MasterChef Australia Season 13: Where Are the Contestants Now?

‘MasterChef’ is a globally renowned cooking competition television series that originated in the United Kingdom in 1990. Since then, it has been adopted in various countries, including Australia. Season 13 of ‘MasterChef Australia’ premiered on April 19, 2021, on Network 10. As the competition progresses, contestants face increasingly complex challenges, pushing their skills to the limit until one ultimately emerges as the winner, earning prestigious titles, cash prizes, and sometimes even opportunities to kick-start their culinary careers. The show has captivated audiences worldwide with its combination of drama, skill, and mouth-watering dishes, making it a beloved staple of reality television.

Justin Narayan Now Runs a YouTube Channel

Justin Narayan, the winner of ‘MasterChef Australia’ season 13, revealed a unique approach to his prize money. Despite his victory, he disclosed that he hadn’t spent any of the winnings on himself, preferring to maintain a modest lifestyle. In an interview with Yahoo, he confessed to donating a significant portion of the prize money and investing the remainder. He emphasized his desire not to let money control him and to remain generous with his resources.

Narayan’s journey continued post-victory with the opening of his pop-up restaurant, Juzzy, in 2022. Also, he partnered with Acceptable Wine and established his website to manage his business ventures. Beyond culinary pursuits, Narayan expressed his intention to contribute to the Mumbai-based NGO Vision Rescue, aligning his passion for cooking with charitable endeavors.

Narayan expanded his presence in the digital realm by launching a YouTube channel where he shares content showcasing his culinary creations. Notably, he tied the knot with Esther Smoothy shortly after concluding filming for the show, marking a personal milestone amidst his professional success. With a multifaceted approach to his career and a commitment to giving back, his journey embodies the ethos of MasterChef’s transformative impact beyond the kitchen.

Pete Campbell is a Proud Starlight Ambassador

Pete Campbell, the former tattoo artist turned culinary talent, emerged as the runner-up of ‘MasterChef Australia’ season 13. Following his success on the show, he transitioned into the world of fine dining as a Commis Chef at the prestigious Quay restaurant in Sydney. His tenure at Quay allowed him to further hone his skills in the realm of fine dining, immersing himself in the artistry of culinary excellence. Beyond the kitchen, he has exhibited a spirit of generosity, actively supporting Starlight and Livewire events and campaigns. His commitment to philanthropy has led him to become a proud Starlight Ambassador, using his platform to make a positive impact in the community.

He has forged professional ties with Lime Agency, expanding his presence in the culinary industry. Currently, Campbell is engaged in culinary endeavors at Poly, showcasing his passion for cooking in an innovative setting. Alongside his professional pursuits, he finds joy in his personal life, sharing a fulfilling partnership with his wife, Alana, and cherishing his role as a father to two daughters. His journey from tattoo artist to culinary contender exemplifies the transformative power of pursuing one’s passion and seizing growth opportunities.

Kishwar Chowdhury is Now an Established Chef

Kishwar Chowdhury, a semi-finalist in season 13, has embarked on a remarkable journey since her time on the show. Her culinary expertise and captivating presence propelled her to the international stage, where she has become a vocal advocate for Bengali cuisine and culinary innovation. In 2023, she delivered a closing speech at the International Finance Corporation World Economic Forum, sharing insights into the essence of a beautiful mind and the ingredients for success. Venturing across the globe, Chowdhury engages audiences with her culinary prowess, offering glimpses into the rich flavors of Bengali cuisine.

Her virtual TED talk in November 2021, titled Recipe of a Beautiful Mind, emphasized the importance of commitment, a willingness to learn, and overcoming prejudice in the pursuit of excellence. She has also ventured into menu curation, collaborating with various establishments and events to infuse her distinctive culinary flair. Training under Michelin-starred chef Masahiko Yomoda at Ishizuka and collaborating with renowned chef Adam D’Sylva for Tonka, Chowdhury has left an indelible mark on the culinary landscape.

In January 2021, she founded KishwarC Pty Ltd, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to culinary innovation. Additionally, she serves as an ambassador for Feast for Freedom 2022, using her platform to advocate for social causes. She further shares her expertise through food writing for SBS Food, enriching culinary discourse with her unique perspective and experiences. Chowdhury’s journey epitomizes the fusion of passion, innovation, and advocacy, transcending borders to inspire culinary enthusiasts worldwide.

