor project. Stark powers his new Iron Man Armors through the arc reactor.
  • Stark later discovers that his weapons have been in the black markets deals for years because of the involvement of Obadiah Stane in the terrorist activities across the globe and his association with Ten Rings.
  • Stark fights Obadiah, who now wore the Iron Monger suit and kills him with an arc reactor explosion in his building. Stark later accepts in media about his identity as Iron Man rejecting S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Phil Coulson’s advice of keeping it quiet.
  • While Tony announces “I am Iron Man” in media, Anton Vanko, Howard’s exiled acquaintance dies of long-term illness. Before his last breath, Anton gives all his research on Arc Reactor tech from the days at Stark industries to his son Ivan.
  • The post-credits scene features S.H.I.E.L.D Director Nick Fury approaching Stark for discussing the Avengers Initiative.   

MCU Tie-In Comics: Iron Man. Public Identity

  • Tony, now a branded superhero is living a reckless and overconfident life and regularly refuses to report his Iron Man activities to the military. His friend, Colonel Rhodes asks him to work for the military, but Tony refuses to follow orders.
  • Meanwhile, General Ross and Colonel Rhodes meet Justin Hammer, Tony’s business rival who has been placed in charge of developing an armored aerodynamic pilot vehicle for military use.
  • The test pilot of the vehicle crash lands in enemy territory and Iron Man saves him and delivers him in Cairo at a US Army base, where Tony warns Ross of his actions focused on generating military situations.

The comic book marks the first meet-up of General Ross and Iron Man.

MCU Films: Iron Man 2 (2010) and The Incredible Hulk (2008)

  • In his exile, Dr. Bruce Banner is working in South America in a factory that makes some drinks. Banner’s blood drops are mixed in a bottle of drink which an old man drinks and dies. The mysterious death of the old man exposes Banner’s hideout and send him on the run against the forces of General Ross and his commander Emil Blonsky.
  • Meanwhile, Tony begins to have fluid poisoning from liquid palladium in his chest-embedded arc reactor. Stark presents himself at the hearing before the Senate who pressurize him to surrender his tech to the government, to which Tony rebuffs and humiliates Justin Hammer in open court. At the same time, Ivan Vanko begins his work on another arc reactor prototype.
  • Banner, after defeating Blonsky and his team in South America, heads to Culver University to meet Betty Ross, his former classmate, and girlfriend. Betty introduces him to her boyfriend Leonard Samson who tips off Banner to General Ross. Ross attacks Banner with military grade weapons, but Hulk subdues them all and also saves Betty from a resulting explosion. Banner later meets Samuel Sterns, with whom he has been in contact for years to find a cure to his problem.
  • While Banner meets Sterns, Stark is attacked by Ivan with his Whiplash technology at Circuit de Monaco. Stark overpowers Vanko and Vanko is taken into custody. He is later helped in escape by Hammer, who hires him to build armored suits for him. Stark returns to his careless life.
  • Nick Fury sends Agent Natasha Romanoff undercover to infiltrate Stark Industries on an observation op.
  • On one occasion, Stark infuriates Rhodey at his house party and fights him, following which Rhodey takes the Iron Man Mark II Armor to Hammer for an upgrade. This leads Fury to reveal Romanoff’s alias and force Stark into house arrest where he starts working on a new element to replace Palladium.
  • A strange cosmic activity occurs in New Mexico, which puts scientist Jane Foster and Erik Selvig under S.H.I.E.L.D’s radar. Phil Coulson is reassigned to Mexico.
  • Blonsky injects himself with Hulk’s super soldier serum and transforms into Abomination. Hulk fights him in the battle of Harlem and defeats him. He escapes avoiding capture and death, leaving Betty behind.
  • Stark intervene Hammer’s weapons expo where Vanko orders his computer-operated suits to attack Stark, creating havoc in the city.
  • Stark and Rhodey defeat Whiplash killing him in the ensuing fight. Stark later names Pepper as CEO of Stark Industries.
  • Banner hides in Britain, gaining control over his transformation.

MCU Tie-In Comics: Fury’s Big Week

  • The comic book recounts the events happening parallel to the film Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk. The comic book depicts S.H.I.E.L.D’s work in finding Captain America in ice, keeping a track on stark via Romanoff’s reports, Coulson’s sudden transfer to New Mexico along with Agent Barton, and the subsequent foundation of a new S.H..I.E.L.D. In the comic, after so many superhero incidents altogether, Fury is granted permission by the World Security Council to commence the Tesseract Program.

MCU One-Shot: The Consultant

  • The World Security Council forces Fury to include Abomination in the Avengers Initiative, placing him in a dilemma. Agent Coulson and Jasper Sitwell send Tony to negotiate Abomination’s release with an agenda too actually drop the deal. Tony humiliates a drunk General Ross, following which Ross disapproves and rejects Stark’s deal, fulfilling Coulson’s plan.
  • Later on, Stark himself is rejected in the Avengers initiative based on Romanoff’s report. Stark releases himself from the advisory role at S.H.I.E.L.D.

