Masterchef Australia Season 10: Where Are The Contestants Now?

As the sizzling season 10 of Network Ten’s ‘MasterChef Australia’ premiered back in 2018, fans were tantalized by the culinary journeys of its talented contestants. Some have become social media sensations, flaunting their culinary creations to millions of followers, while others have delved into cookbook authorship, sharing their secret recipes with eager enthusiasts. Whether they’re ruling the kitchen of a renowned eatery or experimenting with avant-garde flavor combinations in their home kitchens, the contestants of ‘MasterChef Australia’ continue to spice up the culinary scene, leaving an indelible mark on the world of food.

Sashi Cheliah Owns Multiple Restaurants

Sashi Cheliah, the winner of season 10, has embarked on a flavorful journey since his time on the show. After his impressive stint, he made a memorable return as a guest team captain in season 12 and later graced season 15 with his culinary expertise. Venturing into the culinary scene, he launched his pop-up restaurant, Gaja by Sashi, in the bustling streets of Melbourne CBD, tantalizing taste buds with authentic Singaporean flavors. However, his culinary ambitions didn’t stop there. In a proud moment, he expanded his gastronomic empire by opening Gaja in his hometown of Adelaide in November 2019.

Unfortunately, the Adelaide venture faced closure, prompting Sashi to pivot his approach. Undeterred, he began hosting pop-ups, traversing the globe to glean insights from esteemed chefs, and refining his craft for larger-scale culinary endeavors. Embracing his passion for sharing flavors, he introduced Pandan Club, his latest culinary venture located in Chennai, India. This addition to his repertoire underscores his commitment to bringing diverse cuisines to eager palates. He has also cemented his culinary legacy by publishing the cookbook ‘Kampong Boy,’ offering enthusiasts a taste of his signature creations.

Continuing his mission to democratize gourmet cooking, Sashi unveiled Sashi’s Secret Home Chef Kits, allowing enthusiasts to recreate his culinary marvels in the comfort of their homes. Through these kits, he shares not just his recipes but also his fervor for cooking, fostering memorable experiences for family and friends alike. Beyond his culinary endeavors, he cherishes his personal life. Happily married to Rabicca Vijayan, he finds joy in the company of their two beautiful children, adding sweetness to his flavorful journey. With each endeavor, Sashi continues to captivate taste buds and hearts, leaving an indelible mark on the culinary landscape, one dish at a time.

Ben Borsht Takes Corporate Cooking Classes

Ben Borsht, the runner-up of season 10, has undergone a flavorful transformation since his time on the show. In 2019, he faced a significant health challenge, spending a month in the hospital undergoing an ileostomy reversal. Despite this setback, he has emerged resilient and ready to embrace new opportunities. Currently, Ben is exploring a variety of avenues to showcase his culinary prowess and share his passion for food. He offers corporate cooking classes, making his expertise accessible to aspiring chefs in the corporate world. Moreover, he actively seeks opportunities in media, events, hosting, sponsorship, and ambassador roles, leveraging his culinary skills and vibrant personality.

However, Ben’s ambitions extend beyond the kitchen. With a love for fishing and fresh seafood, he harbors a dream of starting a charter boat company. Through this venture, he envisions sharing his passion for fishing and the ocean with others, offering unforgettable experiences centered around fresh catches and culinary delights. To bolster his presence in the culinary world, he maintains a dedicated website showcasing his work and culinary offerings. Often seen indulging in his love for fishing and producing fresh seafood, he embodies the connection between nature and food.

Also, he ventured into the digital realm by starting a cooking series on YouTube, although it is currently inactive. In his personal life, Ben finds happiness in his marriage to Caitlyn and the recent addition of their son. Balancing his culinary pursuits with family life, he embodies a holistic approach to his passions. With his resilience, creativity, and unwavering dedication, he continues to carve his niche in the culinary landscape, leaving a lasting impression on those he encounters, whether through his delectable dishes, engaging cooking classes, or adventurous fishing escapades.

Khanh Ong is Now a Survivor

Khanh Ong, a familiar face from ‘MasterChef Australia’ season 12, has been on a whirlwind culinary journey, leaving an indelible mark on the food scene. Beyond his appearances on ‘Masterchef,’ he made waves with his TV series, ‘Khanh Ong’s Wild Food,’ where he served as both presenter and culinary expert, showcasing his adventurous palate and culinary expertise across 10 captivating episodes in 2023. Before his solo venture, Khanh graced various television programs, showcasing his versatility and charm.

