MasterChef Australia Season 14: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Following the premiere on April 18, 2022, on ‘Network 10,’ the contestants of ‘MasterChef Australia’ season 14 have embarked on diverse culinary paths. Some have opened restaurants showcasing their unique styles, while others have ventured into food media by hosting shows or writing cookbooks. Several have embraced food entrepreneurship, launching product lines or catering businesses. Many continue refining their skills through apprenticeships or further education, constantly evolving in their culinary journeys. Each contestant’s post-‘MasterChef’ pursuits reflect their passion and dedication to the culinary arts.

Billie McKay Now Maintains a Private Life

In the culinary cosmos, Billie McKay shines as a radiant star, her journey marked by triumph, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. With a resplendent display of culinary prowess, she clinched the coveted title once again, etching her name in the annals of ‘MasterChef’ history. Beyond the realm of competition, Billie’s aspirations extend to nurturing her culinary roots, harboring dreams of establishing her own quaint eatery in a rustic regional town—a tantalizing prospect that beckons with promises of gastronomic delights and heartfelt hospitality.

Alongside her culinary conquests, Billie’s journey took an unexpected turn when acclaimed chef Heston Blumenthal extended an alluring invitation to join the prestigious team at The Fat Duck—an opportunity she eagerly embraced, heralding a new chapter in her culinary saga. Amidst her professional accolades, Billie finds solace and joy in her marital bliss with Haydn Suridge, striking a harmonious balance between her soaring career and personal commitments.

However, a veil of mystery shrouds her recent absence from the digital realm, fueling speculation and anticipation among her fans regarding her clandestine endeavors behind the scenes. As she embarks on the next chapter of her culinary voyage, Billie’s luminous presence continues to illuminate the gastronomic landscape, inspiring aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts alike.

Sarah Todd Owns Multiple Restaurants 

Sarah Todd, a force to be reckoned with, epitomizes determination and resilience, and her culinary journey is a testament to unwavering ambition and unyielding spirit. Returning to the culinary arena with fervor and tenacity, Sarah secured the esteemed runner-up position in the riveting spectacle of ‘MasterChef Australia’ season 14. Venturing beyond the confines of the competition, Sarah’s entrepreneurial spirit soared as she unfurled the vibrant tapestry of her culinary vision with the launch of Antares, her maiden restaurant in the sun-kissed shores of Goa, India, followed by the exquisite enclave of The Wine Rack.

In a symphony of culinary creativity, Sarah graced multiple screens, weaving her culinary magic in shows like ‘My Restaurant in India’ and ‘The Perfect Serve,’ captivating audiences with her indomitable spirit and culinary finesse. Undeterred by the challenges of single motherhood, Sarah’s journey is a resplendent mosaic of culinary triumphs and personal victories, culminating in the unveiling of The Sanctuary Bar and Kitchen in India and the inception of Hot Toddy Chilli Sauce — a testament to her unwavering commitment to culinary innovation and excellence. As she navigates the turbulent seas of culinary entrepreneurship, Sarah’s indomitable spirit continues to blaze a trail of inspiration, igniting passion and resilience in the hearts of aspiring chefs and culinary enthusiasts around the globe.

Daniel Lamble is a Firefighter Instructor Today

Daniel Lamble, once a fervent culinary enthusiast, embarked on a surprising detour in 2023, exchanging his chef’s apron for the uniform of a firefighter instructor. While the flames of his passion for cooking may have momentarily dimmed, Daniel found renewed purpose and fulfillment in the noble pursuit of safeguarding lives and imparting invaluable firefighting skills. Amidst his heroic endeavors, Daniel’s heart found solace and joy in the loving embrace of his fiancée, Kassie Hall, their bond a beacon of strength and support in the face of life’s uncertainties.

Keyma Vásquez Montero is Now a Recipe Developer

Keyma Vásquez Montero, a culinary virtuoso and prolific recipe creator, once graced the digital realm with her tantalizing culinary creations, enchanting food enthusiasts with her gastronomic prowess. As a private chef and esteemed member of Gathar, she curated culinary experiences that transcended the ordinary, leaving a trail of culinary delight in her wake. However, amidst the frenetic pace of her culinary journey, tragedy struck when Keyma suffered an injury, a poignant reminder of the importance of self-care in a world that ceaselessly races forward.