These events coincide with the movies ‘Iron Man 2’ and ‘The Incredible Hulk.’

MCU Film: Thor (2010)

  • Thor, son of Odin, is to be named King of Asgard but his coronation is halted by the attack on Odin’s vault by Jotunheim’s frost giants.
  • Thor, in anger, leads a small convoy consisting of Sif, Warriors Three, and Loki against Jotuns, all of whom are saved by Odin, who intervenes in the fight. An infuriated Odin banishes Thor from Asgard ripping away his powers and throwing his hammer Mjolnir on Midgard (Earth).
  • In the aftermath of this small battle, Loki learns the truth that he is son of Laufey, who Odin took from Jotunheim following the Battle of Tønsberg. Odin goes into a deep sleep due to the traumatized experience with Loki while telling him the truth of his lineage. With Thor gone, Loki inherits Asgard’s throne.
  • Meanwhile, Thor lands in New Mexico and his hit by Selvig and Jane’s car. S.H.I.E.L.D tracks this event and puts Agent Coulson in-charge, releasing him from his duties at Stark mansion in New York.
  • Thor finds out about his hammer landed nearby and infiltrated the S.H.I.E.L.D facility around the crater created by Mjolnir’s force. However, he fails to lift it and is taken into custody, where Loki visits him and lies about Odin’s death.
  • Selvig has Thor released, while Loki offers Laufey a chance to kill Odin in his sleep. Loki also orders Heimdall, the keeper of Bifrost to not open the bridge for anyone. However, he opens it for the Sif and Warriors Three who leaves for Earth to bring back Thor.
  • Loki initiates his plan and has Laufey enter Odin’s room, only to kill him in hope to impress his father into naming him, King. He also sends the Destroyer to kill Thor, but Thor’s sacrificing nature regains him his lost powers, and he heads back to Asgard.
  • Thor destroys Bifrost to defeat Loki’s plans of destroying Jotunheim, while Loki throws himself from the bridge, presumably dying.

S.H.I.E.L.D’ s Tesseract Program

  • Erik Selvig is recruited by Fury to research and harness Tesseract’s powers to build weapons capable enough to defeat extra-terrestrial beings.
  • Meanwhile, Captain America wakes up from his 70-year long sleep under S.H..I.E.L.D’s observations.
  • Loki is found to be alive and, unbeknownst to everyone, starts observing the Tesseract program.

MCU Film: The Avengers (2012)

  • While working on Tesseract program, Loki attacks S.H.I.E.L.D facility and takes away Tesseract, along with Selvig, Agent Clint Barton, and few other agents under mind control.
  • Fury contacts Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff via Phil Coulson, while he meets Rogers. Natasha is then sent to Kolkata to bring back Bruce Banner who is hiding there providing medical aid to poor.
  • They all board a S.H.I.E.L.D airship and locates Loki in Germany. Loki surrenders himself and is taken into custody.
  • Meanwhile, Thor arrives on Earth as Odin summons the dark energy to reconstruct Bifrost. The superheroes indulge in personal conflicts while Rogers discovers the truth about Tesseract program called Phase Two.
  • The ship is attacked by Barton and his men, which provokes Banner to transform into Hulk. Hulk creates havoc on board while Tony and Rogers save the ship from dysfunction.
  • Natasha breaks Barton’s mind control in hand combat. However, Loki evades Thor and kills Phil Coulson, throwing Thor’s cage down to the ground.
  • The remaining team, Tony, Rogers, Barton, and Romanoff mourns Coulson and decipher Loki’s plan which is to use Stark’s arc reactor energy to open a portal and initiate an alien invasion.
  • The team fights off with Loki’s army while Banner and Thor join them in reinforcement. Tony takes a nuclear missile through the portal disarming the army’s command in space. Thor arrests Loki and takes the Tesseract to be stored in Asgard.

While the film ends on a positive note, it is revealed that Thanos of Titan planned the invasion.

Adrian Toomes

  • Adrian Toomes is given a contract to recover and deliver the damage and remains of the invasion, along with the alien tech to the government. However, his contract is terminated without compensation after Tony takes over the cleaning process in collaboration with Department of Damage Control.
  • Adrian, in response, hid an alien tech and he then goes on to make several weapons and armed gadgets using the technology. Adrian Toomes uses these weapons to commit weapons deal and other crimes and dons the mantle of supervillain Vulture.

MCU One-Shot: Item 47

  • A couple in New York, Bernie and Claire finds a Chittauri gun in the battle ruins and uses it to rob banks. Jasper Sitwell later apprehends them; however, Sitwell assigns them to different positions within S.H..I.E.L.D.