He has consistently captivated audiences with his magnetic presence, from his appearances on beloved shows like ‘Spicks and Specks’ and ‘The Living Room’ to his adventurous stint on ‘Australian Survivor,’ where he demonstrated his resilience and adaptability. Furthermore, His culinary prowess extends beyond television screens. He has made guest appearances on ‘Asia Unplated with Diana Chan,’ showcasing his culinary finesse and passion for Asian cuisine. Also, he co-hosted the podcast ‘Feast Pod’ alongside entrepreneur Sarah Davidson, offering a unique blend of recipes, stories, and dating advice. Not content with just television appearances, Khanh has also made strides in the restaurant industry.

He joined The George on Collins, a renowned establishment in Melbourne, further cementing his influence on the city’s vibrant culinary landscape. As a part owner of The George on Collins, he brings his unique flair and expertise to the table, enriching the dining experience for patrons. Moreover, Khanh’s passion for food and entertainment converged when he co-hosted episodes of ‘My Market Kitchen,’ showcasing his culinary skills in a more interactive format. With his infectious energy, diverse talents, and unwavering dedication, he continues to shine as a culinary luminary, captivating audiences with his innovative approach to food and entertainment.

Jess Liemantara is a Celebrated Pastry Chef

Jess Liemantara, a talented pastry chef, made her mark on season 12. With a rich background working at esteemed establishments like Om Nom Dessert Bar, The Press Club, and Nobu Melbourne, Jess’s expertise in the culinary world is undeniable. She further showcased her prowess by catering events at the Raffles Hotel in Jakarta, solidifying her reputation as a pastry virtuoso. Collaborating with Peter Rowland Catering, she introduced Jess Lemon by Peter Rowland, an online dessert range, and lent her expertise as a guest chef at various catering events.

Her exceptional dessert-making skills earned her third place in the Dessert Masters spin-off season, validating her status as a pastry maestro. Additionally, Jess self-published her first cookbook, ‘A Zest of Jess,’ and continues to collaborate with fellow enthusiasts and chefs, enriching her culinary journey. Personally, Jess finds happiness in her relationship with Nick Chen, adding sweetness to her already delightful life.

Chloe Carroll is a Culinary Dietitian Today

Chloe Carroll, a culinary dietitian, embarked on a fulfilling journey after her stint on ‘MasterChef.’ She joined Life Shape Clinic as a nutritionist and cooking class host and also pursued further education at Bond University, earning her Master of Nutrition and Dietetics. With a diverse professional background, including roles at Greca Restaurant, Mater Health, and Wellbeing Queensland, Chloe’s expertise spans various facets of nutrition and wellness. In August 2023, she founded Veggin Out, focusing on recipe development, cooking demonstrations, and catering. Chloe continues to make strides in promoting healthy eating habits by transitioning to the role of NEST program coordinator at OzHarvest in January 2024. Personally, Chloe finds joy in her marriage and parenthood, balancing her professional endeavors with family life.

Reece Hignell Opened a Cake Cafe

Reece Hignell, known for his culinary creativity, has ventured into various endeavors since his time on the show. From brand collaborations to launching his own ice cream and bakery business, Cakeboi, Reece’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through. Reece continues to innovate in the culinary world by becoming a part-owner of Acacia Dining in November 2023. With the upcoming release of his book, ‘Cakeboi Goes Vegan,’ he embraces plant-based baking, catering to diverse dietary preferences. Personally and professionally, Reece’s journey exemplifies his passion for culinary innovation and entrepreneurship.

Samira Damirova is a Food Photographer Today

Samira Damirova, celebrated for her cultural culinary creations, embarked on a multifaceted journey. From showcasing her culture at the Manjimup truffle event to hosting sourdough workshops and culinary experiences, her passion for food and education shines through. In March 2024, she cooked up scrumptious dishes of crepes and plums at Genuinely Southern Forests. Samira’s journey epitomizes a harmonious blend of tradition, creativity, and entrepreneurship as she ventures into food photography and has become a proud owner of a farm in Pemberton with her husband, Troy.