Elise Pulbrook is a Curator and Editor Today

Elise Pulbrook, a contestant from ‘MasterChef Australia,’ has continued to thrive in the culinary world since her appearance on the show. With a dedication to celebrating food that honors cultural identity, regenerative farming, and waste minimization, Pulbrook has ventured into various culinary endeavors. She has worked in diverse commercial kitchen settings, continually refining her skills, and has made appearances on cooking shows and food media platforms.

Notably, she co-authored the book ‘Cream, Eggs & Jam’ and released a limited run of Darling Harvest Gin to support the Mildura Community Water Bank, where she also serves as a board member. Her commitment extends to wedding food curation and her role as the curator and editor of Rezza Recipes. She has also showcased her culinary expertise on television segments, including Everyday Gourmet, and launched a Cheap Eats series, advocating for accessible dining options.

Linda Dalrymple is Now a Recipe Developer

Linda Dalrymple, another ‘MasterChef’ alumna, has found success as a recipe developer and culinary collaborator. Her culinary journey has seen her appear on ‘The Project’ and ‘Studio 10’ cooking segments, sharing her expertise with a wider audience. Dalrymple is not only passionate about food but also advocates for the nonprofit organization Second Bite, highlighting her commitment to addressing food insecurity. Outside of her professional endeavors, Dalrymple finds joy in her family life, happily married to David Dalrymple and raising two children.

Sabina Newton is a Private Chef

Sabina Newton, a former contestant, has carved out a niche as a private chef, providing independent catering services. Additionally, she holds a senior consulting position at KPMG Australia, showcasing her versatility in both culinary and corporate spheres.

Tommy Pham is an Author

Tommy Pham, known for his appearance on ‘MasterChef’ season 14, has ventured into culinary writing with the release of his book ‘My Family Kitchen’, which offers easy Vietnamese recipes and Asian-inspired dishes. Beyond his culinary pursuits, he serves as an ambassador for Toyota Australia, Only About Children, and KOTO Vietnam. He finds fulfillment in his family life, residing happily with his wife and two children, Miles and Hugo.

Depinder Chhibberis Working at Aspen Pharma Australia

Depinder Chhibber, another ‘MasterChef’ contestant, maintains a strong presence in the culinary world through cooking segments, social media content featuring homemade Indian dishes, and cooking workshops. Alongside her culinary endeavors, Chhibber holds professional roles as a Senior Medical Affairs Associate at Aspen Pharma Australia and a Registered Pharmacist with Cincotta Discount Chemist. She balances her career with family life, married to G Singh and raising two daughters.

Scott Bagnell is an Interior Designer

Scott Bagnell, a multifaceted talent, balances his role as Principal Senior Interior Designer at Techniche Design with a passion for culinary pursuits. With an impressive portfolio of more than 300 cookbooks, Bagnell also contributes his expertise as a Sessional Academic at both Griffith University and Queensland University of Technology. In 2021, he founded Growkery, a platform that fosters knowledge and passion for food and cooking. Also, he is actively involved in the culinary scene as a team member at hôntô, a Japanese-inspired restaurant. Loved by his partner Andrew and their Maine Coon cat Kingsley, Bagnell’s diverse skill set and dedication to both design and culinary arts shine through his endeavors.

Minoli De Silva Owns a Restaurant

Minoli De Silva, a contestant who returned for ‘MasterChef’ season 14, has since established her restaurant, Ella by Minoli, in Darwin. However, her journey was marked by personal challenges, as she battled a recurrence of breast cancer during her ‘MasterChef’ journey. Despite facing adversity, De Silva persevered, opting for a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Her restaurant has garnered acclaim and is recognized as an AGFG Award Winner of 2024. De Silva engages in collaborations and promotions while navigating her culinary career with resilience and determination.

Aaron Sanders Provides Private Catering Services

Aaron Sanders, known for his private catering services, is deeply passionate about foraging and sourcing his ingredients. Beyond his culinary pursuits, Sanders is a staunch advocate for mental health awareness and serves as a food ambassador for Crohn’s & Colitis Australia. His commitment to social causes is matched by his dedication to his family as a loving husband and father to his son, Franklin.

Maja Veit Continues to Win Titles

While enjoying a post-‘MasterChef’ life, Maja Veit has delved into freelance cooking and embraces nature through camping and living in the woods. With a penchant for culinary exploration, Veit won the Pearl Meat Cook-Off in 2021 and worked at the esteemed restaurant Wildflower in Perth. Her social media presence reflects her love for the outdoors, adorned with beach and coastline snapshots.