MCU Tie-In Comics: Scott Lang. Small Time

  • Somewhere around this time, an employee at VistaCorp, named, Scott Lang infiltrates his office building and refunds 4 million dollars from company accounts to the customers it was stealing from.

This particular incident most likely happened around this time as Lang served a five-year prison sentence for his actions, and is released almost five years of Battle of New York.

Project T.A.H.I.T.I.

  • Nick Fury applies the Project T.A.H.I.T.I. on Coulson, resurrecting him after 40 days of death. Coulson suffers hallucinations and illusion in the aftermath, a problem he solves along with his newly established team of S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

Coulson and his team’s story and their subsequent parallel missions against extra-terrestrial threats have been carried forward in the television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
MCU Tie-In Comics: The Sceptre’d Isle

  • Two scientists, Cooper and Smith finds Loki’s scepter after the battle and begins their research on it. When HYDRA approaches Smith and asks him to join the group, he kills Cooper and joins Wolfgang von Strucker, the HYDRA scientist. Both of them begins to harness the stone’s power in the sceptre for human experimentation.

Part X: Marvel’s Phase Two and Coinciding Events of Phase Three

MCU Film: Iron Man 3

  • Stark now suffers from anxiety attacks due to trauma endured in New York battle against Loki. In Iron Man 3, Tony once again meets Aldrich Killian, now healed and working on Extremis program, designed to heal wounded soldiers. 
  • Aldrich is creating an army of enhanced soldiers to carry out terrorist activities for Ten Rings. Aldrich’s men attack Happy Hogan and also destroys the Stark’s home almost killing him.
  • In the meanwhile, the world is also terrorized by the regular warnings about impending attacks from Ten Rings leader Mandarin.
  • Tony later discovers that Mandarin is just a decoy and is an actor named Trevor Slattery. In the final ensuing fight, Killian announces that he is the real Mandarin, and is killed by Pepper who was abducted by him.
  • Tony destroys his suits and undergoes surgery to remove his arc reactor from the chest and decides to lead a normal life along with prospering his relationship with Pepper.

Marvel One-Shot: All Hail The King

  • Trevor Slattery, serving his prison time at Seagate is visited by Jackson Norris, a reporter who wish to interview him. Slattery, who has been living a luxurious life now agrees to it.
  • During the interview, Norris surprisingly dictates Slattery’s entire life to him and reveals that he is a member of Ten Rings. Norris then abducts him to take him to the real Mandarin.

Marvel decided to shoot the short film in order to accommodate the fans with a background of Mandarin and confirming his existence in the universe. The film was meant to be a recovery from the backlash Marvel faced due to its underdeveloped portrayal of Mandarin on-screen.

MCU Film: Thor. The Dark World

  • Thor is trying to bring the battling realms at peace with the aid of Sif, Warriors three, and Asgardian forces. Back at Earth, Selvig is studying the convergence of realms, while fighting the trauma-filled experiences he faced under Loki’s mind control.
  • Jane fells into the convergence and reaches another realm. She is exposed to the long-buried Aether, which awakens the forces of Dark Elves and their leader Malekith.
  • When Heimdall loses his vision of Jane, Thor goes down to investigate. Upon realizing the threat, Thor takes Jane to Asgard and learns the truth about Aether and the war between his grandfather Bor and Malekith.
  • Malekith’s forces attack Asgard to capture Jane. During the attack, Malekith kills Frigga, Thor’s mother. Thor decided to destroy Aether and save jane with the help of his friends. However, he unwillingly had to break out Loki to leave Asgard without using Bifrost.
  • At Svartalfheim, Thor destroys Aether with Mjolnir’s powers while it’s being extracted out of Jane. Though Jane is saved, Malekith harnesses Aether into himself. Thor and Loki fight off Malekith’s soldiers, but Loki dies trying to save Thor’s life. Thor leaves for Earth with Jane to face Malekith, while it is revealed that Loki once again misguided Thor into his fake death.
  • Thor kills Malekith and asks his father to stay at Earth with Jane, while also acting as the protector of Midgard. Odin agrees, however, it turns out Loki has somehow removed Odin off the throne and has taken his place in disguise.
  • Later, Aether is given to Taneleer Tivan and is safeguarded in his possession.