Embracing this newfound wisdom, Keyma embarked on a hiatus, seeking solace and restoration amidst life’s tumultuous currents. Alongside her culinary endeavors, she co-owns Tizana Mama, a Mobile Alcohol-Free Mocktail Bar, infusing moments of joy and celebration with her exquisite creations. In the tender embrace of her loving husband and cherished daughter, Keyma finds solace and joy, savoring life’s simple pleasures amidst the whirlwind of existence.

Julie Goodwin Has Embraced the Screens Once Again But With a Different Venture

Julie Goodwin, the pioneering victor of ‘MasterChef Australia’ season 1, has embarked on a multifaceted journey post-triumph, showcasing her culinary expertise, making guest appearances, and navigating through personal trials. Despite not securing victory in her return for season 14, Julie’s resilience and passion for the culinary arts remain undiminished, as evidenced by her continued involvement in subsequent seasons, including a guest judging stint in season 15 and a return for the ‘Fan and Favorite’ season in 2023.

Beyond the realm of ‘MasterChef,’ Julie has built a formidable culinary empire, authoring six acclaimed cookbooks and establishing Julie’s Place, a renowned cooking school, in 2014, further cementing her legacy in culinary education. Her entrepreneurial spirit extended to the airwaves, where she co-hosted a breakfast show, ‘Rabbit and Julie Goodwin,’ until her candid revelation of seeking treatment for anxiety and depression in 2020, marking a poignant chapter in her personal journey. In April 2018, Julie faced legal repercussions following a charge of mid-range drunk driving, leading to introspection and advocacy for mental health awareness through her dedicated website.

As she looks ahead, Julie is poised to embark on the prestigious 2025 Cunard Great Australian Culinary Voyage, showcasing her culinary prowess on a grand stage. Additionally, she has ventured into unexpected territory with a stint on ‘Dancing with the Stars Australia,’ underscoring her unwavering commitment to embracing new challenges and opportunities. Amidst her professional endeavors, Julie finds solace and fulfillment in her family life, residing on the Central Coast of New South Wales with her husband, Michael, and their three children, Tom, Joe, and Paddy.

Alvin Quah Has Come Up With His Own Eyeglasses Frame Collection

The allure of the culinary world beckoned once again in 2022 when Alvin Quah, from season 6, made a triumphant return to the ‘MasterChef’ stage for season 14, captivating audiences with his culinary finesse and charismatic presence. A notable figure in the culinary landscape post the show, he found himself navigating diverse avenues in both gastronomy and pharmaceuticals. Returning to his roots at AstraZeneca Australia, he seamlessly transitioned into an ambassadorial role for Ayam, championing the rich flavors of Asian cuisine and further solidifying his influence in the culinary sphere.

Alvin is also the Corporate and Internal Communications Manager at AbbVie. In addition to presenting several shows and being an excellent After Dinner Speaker, he partnered with Niloca, an industrial designer, to develop a collection of limited-edition titanium eye-glasses frames. Amidst his professional endeavors, Alvin found love and companionship, embarking on a new chapter of his life as he joyously announced his engagement to his partner, Marco, a testament to his journey of personal growth and fulfillment.

Mindy Woods is the Proud Owner of Karkalla Restaurant

Mindy Woods, a familiar face from ‘MasterChef Australia’ season 14, showcased her culinary prowess once again with hopes of clinching another title. Despite her determined efforts, she faced elimination from the show. Undeterred, Mindy ventured into the realm of television hosting, spearheading a program centered on Southeast Asian culinary traditions, a testament to her ongoing culinary exploration. Her talent gained national recognition when the Australian Government invited her as a guest chef at the 2020 World Expo in Dubai, highlighting her expertise on a global stage. With a deep commitment to sustainable food practices, Mindy delved into the study of sustainable horticulture, further expanding her expertise in eco-friendly food production.

Presently, she stands as the proud owner of Karkalla restaurant in Byron Bay, renowned for its emphasis on locally sourced seasonal produce and native ingredients, earning accolades from The Australian Good Food Guide in 2024. Alongside her culinary ventures, Mindy has served as the Co-creator & Director at Gourmet Earth since 2015 and has made significant contributions as the Head of Culinary Development at Lotus Dining. In a personal triumph, she exchanged vows with her wife Rachelle in 2017, finding a harmonious balance between her professional achievements and her fulfilling personal life.

