MasterChef Australia Season 11: Where Are The Contestants Now?

The scorching flames of culinary competition ignited in 2019 as season 11 of ‘MasterChef Australia’ sizzled onto screens via Network 10. This legendary season marked the swan song for the iconic trio of judges: Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, and Matt Preston. Their departure left fans simmering with anticipation for what would come next. This revered cooking game show is renowned for its blend of gastronomic artistry, high-stakes challenges, and raw talent on display. Contestants battle through a pressure cooker of challenges, striving to impress the discerning palates of judges and capture the coveted title of ‘MasterChef.’

Larissa Takchi Aims to Buy a Block of Land in Dural

Larissa Takchi, at the youthful age of 22, made culinary history by becoming the youngest contestant to claim victory in the esteemed competition of ‘MasterChef Australia.’ Her triumph not only earned her widespread acclaim but also lucrative rewards, including a cash prize of $250,000, a brand-new Holden Equinox car, and a coveted monthly column in Delicious magazine for a year. While her win catapulted her into the spotlight, she remained grounded, immersing herself in both professional and personal pursuits.

Post her time on the show, she maintained a bustling schedule, balancing her time between part-time work at Fred’s in Paddington and assisting her mother at their family-owned cafe, The Wild Pear, located in Dural. Despite her aspirations to create a farm-to-table dining experience on a property in her hometown, this dream has yet to materialize. Nevertheless, Larissa has remained actively involved in her family’s eatery, ensuring its continued success. Beyond her commitments to the family business, she has graced various culinary events, including appearances at the Bayside Food and Wine Festival and Taylor’s Summer House Of Shiraz, further solidifying her status as a culinary luminary.

In a significant personal milestone, Larissa exchanged vows with Luke Dominello in 2021, marking the beginning of a new chapter in her life. The couple welcomed a baby girl named Liliana in 2022, adding joy and fulfillment to their lives. In the same year, she opened up about her battle and eventual recovery from scoliosis. As Larissa, who has adopted her husband’s last name since their union, navigates the complexities of balancing her professional aspirations with the joys of motherhood, her unwavering dedication to her culinary craft and commitment to her roots continue to shine brightly. With her passion for farm-to-table dining and her steadfast determination, she remains a shining example of culinary excellence and ambition in the Australian culinary landscape.

Tessa Boersma is Now a Recipe Creator

Tessa Boersma, a standout contestant from ‘MasterChef Australia’ season 11, has ventured into a multifaceted career since her time on the show. Presently, she thrives as a Cook, Presenter, Recipe Creator, Educator, and avid Travel enthusiast. Notably, she serves as a chef at The Fromage Bar and maintains ties with Travello. In 2022, Boersma joyfully announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Eliot Nelson. Her versatility shines through as she’s made appearances in a cooking segment on Studio 10 and also engages in collaborations and promotions. Moreover, she was associated with Goondiwindi Polo for a period.

Simon Toohey is Now a Digital Content Creator 

Simon Toohey, renowned from season 11, has evolved into a prominent figure in the culinary world. Since 2017, he has served as the National Brand Ambassador of Mr Black Spirits while pursuing a full-time chef career. Notably, he expanded his repertoire by hosting Freshly Picked on Channel 10 and establishing himself as a YouTube personality. His culinary prowess led to a successful pop-up vegan smokehouse in Melbourne, alongside co-founding the Sustainable Earth Network (SEN).

Toohey’s influence extends further through ambassadorial roles for Dilmah Tea, 1589 Hotels, and Melbourne’s Wine & Cheese Fest. Additionally, he’s made appearances on ‘The Food Fight’ podcast and ‘MasterChef: Back to Win’ in 2020. He advocates for sustainable cooking practices, evident in his commitment to closed-loop cooking and education through platforms like his YouTube series. Associated with Everyday Gourmet, Toohey showcases his recipes on social media, transitioning into a digital content creator, expanding his reach and impact within the culinary community.

Tim Bone Owns Tim’s Toasties

Tim Bone, formerly the kitchen and garden coordinator at Yuille Park P-8 Community College, transitioned to entrepreneurship in 2019, becoming the owner of Tim’s Toasties. He champions small businesses as a Brand Ambassador & Content Creator, engaging in events like the Healthy Kids Association Expo and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Professional Development Day. Collaborating with various companies, Bone also hosts ‘Good Chef Bad Chef.’ He’s married to Abbey and has two sons, Toby and Jude.

Nicole Scott is Now a Resourcing Coordinator

Currently, Nicole Scott is a Resourcing Coordinator at Sunwater. She previously worked at Haultrax till 2022. She’s involved in food, wine, and home cooking, collaborating with chefs and brands, and also served as a guest judge at Supreme Chef Sri Lanka in 2020.