MCU Film: Captain America. Winter Soldier (2014)

  • Rogers now works for S.H.I.E.L.D and actively executes covert ops with Black Widow and Agent Brock Rumlow.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D plans to launch three heli-carriers in space to establish a global surveillance method which would account for every single detail and movement of all the people in the world.
  • On his way back from headquarters, Fury is attacked by HYDRA soldiers. Though he manages to evade, his car is exploded by a masked assassin.
  • Fury barely escapes the explosion and reaches Roger’s home heavily injured. While Fury handovers a flash drive to Rogers, the assassin shoots Fury past the wall. Fury dies later during instant medical aid.
  • Fury’s friend and his replacement for the position of director, Alexander Pierce declares Rogers as an accomplice in Fury’s murder and organize a man-hunt for him. Rogers meets Romanoff who tells him about an elite assassin named Winter Soldier who possess excellent skills of combat, weapons, and escapism.
  • Both Rogers and Romanoff uses the data in the flash drive and locates a bunker at Cap’s old military training camp. The bunker held the database of Arnim Zola’s consciousness, through which HYDRA has managed to evolve within S.H.I.E.L.D. Zola also tells Rogers about his algorithm but before he completes a missile strike destroys the bunker.
  • Pierce is revealed to be a HYDRA commander who had been the real orchestrator behind Fury’s assassination.
  • Rogers asks his friend Sam Wilson for help who reveals to him his top-secret mission activities during Afghan War, as well as, his secret identity as Falcon.
  • All three apprehends Jasper Sitwell who confesses that Zola’s algorithm is programmed into the carriers to eliminate everyone who is a threat to HYDRA including the Avengers.
  • The trio is ambushed by Winter Soldier who turns out to be Bucky Barnes, Roger’s estranged friend and fellow member of Howling Commandos. Bucky escapes in the fight but Cap, along with Widow and Falcon is arrested by Rumlow.
  • Maria Hill, posing as one of the soldiers help them escape custody and takes them to meet an alive and recovering Nick Fury.
  • They together infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters where Fury kills Alexander Pierce, while Rogers deactivates and destroys the carriers. Bucky shoots Cap down in the river but later saves him, implying that his memories are not entirely wiped out.
  • In the aftermath, Romanoff appears before the Senate and reveals all the truths and secrets of both S.H.I.E.L.D and HYDRA

MCU Tie-In Comics: Guardians of the Galaxy. Dangerous Prey

  • In the outer-space galaxy, Gamora, adopted daughter of Thanos is searching for an element called Orb, which Tivan believes is one of the infinity stones. Gamora is hired by Tivan to deliver the Orb to him in exchange for 4 billion units, while Gamora keeps her father in an illusion that she is searching it for him.

MCU Film: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

  • The Nova Corps of Xandar apprehend four people, Peter Quill, Gamora, and the bounty hunters Rocket and Groot during their fight. Quill and Gamora both seek the Orb, while Rocket and Groot wanted to abduct Quill and deliver him to Yondu Udonta.
  • When Gamora reveals Tivan’ s offer in exchange for Orb, all four plans to break out of prison and sell it to him. In the meanwhile, another prisoner Drax joins them to extract revenge from Ronan, who killed his wife and daughter.
  • Upon reaching Knowhere, Tivan’s residence, Tivan extracts the power Stone from the Orb and tells the Guardians about the creation of the universe and the stones. However, Tivan’s slave handles the Stone and is killed by its powers creating an explosion.
  • On the other hand, Drax, in his stupidity, calls Ronan to fight him, only to be overpowered and beaten. The five loses the fight against Ronan, while he takes the Orb. Nebula, Gamora’s sister throws her into outer space to die. In order to save her, Quill gives up his location to Yondu.
  • Aboard Yondu’s ship, Quill makes a deal with him and asks for his aid in exchange for the Orb. Guardians, aided by Yondu’s ravagers stops Ronan’s attack on Xandar and defeats him by harnessing the Orb’s power by rejoining hands together.
  • Ronan is killed, while the Orb is safeguarded in Xandar. Groot dies in the battle, but his successor begins to grow from his remains.

MCU Film: Avengers. Age of Ultron

  • Avengers attack Strucker’s facility and capture him along with the Loki’s scepter. Cap encounters Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, enhanced twins, and results of Strucker and Smith’s human experimentation. Wanda brings out the darkest fears of Stark, which provokes him to take the Loki’s scepter to Avengers tower. 
  • Stark uses Loki’s scepter to design the first stage of Ultron, an A.I. self-defense mechanism to protect and oversee all the activities in the world, and act as the commander Iron Man’s legionnaire.
  • However, Ultron becomes self-conscious and escapes Stark’s facility, as well as, destroys Jarvis. Ultron later recruits Maximoff twins in his mission to eradicate humanity.
  • Avengers track Ultron and Maxioff twins at the base of arms dealer Ulysses Klaue, who possess a substantial amount of stolen vibranium from Wakanda. The Avengers arrive and tries to stop Ultron, but are overpowered by Wanda, who terrorize them with their fears from the past.
  • Wanda’s mind control tricks enrage Hulk who destroys the nearby town. Stark intervenes in his Hulkbuster armor and stops Hulk, but a lot of property is damaged.
  • The Avengers hide at Barton’s house, where they deduce Ultron’s plan to use the regeneration cradle at Dr. Cho’s lab in Seoul and transfer his consciousness into a cellular body.
  • Avengers fails Ultron’s attempts of transferring his consciousness in a humanoid body. Maximoffs aids the Avengers in successfully retrieving the regeneration cradle, after realizing that Ultron’s real plan is to remove the humankind’s existence. 
  • However, Stark and Banner use the cradle to put Jarvis into the humanoid body in the cradle, giving birth to Vision, an android harnessing the powers of the mind stone.
  • The Avengers fights and defeats Ultron in the battle of Sokovia, but at the cost of thousands of human lives. In the ensuing battle, Pietro dies saving Barton, while Hulk halts contact with Natasha and takes his ship into outer space.
  • Thor leaves for inter-galactic travels to find out the truth about infinity stones.