Kristen Sheffield Built Resilience in the Face of Adversities

Kristen Sheffield, known for her culinary journey, faced challenges post-show but persevered in pursuing her passion for food. Despite financial pressure after leaving a well-paying job, Kristen remained dedicated to her culinary dreams. In 2019, she battled kidney problems and received a life-changing kidney transplant from a fellow nurse, showcasing her resilience. Her love for food extends to her kitchen garden, which she often shares glimpses of on social media. Happily married to Mark and a mother to son Oscar, she continues to share her culinary creations through cooking demonstrations and recipe sharing, staying true to her passion despite obstacles.

Brendan Pang Sells Frozen Dumplings

Brendan Pang, a familiar face from season 12, has flourished as a culinary entrepreneur. As the owner of Bumplings Perth, he has expanded his culinary repertoire, authoring two books — ‘This Book Is About Noodles’ and ‘This Book Is About Dumplings.’ Brendan has established a dedicated website to promote his business, offering books, recipes, and more. He has also ventured into selling frozen dumplings. He engages with the community through market stalls, cooking classes, and workshops, with plans for further expansion and a third book in the works. His culinary prowess has also landed him appearances on the ‘Studio 10’ cooking segment, solidifying his status as a culinary influencer.

Sarah Clare Has Ventured into Wine Tasting

Sarah Clare’s again appeared on season 12 and her journey has been marked by innovation and resilience. After working at Fat Pig Farm, Sarah launched pop-ups called Wild, celebrating local ingredients. Despite running her Tasmanian restaurant, Ilha, after her second ‘MasterChef’ stint, she eventually closed its doors. However, she continues to explore her passion for food, venturing into wine tasting and collaborating for events like The Farm Shed. Happily married to husband Dan and a mother to son Elvis, Sarah embraces new culinary adventures while cherishing her family life.

Hoda Hannaway Runs a YouTube Series

Hoda Hannaway, formerly known as Hoda Kobeissi, has carved her niche in the culinary world through various endeavors. From attending food festivals to releasing her YouTube series, Winging it with Hoda Kobeissi, she shares her love for cooking with a wider audience. Hoda’s appearances on Everyday Gourmet TV further showcase her culinary skills. With a happy marriage and beautiful children, she finds fulfillment in her culinary pursuits while balancing family life.

Gina Ottaway Takes Cooking Classes

Gina Ottaway, affectionately known as ‘Nonna G,’ has become a culinary icon, lending her expertise to charitable causes and community events. As an ambassador for Cancer Council NSW’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea and participant in the Shell Cove Food and Wine Festival, Gina continues to share her passion for cooking. Gina embodies the warmth and tradition of Italian cooking, leaving a flavorful legacy in the culinary world by teaching cooking classes and enjoying time with her grandchildren.

Aldo Ortado is Now the Director of Food and Beverage

Aldo Ortado, who appeared again on ‘MasterChef Australia’ season 14, has undergone a transformative journey post-show. Initially, he honed his culinary skills by working at Sydney Seafood School, offering cooking classes to eager enthusiasts. Progressing in his career, he served as the general manager at Giro Osteria until 2022 before assuming the role of director of food and beverage at Rydges Hotels & Resorts.

However, Aldo’s journey transcends professional success; he shared a personal triumph with his fans, revealing a remarkable weight loss journey and a newfound passion for water polo. Supported by his husband Mark, he shed an impressive 32 kilograms through dedicated exercise and dietary adjustments, emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Looking towards the future, Aldo and Mark aspire to expand their family, cherishing their loving relationship and the journey they’ve embarked upon together.

Lisa Diep is a Blogger Today

Lisa Diep, once a contestant on ‘MasterChef,’ has transitioned into the world of blogging, offering insights into school lunches and easy recipes infused with traditional Vietnamese flavors. Also, she showcases her culinary skills on television cooking segments and indulges in her passion for crocheting. Her multifaceted approach to creativity and culinary exploration embodies her endeavors.

Jenny Lam Has Launched Her First Cookbook

Jenny Lam, celebrated for her culinary prowess, embarked on a dynamic journey post-show. Working at Wildflower under a renowned celebrity chef, she immersed herself in the culinary scene, eventually opening her acclaimed restaurant, Bunn Mee, in Perth. Her dedication to her Vietnamese heritage culminated in the publication of her first cookbook, ‘Eat Like a Viet,’ and her involvement with Foodbank WA underscores her commitment to charitable endeavors. Personally, Jenny anticipates the joy of motherhood, eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first child with her partner, Kyle. Moreover, she continues to inspire through her culinary creations and community engagement.