Brent Draper Won MasterChef Season 15

Brent Draper, a contestant who returned to win the title in season 15, has expanded his culinary influence through the ‘Behind the Drapes’ podcast and content creation for Coles. Draper’s personal life is marked by happiness, as he shares his journey with his wife, Shonleigh, and their two children.

Amir Manoly Became a Father in 2024

Amir Manoly’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to Mister Collective before assuming the role of director at The Coffee Group. His venture into Bourne coffee beans and digital content creation further solidifies his presence in the culinary world. Manoly’s family life is a source of joy, with his marriage to Alicia and the recent addition of fatherhood in January 2024.

Dan Dumbrell Has Ventured Into Acting and Modeling

Dan Dumbrell, besides his culinary pursuits, has ventured into modeling and acting while maintaining a presence on social media, where he shares his culinary creations. As a Project Officer at UNSW Ageing Futures Institute, he leads a dynamic professional life alongside his sweet love partnership with PGD.

Tom Levick Worked at a Restaurant in Melbourne

Post-‘MasterChef,’ Tom Levick honed his culinary skills at Vue de Monde until November 2023, after which he transitioned to a more private life, eschewing public attention. His social media presence has dwindled, reflecting his desire for privacy.

Eric Mao Has Continued His Studies

Showcasing his love for cooking, Eric Mao balances medical studies at the University of NSW and also engages in private chef services. His adventures in travel are documented on social media, showcasing his diverse interests beyond the medical field. Moreover, Mao made guest appearances on ‘ABC Play School,’ further highlighting his versatility.

Jess Hodge is Opening a New Restaurant

Jess Hodge embarked on an adventurous journey after her ‘MasterChef’ stint, embarking on a trip around Australia with her partner Emily and their twin 4-year-old boys, Arlo and Lucca, in a vintage caravan. Building on her culinary passion, Hodge has ventured into the hospitality industry and is set to open her restaurant, Small Good in August 2024. Also, she has expanded her culinary ventures with Aussie Deli Snacks & Drinks. Alongside her culinary pursuits, she contributes to Yerrabingin, an Aboriginal Commercial Design Studio, enriching her engagement with indigenous culture and design.

Conor Curran Competed Again on Another Show

Conor Curran, a contestant from ‘MasterChef Australia,’ transitioned into the realm of reality television, competing in the inaugural season of ‘The Challenge Australia’ in 2022. While his YouTube channel lies dormant, Curran has pivoted to digital content creation, sharing recipes and cooking demos with his audience. He leverages his online platform, Creamy Confusion, to document his culinary adventures and collaborate with brands, fostering a vibrant online community around food and cooking.

Therese Lum Established a Bespoke Cake Brand

Therese Lum has established herself as a versatile Food Creative and Caker, collaborating with esteemed food and lifestyle brands such as Vicinity Centres, Cobram Estate, and Myer. Lum’s bespoke celebration cakes brand, Slice of TLC, showcases her culinary craftsmanship and creativity. Her presence extends to television series, as she has appeared on ‘On The Couch With,’ and is affiliated with the Ministry of Talent agency, amplifying her reach in the industry.

Wynona Davies is a Private Cook Today

Wynona Davies, a private cook and recipe developer, channels her culinary expertise into Grazing Boards and Food Styling at her own venture, A Dash of Wyn. Delving into French cuisine, Davies is poised to launch a new business venture, expanding her culinary repertoire and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Katrina Dunnett Has a Pop-Up Restaurant

Image Credit: Katrina Dunnett/LinkedIn

Katrina Dunnett has curated Voor Ouker, an Indonesian pop-up restaurant offering catering services for various events, including weddings. Beyond culinary ventures, Dunnett contributes to Open Food Network Australia as a Marketing and Communications Coordinator, blending her passion for food with her professional expertise. She maintains a low profile, prioritizing privacy in her personal life.

YoYo Yang is Now the Owner of YoYo Eats

YoYo Yang, a medical student, combines her passion for food and fashion through her brand, YoYo Eats by offering high-quality earrings for wearers without piercings alongside a diverse range of recipes and catering to both culinary and accessory enthusiasts.

Trent Vu is an Assistant Brand Manager

Trent Vu’s career trajectory spans from Social Media & Marketing Coordinator at In2food Australia to his current role as Assistant Brand Manager at TGI Fridays Australia. He has also held positions such as Digital Marketing Manager at Goldeluck’s Doughnuts, showcasing his expertise in the marketing and hospitality sectors.

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