Luke Cage

  • Luke Cage, a prisoner at Seagate Prison, is subjected to an illegal experiment which leaves him with superhuman strength and impenetrable skin. His story arc is continued in MCU continuity series Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. He later becomes one of the members of The Defenders.

MCU Film: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2014)

  • After attaining their status as Guardians, the group is hired by the Sovereign to protect their annulex batteries from an intergalactic monster. In exchange, Sovereign leader Ayesha offers them Nebula, who was prisoned at their home planet. However, Rocket steals some batteries for himself, leading the Sovereign to attack the Guardians on their way back.
  • Ego, Quill’s father saves them and tell Quill of his true parentage. Ego helps Quill discover his celestial powers, inherited by him from his father.
  • Yondu, on orders from Ayesha, captures Rocket and Groot, giving Nebula a chance to escape. However, when Yondu hesitates to apprehend Quill, Taserface, a member of Yondu’s unit leads a mutiny and overthrow Yondu from leadership. Nebula leaves the scene while the Ravagers take both Yondu and Rocket hostage.
  • As Taserface kills all Yondu’s loyalist, Kraglin, Yondu’s lieutenant frees him and Rocket, and kill everyone aboard the Ravager ship.
  • In the meanwhile, Ego explains Quill how he planted his seeds around the world to gain control over universal life and fell for his mother in the process. While Quill and Ego converse, Gamora with her reconciled sister Nebula discovers hundreds of skeletons on the planet.
  • As Gamora interrogates Ego’s slave assistant Mantis, Ego tells Quill that it was him who killed his mother, which breaks Quill out of his hypnosis in anger and infuriation.
  • The Guardians fight Ego, like Rocket, Kraglin, and Yondu arrives at Ego after battling another unit of Sovereign pilots.
  • Quill distracts Ego as Groot plants a bomb at Ego’s core. The bomb detonates and disintegrates Ego’s planet, killing him, as well as, depriving Quill of his newly found powers. As Quill is about to die in the disintegration, Yondu flies him off the planet but sacrifices himself in the process.
  • Later, Ayesha uses her technology to create an artificial being, whom she names Adam.

 MCU Film: Ant-Man (2015)

  • Former VistaCorp employee Scott Lang is released from prison after serving a five-year prison sentence for stealing the company’s money.
  • His former cellmate Luis houses Lang, who has lost custody of his daughter and is undergoing a divorce.
  • Meanwhile, Hank Pym’s size-changing tech., which he hid after he left S.H..I.E.L.D is recreated by his mentee Darren Cross. Pym’s daughter Hope serves as Cross’s assistant while serving as a spy cum investigator for her father.
  • When Scott realizes that he needs immediate money to gain custody of his daughter ASAP, he breaks into a house to steal valuables. However, the house turns out to be of Pym’s who was aware of Lang’s plan.
  • Lang is arrested and is visited by Hank Pym in prison as his lawyer. Pym breaks Lang out by giving him his old Ant-Man suit and demands Lang to become the next Ant-Man in exchange for a pardon.
  • Lang trains to operate the suit mechanism and embraces his abilities to shrink and regrow in size.
  • Lang’s job is to break into Pym Technologies building and steal Cross’s replicated Pym Particles along with his Yellowjacket tech-suit, which is an advanced version of Pym’s Ant-Man suit.
  • Lang infiltrates Cross Technologies only to learn that Cross has been aware of Pym’s plan throughout. Cross dons his yellowjacket suit, and both indulge in combat.
  • Lang kills Cross by taking him into the quantum realm, the same way, Pym’s wife did but somehow manages to return.
  • Upon rturning to his life, he reconciles with his daughter and learns that Sam Wilson is searching for him for aid.