Genene Dwyer Now Calls Herself a Recipe Tester

Genene Dwyer, now a recipe tester, gardener, and sourdough enthusiast, balances her passion for baking with co-owning Stumpy Gully Wines. Through her social media presence, she shares her baking adventures while embracing the joys of marriage and stepmotherhood.

Jo Kendray Works at a Spanish Restaurant

Jo Kendray, a culinary ambassador and creator of sauces and spices, traverses the globe in search of culinary inspiration. Hosting cooking events, collaborating with industry leaders, and running her website, Mamma Joe’s, Jo’s entrepreneurial spirit fuels her endeavors. As a chef at Movida Aqui, she continues to tantalize taste buds with Spanish cuisine, showcasing her culinary prowess and unwavering dedication to the culinary arts.

Loki Madireddi Runs a Culinary Scholarship Program

Loki Madireddi, once a stay-at-home dad, underwent a remarkable transformation, emerging as a full-fledged chef. Venturing into culinary explorations, he embarked on pop-ups and collaborations across Australia, India, and Bali, showcasing his culinary prowess on diverse platforms. In 2019, he co-founded the Trust the Loki Fellowship with his wife Ishani, aiming to nurture the next generation of culinary talents in India and Australia through a scholarship and mentoring program. Despite facing challenges, such as his recent diagnosis of Dyslexia, he remains resilient, finding joy in his role as a devoted husband and father and cherishing his family above all else.

Michelle Walsh is Currently Associated With a Modeling Agency 

Michelle Walsh, known for her culinary creativity, embarked on a dynamic journey after the show. Partnering with Verde Restaurant in Darlinghurst, she launched Michelle e Toto, followed by Ten at the Medusa Hotel, offering exquisite culinary experiences to discerning patrons. Conceptualizing Luxe Attaché with partner Terry Kaljo, he curates luxury adventures and curated events, elevating the domestic market’s culinary landscape. Currently penning her cookbook ‘Fast n Fancy,’ Michelle continues to inspire through her culinary endeavors while balancing family life with her husband Martin Walsh and their two daughters.

Tim Talam Works at Game Farm 

Tim Talam, with a passion for fire-cooked cuisine, honed his skills through experiences at renowned establishments like Porteno and Firedoor. Transitioning from Vic’s Meat to Game Farm, Tim’s journey as a Customer Relationship Manager and Business Development Manager reflects his dedication to the culinary industry. Happily committed to Lucia Ortado, he finds fulfillment in both his professional endeavors and personal relationships, embracing life’s adventures with passion and perseverance.

Adele Elliott is Now a Customer Advisor

Adele Elliott, blending her passion for cooking with professional pursuits, navigated diverse roles post-‘MasterChef.’ From roles at Laureate Education, Inc., to Nundah Village Dental and TalentShift, her career trajectory underscores her versatility and adaptability. As a Customer Advisor at WorkCover Queensland, she continues to engage with her culinary passion through events and demonstrations, finding balance amidst her professional responsibilities.

Denise Valdez Has Chosen a Life Away From Limelight

Denise Valdez, after ‘MasterChef,’ dedicated herself to culinary education, conducting classes for children and adults. As an official Cancer Council Victoria ambassador, she actively supports cancer research initiatives, advocating for vital causes. While her social media presence has waned, Denise’s commitment to her daughter’s education remains steadfast, embodying resilience and dedication in her personal and professional pursuits.

Metter Chin is a Food Blogger Today

Metter Chin, transitioning from banking to culinary exploration, embarked on a journey as a Thermomix Ambassador and food blogger. He chronicles his culinary adventures and dining experiences on social media, reflecting his passion for food and exploration. Together with his partner, Joe Sbarro, he invested in property on the Gold Coast, embracing new opportunities while nurturing his culinary passions.

Brett McGrath Lives a Private Life

Brett McGrath, while aspiring to open his cooking school, immersed himself in the coffee trade, modernizing operations at Aromas with the Ogilvie Group. Keeping a low profile since his ‘MasterChef’ days, Brett’s dedication to his craft and pursuit of his dreams continue to shape his journey, balancing his professional endeavors with personal growth and exploration.

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