Anushka Zargaryan is Now a Food Blogger

Anushka Zargaryan’s journey post-‘MasterChef’ has been defined by her passion for using cooking as a form of therapy for food-related mental health issues like anorexia and bulimia. She has begun laying the groundwork for her long-term goal of establishing a cooking school focused on this innovative approach. Alongside her aspirations, she remains actively engaged in the culinary world, collaborating with South Melbourne Market and making appearances on Channel 10 cooking segments. As a dedicated home cook and food blogger, she shares her recipes and insights on social media, furthering her mission of promoting the therapeutic potential of cooking.

Christina Laker is a Private Chef Today

Christina Laker has established herself as a versatile culinary professional, excelling in various roles within the industry. She has experience as a recipe developer, product reviewer, and cooking demonstrator and has honed her skills in prestigious locations and restaurants globally. She has been serving as the Catering Manager at Christina Laker Culinary since 2020 and specializes in private dining experiences, offering clients exceptional culinary journeys. Additionally, Laker collaborates with events and serves as a Culinarian at Gathar. She enjoys a fulfilling family life with her husband, Adam Malley, and their three children. She recently purchased a new house in 2021, marking yet another milestone in her flourishing career and personal life.

Derek Lau is a Senior Investor Relations Analyst Today

Derek Lau’s post-‘MasterChef’ journey has been marked by significant personal and professional milestones. In 2019, he celebrated his engagement to Susan Nguyen, culminating in their marriage in 2023. Concurrently, he has been employed as a senior investor relations analyst at Woodside Energy, showcasing his expertise in financial management and communication. In June 2023, Lau furthered his professional qualifications by obtaining a Diploma in Investor Relations from the Australasian Investor Relations Association (AIRA), demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning and career advancement.

However, Lau’s journey has been marred by legal challenges. In 2022, he faced a District Court trial to defend himself against allegations of rape. According to the reports, during the trial, Lau conveyed to the jury his initial intentions of pursuing a relationship with the woman involved. The trial underscores the complexities and legal ramifications surrounding such allegations, impacting both the accused and the individuals involved. As Lau navigates these challenges, his journey serves as a reminder of the importance of legal diligence and accountability in matters of personal conduct and relationships.

Tati Carlin Continues to be a Chef 

Tati Carlin continues to excel in her culinary journey, engaging in cooking demos, classes, collaborations, and event hosting. Her dedication is showcased through a dedicated website for her business, where she shares her expertise and passion for cooking.

Ben Trobbiani is an Ambassador at The Longest Table

Ben Trobbiani remains committed to his culinary career, expanding his ventures and collaborating with various events and promotions, notably with Vietnamese restaurant Metta Sol and Adelaide Showground Farmers Market. Inspired by his father’s battle with cancer, Ben passionately advocates for cancer awareness through initiatives like Fork Cancer. He also serves as an ambassador for the Longest Table 2023 and Foodbank South Australia.

Sandeep Pandit is a Celebrated Chef

Sandeep Pandit has delved into the online platform with The Spice Angel by Sandeep Pandit, offering interpretations of Indian food traditions through his website and YouTube channel. Additionally, he hosted ‘India Unplated’ at SBS food, and organized pop-ups domestically and internationally. He also launched his spice range, sharing his culinary expertise with a global audience.

Steph De Sousa is Now a Content Creator

Steph De Sousa has emerged as a prominent figure in the culinary world, captivating audiences with her infectious passion for food and life. As a social media sensation, she shares her culinary expertise and zest for cooking with her dedicated followers. Associated with TalentInk, De Sousa runs her venture, Steph Cooks Stuff and Easy Recipe Gang, where she offers a treasure trove of frugal-friendly recipes, cooking tips, and captivating tales from the kitchen. Whether it’s finding creative ways to stretch one’s food budget or planning a sumptuous feast without breaking the bank, De Sousa provides inspiration and guidance for all.

In addition to her online presence, she hosts ‘The Last Supper with Steph De Sousa’ podcast, delving deeper into culinary topics and sharing her insights with a broader audience. Her culinary prowess is further underscored by her best-selling book, ‘Air Fryer Queen,’ cementing her status as a culinary authority. Leveraging her social media platforms, De Sousa continues to captivate audiences with engaging content creation centered around food, solidifying her position as a dynamic force in the culinary landscape.

Abbey Rose is an Operations Manager Today

Abbey Rose’s journey post-‘MasterChef’ has been marked by diverse experiences in the culinary industry. Following the show, she delved into event-hosting collaborations, notably with M9 Fitness, showcasing her versatility beyond the kitchen. In 2019, she assumed the role of Head Chef at Fork & Spoon, gaining further expertise in culinary management. Transitioning to The Essential Ingredient Surry-Hills in 2020, she now thrives as the operations manager, overseeing the culinary operations of the establishment. Amidst her professional endeavors, Abbey cherishes her role as a mother to two boys, Levi and Phoenix, sharing the joys of family life with her husband, Joshua Elliott.