MCU Film: Captain America. Civil War (2016)


  • Back on Earth, the Avengers apprehends Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones in Nigeria, but he detonates himself in front of Cap. Wanda contains the blast using her telekinesis, but mistakenly explode it in a building room killing Wakandan diplomats.
  • The event makes news and forces UN and the government to take control of Avengers’ activities, thus, formulating the Sokovia Accords.
  • The team argues over the credibility of the Accords but are halted when Cap receives the news of Peggy’s death. While in London at Peggy’s funeral, he learns of an attack on UN that kills T’Chaka.
  • Bucky is identified as the attacker, whom T’Challa, T’Chaka’s son, vows to kill. Meanwhile, a man named Helmut Zemo finds the general who ordered Barnes to take an assassination op through mind-control and hypnosis.
  • Cap and Wilson go rogue and finds Barnes in Bucharest. While Cap tries to convince him, they are attacked by German Special Ops.
  • Though they both dodge them off, Black Panther halts their escape initiating a chase between them along with Falcon and Special Ops Forces.
  • The Ops finally surrounds them, and all are brought into UN custody under Agent Everett Ross.
  • Zemo intrudes in the facility as a psychiatrist to evaluate Barnes. Zemo activates Barnes mind control and orders him to reveal secrets of a 1991 mission that Barnes took as Winter Soldier.
  • Barnes creates havoc in the facility and kills many agents in the process. Barnes also attempt to kill Stark and Widow but fails. Cap stops Barnes from escaping and apprehends him.
  • Both Sam and Rogers along with Barnes goes into hiding. After recovering, Barnes tell both of them about his captivity in Siberia and his breeding as the Winter Soldier, as well as, the abilities of the fellow subjects of the serum’s experimentation.  
  • Cap deduces that Zemo plans to wake those subjects to start covert invasion and infiltrations against the different nations. Aware that Tony wouldn’t believe him, he assembles his own team including Clint, Wanda, Lang, Barnes, Wilson, and himself.
  • Tony hires high school student Peter Parker from Queens, who has enhanced abilities and skills of that a spider, while T’Challa joins him along with Romanoff, Rhodes, and Vision.
  • The teams engage in a combat conflict, which ends with Cap and Barnes escaping with the aid of Romanoff, while the rest of Cap’s team is arrested. Rhodey falls off the air while flying in his War machine suit and his paralyzed.
  • While Cap and Barnes reach Siberia, Tony learns of Zemo and his plan and leaves to join Cap, followed by T’Challa.
  • However, upon reaching, they see that Zemo murdered the subjects. Zemo plays a camera recording showing Barnes killing Tony’s parents in 1991.
  • Tony, driven by vengeance, tries to kill Barnes, initiating a fight between the Avengers, thus, fulfilling Zemo’s objectives.
  • Black Panther takes Zemo under custody while Cap leaves with Barnes leaving Tony behind.
  • Later, Cap breaks into Raft prison and frees his friends. Natasha goes into hiding as well, and T’Challa returns to Wakanda. Parker returns to his normal life, while Barnes is given asylum in Wakanda. Though everyone survives, the conflict breaks Avengers apart.

MCU Film: Spiderman. Homecoming

  • After returning from Germany and fighting alongside the Avengers, Peter Parker is trying to adjust his personal and superhero life. Peter spends his time with his friend Ned and has a huge crush on his senior Liz.
  • Peter fights local small-time criminals and reports back his actions to Stark’s Chief of Security, Happy Hogan.
  • Peter is on his school team for a quiz competition to be held in D.C. but he quits it to stay in Queens, hoping for another Avengers mission.
  • Parker, in his Spidey suit fights off some goons in an ATM, who were using some alien tech. weapons. Parker returns home after the encounter and accidentally reveals his identity to Ned.
  • One night, Spidey discovers Toomes’s associates Jackson Brice and Heman Schultz, selling weapons to Aaron Davis. Spidey intervenes but is caught by Toomes’s Vulture  Toomes gets away, dropping him into the water. Parker is saved by one of the Stark’s legionnaire armour.
  • Parker follows the tracker he placed on Schultz, which stops at D.C. Parker rejoins the decathlon team and reach Washington. He disables the suit’s tracker and activates its advanced mode.
  • Parker leaves in search of Vulture at night, who plans to steal weapons from a Department of Damage Control truck. Parker fails and also misses the tournament.
  • Upon arriving back to New York, Spidey intercepts a deal Toomes is about to make with Mac Gargan at a ferry. Parker apprehends Gargan but Toomes blows up the ferry into the half, leaving everyone aboard in danger. Iron Man comes to Spidey’s rescue and takes his suit from him in anger.
  • A disappointed Parker asks Liz to the homecoming night. Parker goes to Liz’s home to pick her up, only to learn that her full name is Liz Toomes and she’s Adrian’s daughter.
  • Toomes deduces Parker’s identity and warns him to stay away. But Parker leaves Liz and follows Toomes in his self-made Spidey suit.
  • Spidey confronts Toomes who pin him down under the building beams and leaves to fulfil his plan of hijacking Stark’s plane carrying weapons from Avengers Tower.
  • Parker intervenes and stops Vulture’s plan and saves him from the explosion in his malfunctioned suit. Parker leaves Toomes on the ground who is later arrested by the authorities.
  • Later, Liz leaves town, while Parker is approached by Stark and offered a position in the Avengers team. Parker, however, declines the offer.
  • Pepper and Tony, who had called a press conference to announce Spiderman as an Avenger instead announce their wedding to the media.