Aldo Ortado Has Made a Body Transformation

Aldo Ortado, another contestant from ‘MasterChef Australia’ season 14, embarked on a transformative journey post-show. Initially refining his culinary skills at Sydney Seafood School, he later assumed roles of increasing responsibility, including general manager at Giro Osteria and director of food and beverage at Rydges Hotels & Resorts. However, Aldo’s journey transcends professional success; he shared a deeply personal triumph with his audience, unveiling a remarkable weight loss journey and newfound passion for water polo.

Supported by his loving husband, Mark, Aldo underwent an inspiring transformation, shedding an impressive 32 kilograms through dedicated exercise and dietary adjustments, underscoring the importance of a holistic approach to health and well-being. Looking ahead, Aldo and Mark aspire to expand their family, cherishing their bond and the journey they navigate together.

Montana Hughes is a Private Chef

Montana Hughes, a private chef and catering entrepreneur, adds her unique flavor to the culinary landscape with Montana’s Table, offering handmade artisanal foods. Beyond her culinary endeavors, Montana embraces the joys of everyday life, relishing precious moments with her family and friends, embodying the essence of a life well-lived.

Tommy Pham is an Author Today

Tommy Pham, recognized for his stint on ‘MasterChef’ season 14, has transitioned into culinary writing with the release of his book, ‘My Family Kitchen,’ which presents a collection of easy Vietnamese recipes and Asian-inspired dishes. Alongside his literary pursuits, Tommy serves as an ambassador for Toyota Australia, Only About Children, and KOTO Vietnam, enriching his community engagement. Finding fulfillment in family life, Tommy resides happily with his wife and two children, Miles and Hugo, cherishing the joys of parenthood amidst his culinary adventures.

Michael Weldon Co-Hosted a New Show

Michael Weldon, introduced to the ‘MasterChef’ stage in season 3, embarked on a culinary journey that spanned seasons 12 and 14, showcasing his enduring passion for cooking. His professional evolution reflects his versatility, transitioning from burger restaurants and catering ventures to his current role as an ambassador and Senior Development Chef at Coles. Under the banner of Well Done Food, Michael brought his culinary flair to Adelaide venues, leaving an indelible mark on establishments like the Crabshack, Little Miss Miami, and Little Miss Mexico.

Beyond the kitchen, he graced television screens as a recurring guest on ‘The Cooks Pantry’ and later co-hosted the cooking show ‘Farm to Fork,’ elevating his culinary profile. His commitment to inclusivity was evident in his support for the LGBTQIA+ community, showcasing his dedication to diverse culinary experiences. Sharing his life with partner Georgia, the couple welcomed news of Georgia’s pregnancy in April 2021, hinting at exciting developments on the horizon.

Steph Woon is Now a Home Baker

Steph Woon, a Victoria banking analyst turned home baker, weaves personal triumphs into her culinary journey. From celebrating her mother’s chemo treatment milestone to raising funds for cancer research and embarking on memorable fishing excursions, Steph infuses her baking endeavors with heartfelt experiences. Collaborating with others, she brings her creative confections to life, delighting patrons with her delectable treats. Her diverse interests and charitable endeavors underscore her multifaceted approach to life and baking.

Harry Tomlinson is a Farmer Today

Harry Tomlinson, continuing her culinary passion post-show, has embraced a new venture as a farmer, nurturing her farm while sharing tantalizing recipes on social media. Despite a recent knee operation, Harry remains active, immersing herself in books while organizing picturesque events. Her culinary journey unfolds against the backdrop of farm life, blending her love for cooking, tasting, and sipping with the tranquility of rural living.

Matt Landmark is Now a Teacher

Matt Landmark, a teacher and avid cook, has carved a niche for himself as a food blogger, sharing his culinary creations and recipes with an enthusiastic audience. Through collaborations, partnerships, and pop-up events, Matt brings his culinary expertise to diverse platforms, enriching his followers’ culinary experiences. His stint at Congress Wine added depth to his culinary repertoire, culminating in his marriage to Tammy Landmark in 2024, marking a joyous milestone in his personal and professional journey.

Ali Stoner Shares Her Recipes on Social Media

Ali Stoner, a private chef known for infusing Scottish goodness into her culinary creations, continues to share her expertise through private cooking sessions and social media platforms. With a knack for crafting delectable dishes and providing cooking demonstrations, Ali engages audiences with her Scottish-inspired cuisine. Her culinary endeavors reflect a deep passion for food and a commitment to sharing her love for cooking with others.

