Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 3 Recap: Mash Burnedead and the Baleful Bully

In ‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ or ‘Mashle’ episode 3 titled ‘Mash Burnedead and the Baleful Bully,’ Mash struggles to make a broom fly during his class and is mocked by one of his peers. He naturally does not like it and then decides to use his immense physical strength to defeat one of his bully classmates and set a world record. Lloyd, the son of the highest-ranking member of the Magic Bureau, befriends Mash and on the promise to help him become a Divine Visionary makes him dance to his tunes.

Mash Makes A World Record

Mash asks Finn for a broom while they are in the dorm room as they are supposed to have a class later that day. During the lecture, the students are taken outside and told how they can control their brooms. Apart from Mash, everyone else manages to get their brooms off the ground. When one of the students mocks him and tells him not to hold back the class, Mash uses his immense strength one more time to get the broom to fly to his hand.

However, Mash is still mocked by one of his peers who challenges him to a race. Since he cannot fly on the broom, he has to come up with an innovative way to compete. Just when the teacher blows the whistle, Mash throws the broom with all his strength and then runs in its direction mounting it while it’s still in the air. Everything happens so fast, that no one can really see how he did it and he ends up setting a world record in the process.

A student name Lloyd, who is later revealed to be a bully and the son of the highest-ranking member of the Magic Bureau, introduces himself to Mash. In the following days, Mash continues to find torn notebooks in his back but is unable to understand why it keeps happening to him. Meanwhile, Lloyd promises to put in a good word with the principal for Mash who wants to become a Divine Visionary.

Taking advantage of the fact that Mash is desperate to become a Divine Visionary, Lloyd makes dance to his tunes. One day as he is walking in the hallway, he notices Finn getting beaten by Lloyd. His dormmate then reveals that he has been tearing his books after being told to do so by Lloyd. When Finn refused to do it in the future, Lloyd decided to bully him.

Mash has been tolerating Lloyd until this point but he suddenly leaps towards him and smashes his face on the floor. At the exact same time, vice principal Farman arrives there and talks about getting Mash expelled for his actions. Mash does not care anymore and beats him up as well. He then proceeds to bury Farman’s entire body below the neck to teach him a lesson.

Does Mash Get Expelled?

After Mash beats up Lloyd and Farman brutally, the latter tells him that nothing can stop him from getting expelled now. Instead of getting afraid or regretting his decision, Mash simply doubles down and buries Farman reasoning that things cannot get worse from here on. Naturally, once the whole conflict ends, Mash is summoned by Wahlberg Baigan, the Headmaster of Easton Magic Academy. When asked why he feels that he is called by Baigan himself, Mash hilariously claims that he is summoned because he made cream puffs in the dorm kitchen without permission.

Wahlberg then explains that the Bureau of Magic has taken cognizance of that issue and has made it very clear that Mash must be expelled from the Academy. Since it is the country’s highest legal authority, they do have a lot of influence. Llyod is the son of the highest-ranking member of the Bureau, so it is no surprise that the whole organization is now after Mash. While he understands the pressure he is under, Wahlberg acknowledges the intricacies of the conflict and mentions that the world where caring is at a disadvantage is unforgivable.

Addressing his concern for the world he is in, Baigan reveals that he accepted his current position several years ago to make a difference. He praises the fact that there are still people like Mash in this world who have the courage to act and not allow the bullies to do as they please. Wahlberg opines Divine Visionaries who have an influence in the Bureau of Magic can really make a difference and he wants someone like Mash to eventually earn that position.

The Headmaster of Easton Magic Academy then explains that Mash can become a Divine Visionary by gathering enough coins through schoolwork and activities. Wahlberg warns Mash that he will have challenges ahead in his path and must prepare for them. Despite the mess he has made, Mash eventually does not get expelled, which is quite a shocker considering he has beaten up the vice president and the son of the highest-ranking member of the Bureau.

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