Part XI: The Parallel Events in Phase Three

MCU Film: Black Panther (2018)


  • Right after his return from his experiences in US, Germany, and Siberia, T’Challa returned to his home nation Wakanda and crowned King after a duel with Jabari leader M’Baku.
  • Erik Killmonger Stevens finally initiates his plan to intrude in Wakanda, beginning from colluding with Ulysses Klaue to steal a Wakandan artefact made from Vibranium in England.
  • The Wakandan intelligence receives Klaue’s intel and locates him in South Korea. T’Challa, along with Okoye and Nakia follows Klaue to S. Korea, where T’Chlla also meets Everett Ross, who is also there to catch Klaue.
  • As Okoye’s cover is blown, Klaue attacks T’Challa, fleeing the scene. T’Challa catches Klaue in a chase, who is later taken to a CIA compound for further interrogation.
  • Erik attacks the compound, heavily injuring Ross and frees Klaue from captivity. T’Challa decides to take Ross to Wakanda to save his life using Vibranium tech and medical care under his sister Shuri.
  • Erik later reveals his actual plan to Klaue and tells him that he is a Wakandan prince before killing him. Erik is granted presence between the royal council of Wakanda because of his Wakandan origin.
  • Erik proves to the council that he is N’Jobu’s son, left behind by T’Chaka as a kid. He challenges T’Challa for the throne, which the latter has to accept.
  • Erik mercilessly defeats T’Challa, throwing him off the cliff and even kills Zuri, revenging his father. Erik then dons the mantle of Black Panther.
  • Nakia, Shuri, Ross, and T’Challa’s mother travels to the Jabari land and asks M’Baku for help. M’Baku had saved T’Challa at his home and kept him covered in ice to keep him alive. Nakia uses the heart-shaped herb to revive him.
  • T’Challa goes back to Wakanda and defeats and stabs Erik in the ensuing fight, thus, regaining his control over the nation. Erik decides to die instead of getting aid.

MCU Film: Doctor Strange

  • Stephen Strange, a famous neurosurgeon is heavily injured in a car crash, permanently damaging his hands, ending his medical career.
  • After multiple unsuccessful surgeries, Strange earns about a man who walked despite a spinal cord injury. Strange meets the man, who guides him towards Kamar-Taj in Kathmandu.
  • At Kamar-Taj, Strange meets Ancient One and Mordo and learns inter-dimensional travel and mystic arts. As his training moves further, so does his curiosity to learn deep secrets about the mystic arts.
  • Strange, out of curiosity uses the Eye of the Agamotto and learns of its powers to control time. Mordo and Wong stop him and tell him the consequences of shifting the time field. Mordo and Wong, then tell him the history of Kamar-Taj and the origin of the mystic arts.
  • Mordo and Wong also tell him about Kaecilius, a former student of Ancient One, who became power-hungry and stole secrets to access the dark dimensions.
  • They are interrupted by an attack on the London Sanctum of Kamar-Taj, led by Kaecilius, who destroys it, weakening Earth’s defence. Kaecilius then attack the New York Sanctum, but Mordo and Strange save it, while the Cloak of Levitation gets attached with Strange.
  • Strange is named the new guardian of the New York Sanctum. Strange and Mordo follows Kaecillius and his Zealots in New York City streets, eventually dragging them in the Mirror Dimension.
  • Ancient One arrives and reveals that she has also had access to the powers of the Dark Dimension to prolong her life.
  • Kaecillius mortally wounds Ancient One, who dies in Strange’s hospital. Strange then leaves to fight Kaecillius in Hong Kong and bids goodbye to his friend and lover Christine.
  • In Hong Kong, Kaecillius has already destroyed the sanctum and killed Wong and other defenders.
  • Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto to turn back time and revive Wong to fight the Zealots. However, the trio fails to stop Kaecilius from summoning Dormammu, the lord of the dark dimension. Strange, in a hope to convince Dormmamu to return to his dark realm.
  • There, Strange uses the Eye to revive himself as Dormammu kills him every time he tries to cut a deal with him. In the end, as Dormammu loses patience, he accepts Strange’s offer to leave earth in exchange for breaking the time loop.
  • Dormammu leaves Earth only but only after capturing Kaecillius and his zealots.
  • Strange accepts his place at New York sanctum with Wong as a guardian, while Mordo leaves the group’s association, only to go on a path of evil, beginning from killing the wizards trained under Ancient One.