Walleed Rasheed is a Senior Strategy & Insights Analyst

Walleed Rasheed, a contestant on ‘MasterChef,’ has ventured into a successful career path beyond the show. Notably, he showcased his intellect by appearing on the 2023 season of Millionaire Hot Seat, winning a good amount of money. Presently, he serves as a Senior Strategy & Insights Analyst at AGL Energy, demonstrating his prowess in strategic analysis and decision-making. Also, Rasheed’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as the owner and creator of Fresh Prince of Baklava, a Dessert Shop.

Despite his professional achievements, he finds fulfillment in spending time with his twin daughters, embracing the joys of fatherhood alongside his thriving career endeavors. Additionally, his collaboration with Rumi restaurant for a three-course Egyptian-inspired lunch in 2023 underscores his passion for culinary innovation and exploration.

Joe Ahern Left His Job as a Digital Production Assistant in 2018

Image Credit: Old Saints/Facebook

Since ‘MasterChef,’ Joe Ahern’s journey reflects a shift from digital production to the culinary realm, where he actively engages in collaborations, cooking demonstrations, and pop-up ventures, albeit preferring a private life away from the spotlight. He now focuses on his craft and honing his culinary skills.

Kyle Lyons is Now Working With a Brewing Company

Kyle Lyons’ transition after ‘MasterChef’ involved balancing his career with newfound fatherhood, aligning his passion for brewing with Otherside Brewing Co., and assuming a pivotal role as Head of Sales. Although his YouTube content creation venture has paused, Kyle finds fulfillment in family life with his wife, Helen, and twin daughters, Pippa and Rosie.

Leah Milburn-Clark is a General Manager Today

Leah Milburn-Clark’s journey led her into the realm of theatre and arts events production, showcasing her versatility and organizational prowess. From her tenure at Malthouse Theatre to her current role as General Manager at Selladoor Worldwide, Leah continues to thrive in the dynamic world of arts management, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

Blake Werner Worked at a Spanish Restaurant

Blake Werner found his niche in customer relations and hospitality, balancing his role as Customer Relationship Manager at PropertyDuo with his tenure at Puerto, a Spanish restaurant. While maintaining a low profile on social media, Blake prioritizes privacy by keeping his personal life separate from the public eye and focusing on his professional endeavors.

Jess Hall Keeps Her Life Private

Jess Hall, after her ‘MasterChef’ journey, embarked on a culinary venture, founding The Well Fed Co, specializing in artisan kefir cultured butter. However, the business faced delays due to the pandemic. She transitioned to an account manager role at Two Providores in 2020, maintaining privacy since then. 

Mandy Hall Now Owns Mandy Hall Food

Mandy Hall, since 2019, has served as an Ambassador at Foodbank South Australia & Central Australia. She also operates her business, Mandy Hall Food, as Chief of Food. Additionally, she assumed the role of Campaign Director of End Food Waste Australia in 2023, alongside her involvement with Daylesford Longhouse. Her online venture, Love Ferments and Foods, showcases her recipes and blogs. With a diverse background in food judging and editorial roles, Mandy remains deeply entrenched in the culinary world.

Monica Mignone Owns a Cake Shop

Monica Mignone pursued her passion for baking after ‘MasterChef,’ establishing Mignone Cakes, a quaint cake shop in Kyneton. With support from her husband, Monica’s business flourished. The couple welcomed their first daughter, Francesca, in 2023.

Yossra Abouelfadl is Now a Food Photographer

Yossra Abouelfadl, while maintaining her role as a Pharmacist, embarked on a culinary journey, aspiring to open a Middle Eastern restaurant inspired by Egyptian cuisine. She transitioned into food photography, showcasing her creations on social media while advocating for Palestine and embracing motherhood.

Dee Williams Founded Dee-Licious  

Dee William’s culinary journey post-show saw her achieve the first runner-up position at the World Food Championships Australia. She transitioned into a role as a judge and mentor for the Sri Lankan cooking show ‘Supreme Chef’ in 2020. Dee launched her cooking show, ‘My Travel & Culinary Adventure of My Sri Lanka,’ on YouTube. Additionally, she founded Dee-Licious, a platform for luxury spices, gourmet food, cooking classes, and private dinners, collaborating with fellow chefs and events along the way.

Huda Al-Sultan Has Continued Her Passion For Cooking

Huda Al-Sultan, an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Mindful Eating Coach, continued her culinary pursuits as a recipe developer and co-founder of Sassi Ice Cream. Associated with Drool and offering cooking classes, Huda balances her professional endeavors with family life. She welcomed a new baby in 2023, alongside her husband Adam and their four children.

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