Melanie Persson is a Writer Today

Melanie Persson, a Doctoral Candidate at Deakin University, has diversified her culinary journey with the release of her cookbook ‘The Very Hungry Coeliac Cookbook’ in 2022. As a Coeliac Australia Ambassador, she advocates for coeliac awareness while also venturing into the realm of food blogging, sharing her expertise and experiences with a wider audience.

Jenn Lee Has Continued to Promote The South Asian Culture

Jenn Lee, post-show, found herself immersed in the vibrant culinary scene, working for Gerrard’s Bistro and Restaurant while promoting South Asian food culture. Her journey evolved further as she joined Nymble and transitioned into a private chef role, crafting culinary delights that reflect her passion for diverse cuisines.

Minoli De Silva’s Restaurant Earned Accolades

Minoli De Silva, a resilient contestant from ‘MasterChef’ season 14, overcame personal challenges to establish her restaurant, Ella by Minoli, in Darwin. Battling breast cancer recurrence during her journey, she underwent surgery and emerged stronger, earning acclaim for her restaurant, which was recognized as an AGFG Award Winner of 2024. Despite adversity, De Silva thrives, engaging in collaborations and promotions while navigating her culinary career with determination.

Sashi Cheliah Hosts Pop-Ups

Sashi Cheliah, the esteemed winner of season 10, has expanded his culinary empire with finesse. From pop-up restaurants like Gaja by Sashi to culinary ventures like Pandan Club in Chennai, India, he continues to tantalize taste buds with his authentic Singaporean flavors. His cookbook ‘Kampong Boy’ and Sashi’s Secret Home Chef Kits further democratize gourmet cooking, enriching culinary experiences for enthusiasts worldwide. In his personal life, he finds joy in his marriage to Rabicca Vijayan and the company of their two children, adding sweetness to his flavorful journey.

Christina Batista Took a Step Further in Her Relationship

Christina Batista, a seasoned contestant returning for season 14, has undergone a transformative journey since her ‘MasterChef’ debut. Transitioning from work at the esteemed Quay restaurant to entrepreneurship, she runs a successful market stall and catering business. With diverse skills in food writing, recipe development, and media reporting, Christina embraces her roles as a partner to Chris and a loving mother to son Damian and daughter, cherishing each moment in her multifaceted life.

John Carasig Created Adobo Kitchen

John Carasig, post-show, channeled his culinary passion into the creation of Adobo Kitchen, a culinary hub celebrating global flavors. This venture has blossomed into Tsokolate, an artisanal chocolate producer set for a relaunch. Alongside his culinary pursuits, John embarks on adventures in the travel industry as a flight attendant, showcasing his creativity not only in cuisine but also in fashion, where he designs outfits for his spouse, Gigi Era, a celebrated drag queen from ‘Drag Race Philippines.’

Max Krapivsky Continues to be an Osteopath

Max Krapivsky, a dedicated member of the City Osteopathy team since 2013, continues to excel in his career as an osteopath while nurturing his culinary ventures. Despite his busy schedule, he finds time to cook and explore his passion for food. Max enjoys a fulfilling relationship with Simma and recently embraced fatherhood with the birth of their daughter, Matilda.

Dulan Hapuarachchi is Now a Sri Lankan Star

Dulan Hapuarachchi, known for his culinary prowess, extends his support to charitable causes like the Indira Cancer Trust through events like ‘An Evening with Dulan Hapurachchi at Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo.’ Collaborating with his wife Nadeera, Dulan aims to launch a café in Melbourne infused with Sri Lankan flavors, alongside hosting pop-ups and creating social media content. His long-term vision includes establishing a cooking and hospitality school for the underprivileged in Sri Lanka and fulfilling his dream of cooking on the Sicilian coast of Italy. With a broad palate and love for diverse cuisines, Dulan continues to share his culinary expertise through pop-ups, collaborations, and online recipe sharing.

Chris Tran Got Engaged to The Love of His Life

Chris Tran, a marketing professional, home cook, and content creator, finds joy in exploring recipes and culinary discoveries. Recently engaged, he also delved into jiu-jitsu, showcasing his diverse interests and passions. His ‘MasterChef’ experience has provided a platform to share his love for food, heritage, and home, enriching his journey as a culinary enthusiast and content creator.

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