MCU Film: Thor. Ragnarok (2017)


  • After Thor leaves to travel the universe in search of infinity stones and learn about their locations in order to keep them safe. He has been having visions of Asgard’s destruction for long.
  • Thor willingly surrenders himself to Surtur, the fire demon and extracts truth out of him. Thor defeats Surtur and takes his Crown, which was the only source could destroy Asgard if burnt into the Eternal Flame.
  • Thor returns to Asgard, only to find that Heimdall is removed of his duties as the gatekeeper and has been replaced by Skurge.
  • Thor visits Loki, in disguise as Odin, and forces him to reveal himself. He then takes him to Earth, where Loki has kept Odin under his spell. However, they find that the place where Odin was has been demolished.
  • Loki is suddenly sucked into the ground, and Thor is left with a card with an address. He meets Doctor Strange at the address, who promises to help Thor find his father on a condition that he’ll leave Earth after that along with his brother.
  • Doctor Strange guides Loki anfdThor to Norway, where Odin has been residing. Odin tells his sons about his firstborn child Hela, who he captured in Hel after her growing rage to kill and conquer couldn’t be controlled.
  • Odin dies, and Hela is set free, whose imprisonment was bound to Odin’s life. Hela breaks Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, showing her powers are greater than both of them.
  • Loki orders Skurge to open the Bifrost, but Hela follows them along and throws both the brothers away from the path to Asgard.
  • Loki and Thor are both left stranded on Sakaar. Though Loki impresses the leader of Sakaar, The Grandmaster, Thor, however, is taken prisoner by Scrapper 142 and sell him to the Grandmaster’s fighter’s pit.
  • Thor is forced to fight in the gladiatorial duels organised by The Grandmaster. While in prison, Thor meets Korg and Miek, two friends inclined to start a prisoners’ rebellion in Sakaar.
  • In the meanwhile, Hela kills Asgard’s armies along with the Warriors Three and wakes up her army of the dead. Hela makes Skurge her executioner and orders him to find Heimdall, who steals the Sword Key to the Bifrost bridge.
  • Thor learns in the fighting pit that his contender is none other than his friend Bruce Banner, who has been in his Hulk form since the events of Age of Ultron.
  • Hulk seems to have lost his memories as Banner, and he attacks Thor seeing him as a contender. Though Thor uses his powers of lightning upon Hulk, The Grandmaster rigs the fight by giving an induced electric shock to Thor and makes Hulk win.
  • Hulk and Thor make amends after the fight. Though Hulk remembers his fights as an Avenger, he now has distant himself from Banner and has managed to stay as Hulk for over two years now.
  • Thor asks Hulk to summon Scrapper 142, who is a former Valkyrie, the special all-women force of Odin, who all died once while fighting Hela for Odin. Scrapper 142 is the last survivor of her race.
  • Valkyrie refuses to join him, and so do Hulk. Thor decides to go alone and jumps off the window to get to the Quinjet Hulk arrives in at Sakaar. Hulk follows Thor and watches Natasha’s last message to him, which makes him transform back to Banner.
  • Thor helps Banner to overcome his fright and asks him to help him fight Hela. Valkyrie also joins them and reveals that Loki is under her custody, who also offers to help.
  • Thor, Valkyrie, and banner find two ships from The Grandmaster’s fleet with the help of Loki. Loki again tries to fool Thor, but this time Thor had predicted his move. Thor leaves Loki in shock and fights his way through the portal to Asgard.
  • In Asgard, Thor fights Hela, while the Asgardians along with Valkyrie, Banner, and Heimdall fight her demon forces. Banner again transforms into Hulk to face Hela’s giant wolf Fenris. Loki arrives in time with Korg and his rebellion group and begins boarding the Asgardians on the escape ship. Skurge dies while saving the Asgardians from Hela’s armies.
  • Thor gains control over his power of lightning and defeats Hela’s forces single-handedly. He deduces that since Hela’s powers are drawn from Asgard, he has to destroy the planet to kill her. He orders Loki to enter Odin’s vault and put the Surtur’s crown on Eternal Flame to give Surtur the power to destroy Asgard.
  • Loki successfully raises Surtur, who then destroys Asgard, killing Hela, while the Asgardians escape in the ship.
  • Thor then decides to take the ship to Earth, as he takes command of Asgard as King.
  • On their way back, their ship is stopped by a giant spacecraft, resembling Thanos’s ship.


And it all comes to this. The beginning of the MCU has led to the final battle between the mad Titan Thanos and the Avengers. To fulfill his vicious dream of amassing the Infinity Stones and wipe out half of the universe from existence, Thanos and his Children, the Black Order ensue in a battle with the Avengers and the Guardians on multiple fronts. To avoid the spoilers of the latest MCU entry, I have decided not to describe the events of Infinity War, however; the MCU is about to change forever when the war ends. With ‘Captain Marvel’ releasing next year, and multiple sequels and prequels planned for forthcoming years, MCU is gonna get bigger and more complex. How the Infinity will end, we all have to wait and see how everything turns out.